Sequel: Angels and Hunters.

Angel of Mine

It was killing him, the fact he couldn't help her, his only daughter and now she was fading.

He could remember holding her close to his chest as a new born, listening intently to her soft coo's and looking in to her large blue grey eyes, her round innocent face making his heart swell with love and pride. The warmth as her small round fingers wrapped themselves around one of his.

He remembered his heart breaking as he left her on the porch of the human family that raised her until he felt she was old enough to accept him in to her life.

Her face remained the picture of innocence as she grew in front of his eyes in to the young woman that often accompanied him and his two closest friends on their many cross country trips to vanquish more creatures of the occult. She had become the strong determined hunter that made him feel as though his life was complete.

But that was before that night...