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Crashing the Crease

Can't Hold Us

Justin paraded around the apartment, showering Charlie with affection. She was incredibly suspicious of his actions. He never acted this way, not even on Valentine’s Day or their anniversaries, which he often forgot both.

He poured them both a glass of wine that Charlie assumed was way too expensive. And again, it confused her because she never liked wine. If she was going to drink alcohol it was going to be hard liquor, not dainty wine.

She sat on the couch, waiting for Justin to join her. Her eyes skimmed his place, feeling as if she was in an art museum and she wasn’t allowed to touch anything. She crossed her leg over the other, trying to get comfortable on a very lumpy, leather couch.

Charlie kept her lips shut as Justin went on, explaining how much he missed her and how bad he wanted to work things out with her. She tried to believe him, but she didn’t believe a single word that fell from his lips. Something inside her was telling her to cut bait and run, but she didn’t. She sat with him as he rambled on.

“I know you don’t love me the way I love you but we can work on that. I need you in my life and I know I don’t show it but I do.” Charlie’s eyes were locked with his and she was tuned into him speaking, but she didn’t understand what he was saying.

Being needed was something that Charlie wasn’t familiar with. She had never felt needed in her life, and a big part of that was because her parents didn’t need her. When Justin expressed how much he needed her, Charlie just didn’t feel it. She didn’t feel as if she was needed by him.

Justin continued to ramble on for a good five minutes while Charlie just listened, trying to piece everything together. Something was really off about him and she was determined to find out.

“And I have to tell you something. But, you need to promise me you won’t get mad. Okay?” Charlie didn’t speak, her eyebrows scrunched down into her eyes and her heart pace increased while knots formed in her stomach.

Justin took Charlie’s hand into his own, starring deeply into her eyes, and her heart only seemed to pick up more speed. “When I’m not with you, I’m someone I never wanted to be. But, when I’m with you, you make me the man I’m capable of being and the man I want to be. That’s why I need you.

“Regrettably, one night, after Sheffield called me in, Sherrie and I, we-” Charlie yanked her hand of Justin’s, stopping him from talking. Disgust filled her face, knowing where he was going with his words.

“You cheated on me?” She asked, taking in deep breathes, trying to control her emotions.

“That’s why I nee-”

“Two years. Two goddamn years I stick by your side and you do this to me? After all the bullshit you put me through?” Not replying, he bowed his head in shame. Charlie scoffed. She stood from the couch and immediately made a break for the door.

Justin jumped up from the couch and spoke, stopping Charlie. “I’m sorry.” Was all that he could seem to say.

She looked at him, swallowing the large lump that had formed in her throat. Blinking back tears, she spoke. “I really hope she was worth it.” She told him. He looked down, not being able to see the hurt in her eyes. When he had no reply, she dashed out the door.

Coming back to an empty apartment, Charlie tossed her things onto the coffee table and made a beeline to the kitchen.

Grabbing a glass from the cabinet, she set it on the counter and threw a few ice cubes in it. She rummaged the alcohol cabinet for scotch, a smile stretching over her lips as she found it. She poured the smooth liquid into the glass and took a well deserved sip.

A sigh pushed passed her lips as she thought of what Justin had done to her. She couldn’t seem to shake it and soon enough, tears were falling from her eyes.

She quickly wiped them from her face, telling herself that he wasn’t worth the tears. Grabbing her drink, she walked to the living room and laid herself down the couch.

Charlie was far passed drunk when Amy entered the apartment around three in the morning.

“Charlie Bear. I thought you were staying at Justin’s?” Amy asked, concerned as to why she was here. Charlie’s eyes drifted from the television and landed on Amy before downing the rest of her drink.

“No, that douchebag can go burn in the fire pits of hell.” Amy widened her eyes at Charlie’s harsh words.

“What happened?” She asked cautiously.

“Well, when I left here I decided this was going to be his one last chance to change my mind about him or else I was done with him.” Amy stayed quiet, waiting for the rest of the story. “He picked the absolutely wrong time to tell me he cheated on me with that slut secretary at his office. I mean, how cliché is that? Why couldn’t he have told me he joined a cult or something?”

“He cheated on you?!” Amy yelled. Justin wasn’t a great guy but she never thought he would stoop that low and cheat on Charlie. Amy was quick to sit beside Charlie and wrap her arms around her, knowing she needed the comfort. “I’m so sorry, Charlotte.” She said quietly into her ear.

“Me too.” Charlie said, draping her arms around Amy.


Charlie laid in bed the next morning trying to sleep off the horrid hangover she had given herself. “How are you feeling?” Amy asked as she stood in her doorway.

“Like a steaming pile of shit.” She informed her. “I get it, stomach, I drank too much. Leave me the fuck alone now.” She grumbled, making Amy laugh. She was a little relieved that she still had a sense of humor after what had happened the night before.

Charlie reached over for her phone, scrolling through the many missed calls she had from Justin but seeing one from Ryan. She then went through her text messages, again most of them being from Justin but a couple were from Getzy.

‘Beach, surfing, tomorrow, you in?’ Is what Getzlaf’s message read.

‘Can I bring Amy’ Charlie quickly sent back.

‘It wouldn’t be a beach day without her’ Charlie smiled at his reply. Maybe she needed a day away from everything and what better than a day at the beach.


It was almost noon, late to go surfing since the morning tide would be long gone by now but that wasn’t going to stop Charlie.

“I don’t know why the girls came. Girls surf as good as guys give birth; they don’t.” Matt Beleskey informed, earning a few chuckles from the guys. The smart ones didn’t laugh because their girlfriends were with them.

“Was that suppose to be a joke? Because the only joke here is in your pants.” She countered, getting all of the guys and girlfriends to laugh. Matt’s girlfriend gave Charlie a high five while he had daggers set on her. “Only start a fight you can finish, kiddo.” She said, patting his shoulder.

Charlie quickly slipped out of her shorts and tank top, revealing her black bikini and slender body. She wasn’t one to show off her body, but she admired herself sometimes.

Dan came walking up with Bobby, his eyes instantly landing on Charlie. He noticed a couple of tattoos he hadn’t seen before. The word ‘California’ was strung across her lower abdomen and what seemed to be song lyrics were all down her side.

He couldn’t advert his eyes, if he wasn’t already attracted to her, he was a lot more now. She was nowhere near fat but she had curves. Her legs weren’t toothpicks, she wasn’t flat chested and her abs weren’t perfectly visible but she still looked amazing.

“So, you guys are actually going surfing?” Dan asked. It surprised him because it was only February. And even though it was still chilly outside, the sun and water always seemed to stay the same.

“I keep forgetting you’re new.” Charlie said with an amused smile. “If the sun’s out, it’s a good day to go surfing.” She informed him.

“So true.” Amy agreed, waxing her surfboard.

“Unless you’re Charlie, then you just suck at it.” Bobby said, taking off his shirt and sending an innocent smile to Charlie.

“You got jokes too, Ryan?” She asked, starring him down.

“Maybe I do.” He challenged with a playful smirk.

“I’ll just kick your ass out there.” She told him.


Charlie spent a couple of hours out surfing, feeling at peace in the water. Her, Amy and a couple of the girlfriends gladly laid out to tan while talking about the boys, which frightened them greatly.

Walking back up to the where the guys were, she grabbed a water and downed a decent amount of it. “Have fun?” Dan asked, trying to engage in a conversation since Andrew had went back out.

“Always.” She replied with a smile. “Did Getz go on a beer run?” Dan nodded in reply. “Great. Beer sounds amazing right now.”

“Because your hangover yesterday wasn’t punishment enough.” Amy said as she joined the conversation.

“Ams, how many times have I been hungover and gotten drunk the next day?”

“Good point, I’ll shut up.” Amy said, earning a chuckle from both Dan and Charlie.

“Winny, we need another guy for football. You in?” Luca asked. Dan shrugged but agreed and stood up from the chair he was sitting in. “We’re skins so the shirt has to go.”

Charlie gulped as he pulled off his shirt, revealing his sculpted chest and abs. She watched the boys start their game, her eyes set on Daniel.

“Don’t make it obvious you’re staring.” Amy teased, getting Charlie’s reaction. “He’s hot, by the way. I definitely approve.” Charlie rolled her eyes.

“Amy, who’s to say he even likes me?” Charlie said.

“Who?” Paige, Getzy’s wife, asked.

Charlie wasn’t going to say anything but Amy was. “Dan.” She answered. Charlie looked at her with daggers.

“Oh, he definitely likes you. Do you see the way he looks at you? Not like a piece of meat or some little toy. He admires you.” She said, making Charlie look back over at him. Maybe he did, but she didn’t see it.


The beer started to get passed around and that’s when things started to get interesting.

Nick and Bobby were trying to see who could last longer while doing a handstand. So far, both of them were holding up, but just barely. “Dammit, would you just fall already, Bones!” Bobby yelled.

“Hell no, I’m better at this than you are!” Nick countered. Charlie laughed at their persistence and decided she wanted to have a little fun. A smirk crept up onto her lips as she walked behind the two and pushed both of their legs down.

Curse words fell from both of their lips as they got up. “You both suck.” She said, sending them a smile.

“Oh yeah, I’d like to see you try.” Bobby said, cleaning the sand off of his chest.

“Do you want my boobs to fall out of my top?” She asked. “Don’t answer that.” She warned, looking between Bobby and Nick, both wearing smirks.

“I’ve been meaning to ask you, where is Lover Boy?” Getzy asked, Paige close to his side. Charlie sighed and looked around at all the eyes suddenly on her.

“Lover Boy is no longer my problem.” She said hesitantly, wondering what everyone’s reaction would be.

“What happen?” Corey asked with concern.

“Oh, he just cheated on me.” She said, trying not to show any emotion towards it. She heard many gasps, following a lot of curse words for Justin.

“I can kick his ass now, right?” Getzy asked and Charlie laughed a bit and nodded.

“Have fun.” She said.

She was still hurt for what Justin did to her and she never intended on seeing him again but she’d much rather have an entire hockey team on her side if she did see him.
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