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Chapitre Huit

September 24, 1783
“Marie!” Arielle called as she knocked on the bedroom door. “You have a visitor!”
“Who is it?” She shouted back.
“It is the boy from last night.”
A noisy shuffle came from inside Marie’s room. She cracked open the door and gave Arielle a sour look. “What does he want?”
“I do not know, child. Would you like me to tell him you have other engagements?”
“No!” Marie replied haughtily as she flung open the door. She squeezed passed the maid and stomped down the stairs and to the foyer, where Guiles was standing awkwardly with Jean. He was wearing an oversized smock and his feet were bare.
“Hi,” he said innocently.
“Alone please,” Marie requested. Guiles nodded, gave Jean a last look-over, then walked out of the front door. “What are you doing here?” Marie asked.
“I left my clothes and shoes.”
“That is all?”
“Well…” he shifted his weight back and forth, “I am sorry about running off last night…”
“And?” Marie questioned, annoyed.
Jean stared at her with a confused expression. “And what?”
“What else are you sorry for?”
“Excuse me,” Antoine said carefully as he walked past Marie. He handed Jean his clothes and shoes. “Is that all?”
Jean nodded.
“Good, well I will leave you two alone then.” He said slowly. He glanced nervously at both of them then went away.
“You have a lot of nerve,” Marie continued, “to come into my family’s home, eat my family’s food, and leave without showing any gratitude.”
Jean fingers curled up and dug into the fabric of his clothes. “I was not going to stay and continue to be laughed at by you and your dumb friends!”
“They are not my friends!” Marie defended. “And you got all worked up over nothing. I mean, look at you! No shoes and a dirty shirt. The Potier’s were telling the truth!”
Jean stared at her, unsure of how to respond.
“You better go.” Marie said as she turned away. She continued up the stairs without looking back at him.
“Well BYE!” Jean screamed.