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Crashing the Crease

Feel Again

Charlie tried to keep her focus on work while the road trip continued into their fourth game. She was trying to keep her mind off of Justin and just forget about what had happened with the two of them.

The team was in Chicago today, playing the undefeated in regulation, Blackhawks. Charlie knew this was going to be a big story, which ever way it turned out.

As usual, she sat on the visiting teams bench and evaluated the players during their practice time. Her eyes seemed to drift to Dan a lot, which concerned her a great amount. She had a boyfriend, she knew she shouldn’t be thinking about him the way she was but, she couldn’t control her thought at the moment.

The game was exciting, to say the least. The Ducks came out on top after a tense shootout, adding another victory to their record.

Charlie was beyond excited to talk to the players after the game but she was even more excited to get back to her hotel and relax for the night after a long game.

Tying her hair up into a messy bun, she started the bathtub and let it fill to her desired amount while she put on some mellow music. She undressed herself and caved into the hot water.

Charlie needed a bath. She had been pretty stressed over getting work done and Justin but a bath was exactly what she needed to relax and get rid of her stress for a while.

After she finished her bath, she dressed herself in her favorite tank top and sweatpants, making sure she was comfortable. She took a seat on her bed where all of her papers were laid out, ready for her to get to work on them.

Charlie’s phone suddenly began ringing and Justin’s name appeared on the screen. She sighed, hesitantly picking up her phone. She was trying to ignore him and get her work done but if she didn’t talk to him now, he’d bug her all night. “Hey.” She answered.

“So, you’re finally done ignoring me?”

“This is a long road trip. I have a ton of shit to do.” She defended herself. She wasn’t going to deal with him if he was going to be an asshole.

“I know. I’m sorry.” He apologized. “How’s it going?”

“Fine.” Charlie wasn’t going to drag on their conversation by venting about stuff he really didn’t care about.

Silence fell between the two as Charlie blankly starred at the wall in front of her, waiting for Justin to say something. “What’s wrong?” She asked hesitantly.

“I’m starting to realize you don’t need me. You’re perfectly fine without me.” While the statement was true, Charlie disagreed.

“That’s not tr-”

Cutting her sentence off, he continued. “No, it is, Charlie. You go away all the time for work and I’m always away at work, but it doesn’t effect you.” Charlie stayed quiet because she was now realizing that he was right. “What kind of relationship is that? What’s the point of us being together if we don’t need each other?”

“Each other? You don’t need me?” Charlie countered.

“No, I do. It’s just, we’re never together. And when we are, we’re fighting.”

“Really? I hadn’t noticed, Justin.” She said, sarcasm very relevant in her voice.

“You may act like you’re all put together, Charlie, but you’re not. There is no way in hell that growing up without a family didn’t effect you, it definitely did.” Before Charlie could speak to defend herself, he continued. “Not on how you act, but how you expect so much less from people who are suppose to be giving you their all.” She stayed quiet this time. “Like me. I know I’m a horrible boyfriend and I’m making our relationship a living hell and I want to fix it, I do, but I just think that you don’t. You don’t care it we fall apart. Hell, you haven’t even told me that you love me and we’ve been together for two years.”

A ball formed in Charlie’s throat and she suddenly didn’t know what to say. “I’m not going to be that person that says ‘I love you’ and not mean it. I just don’t feel it, I don’t feel a damn thing.” That hurt Justin. He loved Charlie, but he didn’t show it that way he should.

“I’ll talk to later, Charlie.” He said, ending the call before she could get her last words in.

“Such bullshit.” She said, tossing her phone across the bed and covering her face with her hands in annoyance. She knew she took it a little too far and it was definitely going to put more of a strain on their relationship.

Letting out a deep sigh, she laid back on her bed and starred at the ceiling. She wanted to erase everything that had just happened between her and Justin. She wanted all of it to stop.

Like clockwork, Charlie’s phone started ringing again. This time, it was Amy’s name that came onto the screen. “Hey, Ams.” She answered.

“My Charlie senses are tingling, what’s wrong?” Amy asked immediately.

“Oh, you know, just the never ending drama between Justin and I.”

“I figured. What are you going to do?”

“A part of me just wants to break up with him, end all the fighting but, do I really want to throw away two years of my life with him?”

“Charlie, you’ve been with him for two years and not once have you ever considered breaking up with him, even when he’s treated you worse than this. There’s something else, or should I say someone else?” Charlie stayed quiet, she knew Amy was onto her and frankly, she didn’t want to admit she had feelings for anyone else. Mostly because she didn’t want to have feelings for anyone else.

“Am I right?” Amy asked, not letting the topic go.

“Maybe.” Charlie admitted.

“Okay, who is he?” She asked, wanting to know who could have made her change her mind after two years.

“Getzy. He said he’d leave his wife for me and everything.” Charlie joked, hoping to get Amy off her back but that wasn’t working out so well.

“Charlotte, tell me.” She knew she was serious when she used her actual name.

She pondered on telling her for a few long seconds before she realized it was Amy and she was bound to found out one way or another. A sigh fell from her lips and she spoke hesitantly. “That new player, Daniel Winnik. I don’t know what I’m thinking, Ams. I hardly even know him.”

“When I met Zack, I knew right off the bat that he was the one. I didn’t want anyone else. So, maybe this is the guy you’ve been waiting for subconsciously. You’re not in love with Justin and you’re bound to fall for someone in a serious way. Maybe he’s that guy.” Amy suggested.

“I don’t want him to be.” Charlie said in a whisper.

“What’s so wrong with him?”

“Um, he has a bad nose?” She said, making Amy laugh lightly.

“Okay, Charmandor. Give me the real reason.”

“He’s a hockey player.” Charlie said quietly. “I’ll never be good enough for him.”

Amy went on to tell Charlie just how incredible she was and if anything, she was too good for him. Charlie was a very confident person, but when it came to careers, she lost all of her confidence. Which was just another reason not being around Justin a lot didn’t effect her much.

“You never know until you try. This guy can be your knight in shining amore.” Amy told her. Charlie bite down on her lip. Yeah, that’s what I’m afraid of.