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Deducing Tragedy Part Two: Speak No Lies

Hanna Hooper and her friend Benjamin White died in a tragic plane crash over the Atlantic. There was an explosion in the cabin and the rest of the plane was lost to the bottom of the ocean. It was ruled an accident but without a crime scene to prove the case rumors have run wild. Some say Hooper was the target because of her ties to the recent Jack Jr. case. When a man killed twelve women and forced another twenty-five to become his spies. Others say that the man behind Jack Jr. was not actually dead and it was his final revenge to kill her.

Sherlock couldn’t be bothered with these theories. Hooper was dead and his promise to her was void; that’s all that mattered. John tried to get the consulting detective to admit he mourned the girl but Sherlock, being Sherlock, refused to discuss the matter further.

That was three years ago and Hanna’s family is holding a candle light vigil for their fallen love one. Molly has invited the Baker Street boys and begged them to come. John agrees instantly and says’ he’ll bring his new girlfriend along too. Sherlock moans and whines but agrees in the end. A decision he could be happier with when a body drops from the sky in the middle of the event.

The body has a note.

The note is addressed to H. Hooper.

And waiting for them at home is a surprise neither saw coming.

“Hello boys.”

“But… you died.”

“Did I?”