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Chapitre Six

“You are back early,” Antoine said when Edgard walked into the kitchen. He was putting away the last of the clean dishes.
Edgard leaned against the cupboard. “I did not leave. The boy apparently left early.”
“Early?! You mean he walked all that way in the dark?”
“That is what Marie said,” Edgard leaned down and lowered his voice, “she said he was angry.”
“What about? He seemed to be enjoying himself at dinner.”
“I do not have all the details, but apparently the girls brought up social class…”
“Oh dear!” Antoine slammed the cabinet door. “They must have made a spectacle of him!”
“Marie should have known better than to invite over a boy from the Triste District, especially when other guests were present. Someone was bound to say something and of course those people are not raised with manners –”
“But they do not know any better!” Antoine interrupted. “And neither did Marie, but I feel for the boy.”
“Well I do not,” Edgard scoffed. “It was still an overreaction, especially after someone has treated you to dinner. Did Claude or Fanny say anything?”
“Not really, besides that he seemed like a nice boy.”
“Then I will not mention anything about him leaving. I do not want them blaming us for him being here and acting the way he did.”
“Agreed.” Antoine stood quietly for a moment. “But did you notice how Marie looked at him?”
“Do not start with that –”
“She seemed to fancy him more than the sailors at Brest.” He noted with a cheeky smile. “It is too bad that he left like that; she must be so upset.”
“Silence.” Edgard ordered. “Not another word of that. I am going to check on Claude then go to bed. It has been a long day and I have no patience left.”
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