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Crashing the Crease

Take Me Out

The car was quiet due to the fact that Charlie was currently freaking out on the inside. Being with Dan for just a few days made her incredibly happy. She had never felt anything like it. She wanted to be with him all the time. She wanted him to hold her in every possible way. She was finally experiencing love, she just hadn’t realized it.

Nerves rose again as she thought of Getzy’s reaction. Out of everyone on the team, she worried most about Getzy’s and Teemu’s. What would they think of her knowing that she had another guy after barely ending her long term relationship with Justin? She was afraid the people that loved her were going to judge her and look at her differently and that’s the last thing she wanted.

“You alright?” Dan asked, taking his eyes off the road long enough to get a glance at her worry-filled face.

Giving a weak smile, she replied. “I’m fine, just nervous is all.”

“Charlie, we don’t have to tell anyone today, especially if it’s going to make you this nervous.” Dan told her, earning a delayed sigh from Charlie. She didn’t want to wait because then everyone would make a big deal out them keeping it a secret.

“No, lets just get it over with.” She said, hoping she was just blowing it out of proportion in her head.

Charlie was able to calm herself after they had arrived to the arena. She checked in with her boss and proceeded to walk to the locker room with Dan. Unknowingly, her grip on Dan’s hand intensified as they entered the locker room. No one had seemed to notice anything until Getzy opened his mouth. “Whoa, what’s this?” He asked, signaling to Dan and Charlie’s intertwined fingers. Getz was surprised more than anything, he never expected Charlie to settle for a hockey player.

“You’re fucking with us, right?” Perry laughed, not entirely sure of what was going on.

Not knowing if he should talk, he just shook his head towards Corey. Charlie gripped his hand tighter and rolled her eyes at the awkward quietness.

“I am not a whore, okay? You all saw how Justin was so if you’re going to judge me, just don’t.” She blurted out faster than she could even comprehend. Closing her eyes in regret, she opened them when she her a few sparse laughs.

“Jesus, Charlie we’re not going to judge you for being with Winny. Do you understand how much we hate Justin? He didn’t even know shit about hockey.” Charlie was searching for the compliment in his words. “Charlie Bear, you can’t do worse than Justin.” Getzy’s eyes shifted to Dan. “You, on the other hand, can’t do better than Charlie and I’m not afraid to kick my own teammates ass if he steps out of line with my Charlie Bear.”

Dan smiled and nodded at his words. “Duly noted.” He said.

“Okay, I need to go work so I’ll see you guys later.” She said, looking around the room before quickly giving Dan a peck on the lips. Whooping and hollering started and Charlie rolled her eyes, stepping out of the locker and mumbling, “Bunch of children, I swear.”

As the players did drills and such for their usual practice, Charlie watched, finding herself completely focused on her work. A small part of her thought being with Dan might affect her work but she hadn’t spent much time paying attention to him. While the players took a break, Selanne skated over to the bench, startling Charlie in the process. “So, Winny, huh?” He asked with a small smile, his Finnish accent strong. Returning Teemu’s smile, she nodded. “As long as you’re happy with him.”

“I am.” She said, Teemu immediately picking up on the smile she had on her face. He had never seen a smile like that before from her. He knew right then and there that what her and Dan had was definitely something special.

“Good. Don’t let it slip away.” He said, giving her one last smile before skating back to the practice.

The game bounced by quickly and Charlie was over exhausted by that point. She did her interviews as instructed and told Dan she wasn’t up for going out to eat, she just wanted to go home and relax for awhile.

Dan opted to stay at Charlie’s for the night since he had a pairs of clothes there already. While he took his shower Charlie sat in the living room, legs up on the coffee table, her hair pulled into a messy bun, reading glasses on and her laptop setting on her lap. Dan came out to the living room to join her while she worked.

As she typed away, he just watched her. He marveled at how much heart she put into the article. She wasn’t just telling you what happened, she was letting you live it. She didn’t write for a job, she wrote because it’s what she loved.

She finished up her work, looking over at Dan and giving him a smile. She quickly pecked his lips before placing her laptop on the coffee table and bringing her legs up onto the couch so that she was facing him.

“So, I was thinking,” Dan started before Charlie quickly interrupted him.

“Uh-oh. You didn’t hurt yourself, did you?” She said, giving him a small smirk. He rolled his eyes, a smile gracing his face.

“No, I didn’t. Thanks for your concern.” Charlie laughed a bit, waiting for him. “Like I said, I was thinking now that we’re exclusive maybe we should have our first date.” Charlie had a smile on her face that couldn’t be explained. She just didn’t pin Dan as the guy that would be sappy and cute, she pictured him as the ‘I can get any girl I want’ kind of guy.

“That sounds great, babe.” She said, moving closer to him so that she could cuddle into his chest. She looked up at him for a few seconds before placing her hand on his scruffy cheek and pulling his lips to hers in a sweet way.

When they pulled away he spoke, “You’re going to get road rash.” He said in a joking matter, rubbing his chin.

“I don’t care, I like it.” She said, bringing her lips to his again in more forceful way. In a way, Charlie liked everything Dan had that Justin didn’t. She wasn’t comparing them but she noticed how incredibly different the two were. Justin was an averaged sized guy that had a gym membership that she never used. He couldn’t grown a beard to save his life. His skills in bed were average at best. He was the exact opposite of Dan which just made her that much more attracted to him.
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