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Marie's Diary IV

Jean finally came today. We sat in the ballroom and told each other about the things that had happened over the past two weeks. I told him I had been spending time with the Potier’s, but I did not mention what they had said about his sister. He said he had seen his friends only once since we last played together and that they asked where I was.
I told him I had been busying myself with lessons. I showed him the copy of Candide I was currently reading. He looked at it strangely. I asked him if he could read it, so he opened it up and slowly recited a couple lines, but then he complained of a headache. He said he had no books at home.
I apologized to him repeatedly for the situation. I told him, again, that I would do whatever I can to be able to see him more. He told me it would not really matter because he would be working more soon. We held each other’s hands quietly. When Edgard passed by, Jean attempted to pull his away, but I pulled harder. I reminded him that we needed to get back at Edgard.
He said there was no use, he had already won.
When he left, I felt completely empty inside. I felt like I had not seen him at all. I realized he never smiled in all the hours he was there.