Distance Disturbs Me

The day Austin moved across the country, away from Ohio -and more importantly, his boyfriend- and to California to stay with his sick grandmother until she passed, was the second worst day of his life.

Alan's POV
Savannah (m0riarty)

Austin's POV
Presley (The Pinup Goth)

Friendly little reminder that we own nothing but the plot and if you steal any of our ideas we will come after you wearing a lot of black and wielding a rusty axe. :)

title credit to Distance Disturbs Me by Set It Off.
  1. Austin
    January 15
  2. Alan
    February 3
  3. Austin
    February 21
  4. Alan
    March 11
  5. Austin
    April 5
  6. Alan
    April 29
  7. Austin
    May 14