I wake up, stretching my aching limbs. I look around the dingy room, secretly hoping that I had been dreaming my whole life.
But that's impossible, Right?
I can't hear anything from around the house. Utter silence. That means that either mum's passed out on the couch, or she's off with her drug buddies again. I'm hoping for the latter, because then I won't have to sneak past her to go to school. I grab my old backpack, shoving my textbooks into it, then collect my pocket change from the counter. I had slept in day clothes, so there was no need to change. Don't judge me, sometimes I need to make a hasty escape from this place, and you can't do that in flannel pyjamas. I slip on my battered trainers, and tip-toe down the stairs. I see my mother laying on the sofa in the living room, liquor bottle in hand.