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Stay Right Here With Me


Ashlynn watched the Gotham streets from the roof she was perched on, taking a break from patrol so she could snack on an energy bar; from her height, the only real sound was the gentle swishing sound the fabric of her cape was making as it danced in the breeze. The brunette used to love patrolling the city’s streets nightly and protecting innocent civilians, but now everything was just so twisted. She still loved the adrenaline that patrolling brought, but now it was a miracle if she came back without a bullet wound of some sort.

“Leave it to my father to find a way to ruin everything and somehow screw Gotham up more,” Ashlynn mumbled to herself as she finished off the energy bar. She tossed the wrapper across the roof and stood up, immediately going into her utility belt for her grapnel gun; the female took a moment to adjust the settings then aimed it for the roof above her and fired.

The sound of another grapnel gun was suddenly whizzing through the air before Ashlynn had a chance to ascend to the higher roof, quickly followed by the sound of someone landing behind her. Without turning to see who it was, the female gripped the rope and placed a foot on the wall.
“Jason, look. For the last time, I’m not-“
“Hello, Batgirl,” the brunette was cut off a completely different voice.
Ashlynn quickly turned around to see Tim standing behind her, one gloved hand on his waist while the other was holding onto his grapnel gun.
“Oh! Hey, Red Robin! Sorry about that. I was expecting you to be Jason.”

“Don’t worry about it. I know that he’s has been bugging you the past couple nights…” Tim trailed off and sucked in a breath in an attempt to keep himself calm, “…he has a not-so subtle crush on you, you know.”
The former Robin made a face as he finished speaking and Ashlynn swore she could see disgust flooding his eyes behind the white lenses of his cowl.
“I know, but he just wants in the Batgirl suit’s pants. Trust me when I tell you that’s the last thing that I want,” the female reassured him.
A smile appeared on Tim’s lips as he started crossing the roof, his long cape flowing behind him as he walked.
“I’m glad.”
“Okay, change of subject. What have you been up to tonight, Featherbrain?”
“I was gathering information,” the vigilante stated shortly.
Which means you were probably making out with that Lynx bitch, Ashlynn thought to herself and turned away from the male.
“Well that’s always helpful. Look though. It was nice chatting with you, but I need to get back to patrol now. Robin and Nightwing want my help with a possible lead. Thanks for making sure that that Jase wasn’t stalk-“

The vigilante was cut off again midsentence, this time by the sound of Tim’s grappling gun whistling through the air and latching onto the above roof beside hers. She quickly spun around to see Tim standing directly behind her, so close that she could smell him on the night air and feel his hot breath against her face.
“What the hell are you doing, Red?” she hissed.
A small smile appeared on Tim’s lips as he pulled his cowl off, causing his dark hair to cascade into his eyes.
“I told Lynx I couldn’t see her anymore,” he told her quietly.
“Please, you have no room to speak and can’t tell me what to do…wait, what?”

A quiet chuckle escaped Tim’s throat as he reached over and gently removed Ashlynn’s cowl, causing the female’s breath to catch in her throat. He slowly ran his gloved fingers through her long hair before dropping his hand onto her arm lightly, a shade of pink crossing his cheeks as he pressed his nose against hers.

“Tim?” Ashlynn asked in a dazed voice, feeling a blush warming her own cheeks.
“Stay with me for a while, Ash.”
“I-I can’t. I told you, Robin and ‘Wing need my help.”
“Останься со мной,” Tim repeated in Russian, his voice taking on a pleading tone.

Unsure of what to do, Ashlynn turned and gazed up at the roof where their grappling hooks were resting before taking a deep breath to calm the storm of butterflies in her stomach. Deciding that Dick and Damian could wait, she turned back to the male with a smile on her face and pressed her lips against the tip of his nose gently.
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