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Crashing the Crease

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Charlie wore a happy smile on her face as she packed her bags for an almost two week road trip she was about to face with the team.

“That’s a long time.” Amy said, pouting as she leaned against Charlie’s door frame. She wasn’t exactly happy about her being gone for so long.

“You’ll survive, Jigglypuff. Have Zack come over.” Charlie suggested with a smile.

“Okay, just no getting pregnant by any of the players. I know, they’re rich but believe me, you do not want that on your plate.” Amy said as if she knew from experience. Charlie laughed and nodded towards her, zipping up her bag.

“No pregnancies by any of the players. Got it.” Charlie said. “Besides, the only player I would have babies with if Getzy and he’s unfortunately married, so I think we’re safe.” She reassured Amy.

“Getzy has a receding hair line. Now, really think about having babies with him.” She said, giving Charlie a serious look.

“I can tell him that when I get on the plane, right?” Charlie asked.

“Go ahead, I’ve told him that already.”

“What? That our babies would have receding hair lines?” Charlie joked, trying to catch Amy off guard.

Amy sent playful daggers her way. “No, shut up. You know what I mean.” She said.

Charlie stepped onto the plane, automatically making her way towards the back. She thought about it for a few seconds before she changed her mind and decided to pick seats closer to the front.

Getting settled in, she sent a smile towards Getzy as he took a seat beside her. “Hi, Charlie Bear.” He said.

“Hi, Getzy.” She replied. She looked over at him and couldn’t help herself. “Do you think our babies would have receding hair lines?” Charlie suddenly asked, hushing the players that surrounded them and getting their attention.

He let out a chuckle, looking around the plane to see how many people were interested in their conversation. “What?” He simply asked.

“Amy was saying our babies would have receding hair lines.” Now Dan was listening.

“That sounds like something Amy would say. But I’m curious as to why us having babies came up into one of your conversations.” Getzy wondered.

“Oh, she told me not to be stupid and get pregnant by any of the players on this road trip.”

“Dammit, there goes my plans.” Corey said, earning sparse chuckles from around the plane.

“So I told her that she didn’t have to worry because the only player I would have babies with was Getzy but he’s married.” Half the plane started laughing, including Dan.

“Why only Getzy? Is there something wrong with me?” Corey asked.

“Never would I allow my children to have such bright hair.” She joked, making him smile. “Besides, I want my children to be like Getzy. He’s better than all of you!” She joked again, earning more laughs.

The plane calmed down for take off and soon enough they were in the air and able to move about. “I say we play strip poker. I mean, we have Charlie here.” Matt Beleskey suggested.

Charlie’s eyebrows raised as she looked up at Matt. Every player that wasn’t sleeping or paying attention to something else suddenly had their eyes on her. “Okay perverts. One thing, half of you have your girlfriends and/or wives on the plane.” That earned laughs from a few of the girls. “Secondly, you know I can kick every one of your asses at poker so, technically, you’ll be seeing each other naked.” She reminded them. A few curse words fell from some of the players lips.

“Well, that back fired on you, didn’t it Matt?” Luca Sbisa said, an amused grin dancing on his face.

Dan, who was on the other side of the plane exchanging conversation with Andrew Cogliano, looked over at Charlie, locking their eyes for only a matter of seconds before both of them abruptly looked away. He couldn’t figure her out, she wasn’t an open book. You couldn’t see the pain she had gone through, she kept it well hidden.

She was different. A lot different when it came to the girls that Dan had dated before. And he was finally starting to realize that was what he needed. Something different.

Charlie rose to her feet and cheered for the Ducks as the clock wound down and the buzzer sound, notifying everyone that the game was over.

Everyone grabbed a bite to eat after the game and while most of the players went back to the hotel, a few others decided on going out to a local bar to celebrate their win.

Charlie stood to her feet, a shot of Jack Daniels in her hand. “To all the lovely players I am with, who gave me the pleasure of rubbing yet another win into all my friends faces that are Kings fans.” She toasted, earning chuckles from the few players that were their. Everyone clinked their glasses together and took their shots.

Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf made conversation with each other while Bobby Ryan, Luca Sbisa and Cam Fowler did the same.

Dan sat at a table near by the players, watching the actions of the other people there. Charlie sat next to him, ignoring the sudden rush of butterflies flapping around in her stomach. “Hey.” She said, smiling at him.

“Hi.” He smiled back. “What’s up?”

“Just thought I’d keep you company.” She said. “Unless you like sitting here by yourself like a loser, because if that’s the case, I’ll leave.” She joked, earning a laugh from Dan.

“You think you’re pretty funny , don’t you?” He asked with a smile on his face. He had already become comfortable around her and it felt like he knew her for years.

“No, not at all. I’m just stupid enough to get people to laugh at me.” Dan smiled at her comment. “I’m getting another drink. Want anything?” She asked.

“No thanks, I’m good.” He said. She gave him another smile before standing from the chair and walking over to the bar to order herself another Jack and Coke.

Dan watched her walk to the bar, trying his hardest to not check her out but he wasn’t succeeding very much. “You know, you got a little drool there.” Luca Sbisa said, catching Dan’s attention and motioning towards his mouth. He let out a light laugh and looked down at the table. “I hope you enjoy the looking and no touching.” He said, giving him a smile and going back towards the bathrooms.

He ignored Luca for the most part, simply because he didn’t want to accept the fact that she wasn’t available for the taking.

Charlie waited for her drink to be made, turning around from the bar and looking out to the crowd of people. She noticed a couple girls in skimpy outfits suddenly make their way across the bar and straight towards Dan.

Freezing as he saw a couple of girls approach the table he was sitting at, Dan let out a sigh, knowing he wouldn’t get out of this one. “Hey.” One of the girls said, a smirk grazing her lips while the other one looked seductively at Dan.

Charlie watched the girls try to talk their way up with Dan but when she saw the look of desperation on his face, she knew she had to go save him.

Pulling her top down just smidge, she made sure a good amount of her cleavage was showing before she grabbed her drink and walked back to the table.

“Sorry I’m late, baby.” She said as she approached the table. Her arms wrapped around Dan’s chest protectively from behind and he cocked his head slightly to look at her. With a smile on her face, she quickly pecked his lips before looking up at the two girls that stood in front of them in disgust.

Charlie took in a deep breath as the two girls muttered curse words and quickly left the table. Removing her hands from around Dan, she took a seat beside him. She was trying her hardest to shake off what she just did.

Dan watched the girls walk away but he was still in shock with what had just happened. He looked over at Charlie and gave her a smile. “Thank you.” He said. He wanted to act as if that small kiss she gave him meant nothing, but it meant a lot more than nothing.

Composing herself, Charlie gave Dan a smile and acted normal. “Okay, Dan, you’ve got to answer a question for me; why is a good looking man like yourself turning down puck sluts who have absolutely no self respect for themselves and will pretty much do anything for you?” She asked with all seriousness. She did want to know why he didn’t go for either of the girls.

He laughed at her question. “I’m just not in the mood.” He said, playing around with his beer bottle as he starred down at the table. It really wasn’t because he wasn’t in the mood, he just wasn’t in the mood for just any girl. He was in the mood for Charlie.

“Well, I guess I need to tell Amy that you are going to get pregnant and it’s going to be Winny’s baby.” Getzy joked, his lips perking up into a smile. Both Dan and Charlie laughed at the joke, but both of their cheeks reddened as their eyes locked with each other for a split second.

“Yeah, what was that about?” Cam Fowler asked, wondering what was going on between the two of them.

“I was just saving him from puck sluts.” She reassured him.

“You never save me from puck sluts.” Bobby said, a small pout forming on his face.

“Maybe that’s because you enjoy them way too much, Bobby.” She said, earning daggers from him. She sent him a smile, assuring him that she was joking. “And on that note, I’m going back to the hotel.” She announced, grabbing her purse from the chair.

Dan automatically stood from his chair. “It’s late. I’ll walk with you.” He said, the rest of the players looking suspiciously at him.

The two stayed quiet for the short walk back to the hotel. It wasn’t an awkward silence simply because both of them were lost in their own minds.

Charlie bite down on her bottom lip as she thought back on the kiss she gave Dan. Even though it only last a split second, she could have sworn she felt him kiss back but she was trying to convince herself that it was her mind messing with her.

Dan watched intently in front of him as they continued into the hotel and to the elevators. His mind raced with thoughts of Charlie and how her lips felt against his. He was trying desperately to erase all those thoughts of her but the more he tried, the more they imprinted in his brain.

The two of them stopped in front of Charlie’s door. She dug in her purse for a few seconds before pulling out her room key. “You didn’t need to walk me to my room.” She told Dan.

“I know. I just wanted to make sure you got here safe.” Oh, my God, please stop being perfect, she thought as the butterflies insanely flapped around in her stomach.

A lump started to form in her throat as she lost herself in those blue orbs of his for a matter of seconds. “Goodnight, Dan.” Charlie said before she completely lost the will to speak.

“Night, Charlie.” He said, giving her one last smile as she entered her room.

He made his way back to the elevators, letting the doors close him in as he entered one. He rested his head on the wall, thinking; what have I gotten myself into?
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