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The Fate of the Tainted

When a blight threatens the land, the two known surviving Grey Warden's are the only ones that can rally the people of Ferelden against the threat. Using ancient treaties to ally themselves with the Dwarves of Orzammar, The Dalish Elves and the Mages, gaining companions along the way. But trouble is never far from them, a traitorous general who has taken over regency from his daughter - the kings widow - has declared the Grey Wardens traitors claiming the Wardens betrayed and killed King Cailan. He is turning the people against each other in a civil war rather than focusing his attention on the ever encroaching Darkspawn that are tainting the land. Join the Wardens In their trials and tribulations as they try to bring the Ferelden to a state of order once more.
  1. Chapter One
  2. Chapter Two
  3. Chapter Three
  4. Chapter Four
    This chapter has a scene some may find disturbing, even I find it disturbing and I wrote it. But realism calls for hard writing at times. No hate please and no reporting. I do apologise if the scene upsets anyone.
  5. Chapter Five
  6. Chapter Six
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  7. Chapter Seven