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Crashing the Crease

Breaking Point

The hug that Charlie and Dan shared seemed to linger in both of their minds. It was an ordinary hug but it surely didn’t feel ordinary.

Justin swerved his way into Charlie’s mind Everytime she had a thought about Dan or even if she just saw him. She knew she had a boyfriend and she was never the unfaithful type, but she was starting to wonder how long she could control herself when she had the feelings that she has for Dan.

Dan violently shot pucks into goal as he warmed up for their game against Detroit. He wasn’t angry with anyone but himself. He didn’t know how he could be stupid enough to think that Charlie would go for him. Or the fact that he was starting to develop feelings for a girl he only knew for a few weeks, who also had a boyfriend.

Everytime he saw her, Justin was the topic of conversation. Whether she was on the phone with him, or talking to other teammates that knew of her situation. It was obvious that a lot of people cared for her and they didn’t like her going through this.

Needless to say, Daniel dug himself a deep hole and he needed to forget about Charlie and focus on hockey. It was the only thing he was good at during the moment.

A silent sigh fell from Charlie’s lips as she listened to Justin apologize over the phone. Frankly, she didn’t give a damn about what he was saying because he had done this so many times before.

Her eyes seemed to settle on Daniel as she watched him skate around the ice. He was angry about something, she could tell. She hoped it wasn’t something she did.

“Fuck!” Dan yelled as he noticed he missed a shot he should have easily made. It wasn’t abnormal for hockey players swear but Daniel wasn’t one to get so upset during just a practice.

He skated back up to the benches and got a drink of water, his eyes drifting over to Charlie who was starring blankly at the ice in front of her with her phone pressed to her ear.

“What the hell is your problem, Winny?” Andrew Cogliano asked, concerned with his behavior this morning.

“Nothing.” He told him, taking another drink of water.

“It doesn’t seem like nothing.” Andrew speculated. Dan rolled his eyes at his persistence.

“Don’t worry about it, Cogs.” Dan insisted, setting the water bottle down and joining the practice again.

Practice was wrapping up so the players started making their way back to the locker rooms. Daniel seemed to be the last one off the ice and Charlie was the last one left on the bench as she packed her things.

Dan kept his focus in front of him and walked back to the locker, trying not to acknowledge Charlie on the bench.

A small sigh of relieve pushed passed her lips as Dan headed back to the locker room. He was acting like a loose canon and Charlie didn’t want to set it off.

Charlie worked on her story of the game while most of the plane slept. It was closing in on three in the morning but she knew she had to get this done before morning came around.

She let out a quiet groan as she noticed just how much more work she had cut out for her. She raised her index fingers to her temples and rubbed them lightly, trying to rid herself of her headache.

“What’s wrong?” Corey Perry asked as he took a seat next to her, noticing she was stressed about something.

“Nothing, Pears, I’m fine.” She said as she met her eyes with his. He didn’t buy it.

“Want to try that again and tell me the truth?”

“Seriously Corey, I’m not in the mood.” She said truthfully, looking back at her laptop. He knew she wasn’t playing around when she used his actual name.

“I’m making sure you’re okay, not asking you to have sex with me.” Corey said with an easy going voice, trying to lighten the mood. Charlie tried to resist the smile that was creeping up onto her face but she lost the battle. “How’s your shitbag boyfriend?” He asked.

“Still an asshole.” She informed him. Her eyes met his again and she felt the sympathy radiating off of his eyes.

“I don’t know why you torture yourself, Charlotte.” He said, quieting his voice so the rest of the plane couldn’t hear their conversation.

“Any attention is good attention, I guess.”

“I know you don’t believe that.” She wasn’t going to disagree, but she wasn’t going to agree either. “Do you really not realize how many guys want you? I can name five on this plane.” She stayed quiet, setting her eyes on her laptop. “You deserve better than what you get. And any guy that doesn’t put an effort into pleasing you and making sure you’re the happiest girl in the world doesn’t deserve you.”

“Yeah, well I live in the real world, not Fantasy Land. No guy would do that.” She said, looking up at him.

“Maybe there is. Maybe you’re just looking for it in a guy that can’t provide it.” Corey countered. She looked into Corey’s eyes and looked back down, frustrated with how he wouldn’t get off her back.

“Okay, Dr. Phil, go back to your seat.” She instructed, not willing to listen to anymore Corey had to say. He sighed and stood from his seat.

Bobby, Getzy and Selanne turned around in their seats and looked at Charlie since they were listening to their conversation the whole time. “We all love you, Charlie. We just want what’s best for you.” Corey said. She looked over to the three that had kind eyes set on her.

She quickly looked down to ignore them. She considered most of the team her family because she had grown so much with them. She wanted what was best for all of them and she knew they wanted the same for her, but she honestly didn’t know what was best for her.

Dan tuned into Corey’s and Charlie’s conversation as much as possible. His heart ached for her. She didn’t know what she deserved and she most definitely deserved better than what she had.

A part of him questioned if he had what she deserved. His mind told him no, but his heart screamed yes. But thinking with his heart never did him any good.

Charlie met Amy at the front of the airport. A smile formed across her lips but Amy could see the desperation in her eyes.

Charlie sat crisscross on the couch and waited for Amy to come back with their drinks. A sigh fell from her lips as Amy handed her a glass filled with Jack Daniels. She took a seat next to her. “Pears actually said those things?”

Charlie nodded as she raised the glass to her lips and took a small sip of the soothing whiskey. “What does he know? He’s just a hockey player.”

“A hockey player that knows what the fuck he’s talking about.” Charlie rolled her eyes at her statement. “You do so much for people who don’t ever acknowledge your existence. You’re the only person I know that will sacrifice sleep to volunteer at the homeless shelter every weekend. Half of your paychecks go to orphanages.

“I know you hate to admit it but you do so much for people who give you nothing in return that you expect nothing more from people who should be giving you everything.” Charlie swallowed a lump that was forming in her throat. She attempted to erase everything that Amy had just said. She knew it was the truth but she wasn’t going to admit it.

“I’m going to take a shower.” Charlie said, escaping from a conversation that was going to break her sooner or later. Amy sighed and watched her walk back towards her room. She was beginning to wonder if she could ever get through to Charlie.
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