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Too Many Voices Trying to Talk to Me

"Here in my head, I can't tell who I'm talking to. It seems I can't tell what's being said, someone please tell me am I alive or dead." The summer before senior year Kellin Quinn was found dead in his bathroom, blood everywhere and pain killers no where to be found; people mourned some people cheered and the rest didn't care. Vic Fuentes cared a lot, in front of everyone else Kellin Quinn never existed. That is until he's forced to see him.

So this is very different from most of the stuff (shit) i write but it kept on bothering me that i haven't written it yet so here it is *insert fireworks*
Title Credit: Suicide Silence- O.C.D.
  1. Prologue- Loneliness
    "He stole everything." *trigger warning i guess*
  2. Chapter One- Wake Up, Wake Up.
    *Smut Warning* "I just want to make you happy baby."
  3. Chapter Two- Sever The Voices
    He has to decide. He can't sever the voices, from his mind.