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Crashing the Crease

Gorgeous Nightmare

The crowd erupted in cheers as the first game of hockey season was underway in Vancouver. After a long, restless lock-out, the Vancouver Canucks and Anaheim Ducks were ready to start the season in full swing.

The first scorer of the game belonged to the Anaheim Ducks. His name was Daniel Winnik, a player they acquired last summer during the off season. But it didn’t take long for Vancouver to tie the game back up.

After the Canucks took the lead, Sheldon Souray, also a new addition to the Ducks, capitalized on a chance with his fast slap shot and tied the game up yet again.

Boos quickly filled the arena as Anaheim’s third line celebrated Daniel Winnik’s second goal of the night, taking the lead of the game once again.

Charlie’s eyes wandered around the ice, impressed with how much the third line was producing in this game so far. A smile spread across her face as she looked down at Daniel, his face expressing just how happy he was. “I think we’re going to like this guy in a Ducks’ uniform.” Her colleague spoke with a wide smile. Charlie chuckled at his assumption but did agree.

The game ended in a win for the Ducks but the night was not nearly over. Charlie’s feet moved rather quickly through the arena and bodies of many people to find her way to the locker room.

“You’re on Ryan, Getzy and Winnik.” Her boss ordered, she gave a quick nod in reply and watched him walk off to a different part of the locker room to instruct his other employees.

Waiting for the locker room to settle down, Charlie stood off to the side and began to recite her questions in her head.

Daniel finished up questions with a reporter, pulling off his skates and tossing them to the floor. He prepared himself for all of the other interviews he would have to give. He was still adapting to the organization but he didn’t want his nervousness to be evident.

Once the locker room had settled, she made her way over to the first person available; Winnik. She licked over her lips in anticipation of talking to him, he was new to the team and she didn’t know him very well. “Charlie Peterson, Ducks Magazine.” She announced to Dan, extending her hand with a welcoming smile on her face.

Dan looked up at her, shaking her hand gently and returning a smile as he continued to take his gear off.

Going over a few routine questions, she asked how he scored and how he got the opportunities to score them. Dan wore a smile on his face through most of the interview, mostly because the night he had but partly because of the charm Charlie had while she interviewed him. He was used to the usual male reporter, but Charlie was a nice change of pace for him.

She obtained the information she needed but, she had some sort of thirst for knowledge of the new mystery guy she didn’t much of. Her eyes pestered her as she attempted to elude Daniel’s. She tried her best to not make it apparent that he was enticing.

Thanking him for the interview, she then swiftly made her way over to Ryan Getzlaf since no one was with the Capitan at the time. “Charlie Bear!” Ryan exclaimed with an excited tone, extending his arms for a hug. Charlie laughed.

“You stink Getzy, so I’m gonna pass on the hug. But how about a thumbs up?” She suggested, sticking both her thumbs up, earning a hearty chuckle from Ryan.

“I’ll take it. And even though we just won, my night is made because you get to interview me.” He told her, his Canadian accent relevant as he spoke. Charlie rolled her eyes playfully at him, giving him a smile.

She continued her interview with Getzlaf, Dan looking over at them every few seconds as he finished removing his gear.

Bobby Ryan looked in the direction that Dan was visibly focused on before letting out a chuckle. “Don’t waste your time.” He muttered, taking his shirt off and tossing it into the locker.

“What?” Dan asked, confused as to what he was referring too.

“She has a boyfriend. He’s a big time lawyer or something. She’s not going to settle for a hockey player.” Bobby said, patting his shoulder.

Dan let out a quiet sigh as he stood from his locker and started stuffing his gear in his bag. He glanced over at Charlie again, now seeing Bobby joke with her as Getzy and her still stood talking.

He didn’t know why, but Charlie allured him. More than he would like to admit.
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