Status: Currently working on - hope to finish by the end of the summer.


Marie's Diary III

Charlotte and Madeleine came around noon and did not leave until supper time. We spent the entire day sitting on the porch, conversing about random things, and drinking juice. They asked where my “little friend” had gone. I told them he was not always with me and they laughed.
They asked if the story about his sister was true. I told them it was. They were quiet for a while, then Madeleine finally said she could not hold it in anymore: she had heard that Jean’s sister was raped by the town drunk, a man named Clement.
I did not want to believe her, but I did. I instantly started to feel bad for Jean and his family. The Potier’s said the baby was due in a few months. They wondered if it would be healthy.
When they left, I wrote a letter to Jean. I told him about what my father said. I told him I was very sorry, but that I would find a way to see him somehow, hopefully much more than once a month. I wanted to ask if the story about Laure was true, but there was no purpose.
After dinner, Edgard took me into the library, where he had set up his canvas and painting tools. He made me where my chemise and pose laying in a chair, with my leg flung over the side. We made small talk. It took a very long time. He told me he would have my letter sent tomorrow.