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Marie's Diary I

I am not sure what to say about Laure’s wedding. Words come to my mind, but I will not allow myself to write them. Instead, I will report the facts:
She was married in a small church near the Triste District. There was one stuffy room with bare walls. Father Jacques seemed to say only what was required of him and his voice was low and unmoved. Jean’s eyes were closed much of the time, as if he were trying to sleep.
The groom’s name was Clement and he appeared to be much, much older than Laure. He had strong creases around his mouth and greying hair on his face. His nose was large and straight and his hair looked like straw. None of his family was present.
When I had seen Laure before, I did not think much of her, besides that her presence was haunting and that she was rude to not acknowledge me. Now I wonder if she has a soul. Her eyes were fixed on the ground for the entire ceremony.
She was beautiful, though. I would not have noticed it before. Her sunny hair fell behind her smoothly and her fair skin was clean and powdered. She wore a simple white gown, which brought out the pink in her lips and cheeks, and her eyes were as green as emeralds, though unpolished.
It is strange to think that we are the same age. Not only is she married, but carrying a child! I should not be so shocked though. Perhaps I will be where she is a year from now.