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Marie's Diary II

Since Laure moved out, Jean has had more responsibilities around his house. When I visited him today, he was sitting on the bed with his grandfather, spoon-feeding him salty broth. His grandfather seemed to be sicklier than before.
Clara let Jean go out to play, but only because I was there. Jean said he had been so bogged down with chores since Laure left that he has barely gotten to see his friends. We went around to several of the houses, asking if the kids could come out and play. Most of them were doing chores or working with their fathers somewhere, but the olive-skinned boy from the day I met Jean (Louis) and an even darker, scruffier boy named Jaq were available.
At first, they insisted that a girl could not play pirates with them. They said maybe I could be a captive. Jean told them I was a better pirate than any of them (except him, of course), and we battled each other until the sun began to set. Before I went, Louis and Jaq said I should come back and play with them more. Jean wants me to come around more too, because it might be the only way he can get out of the house.
Mother was not pleased when she saw how filthy my gown had become. I promised I would not ruin any others.