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Chapitre Neuf

September 30, 1783
Marie sat at the desk and stared gloomily out the bedroom window. The vineyards of Groslay were calm and slow to change, unlike the seaports of Brittany. She missed the everyday chaos of the docks – the big, burly men and their foul humor, the gentle ripples or violent waves, the unique boats from distant lands. There was always something in Brittany to inspire her writing. Groslay was muzzling her genius.
“Marie,” Madame Fanny said from the doorway, “I am concerned about you.” She came slowly and sat in the armchair by the window. “You have not been yourself since we have moved.”
“I do not like it here, Mother.” Marie responded in a hopeless tone. “I have no friends and there is nothing to do.”
“You really have not given it a chance, dear.” She watched Marie scribble aimlessly on a piece of paper. “Any new stories or poems today?”
Marie dropped her pen and rested her head on the table. “What do you think?”
“You are a great writer, Marie. Someday you will be even more celebrated than me. You cannot just give up –”
“Have I not been trying? I have no inspiration here!”
Madame Fanny gave her a ruddy smile. “Marie, writing is about so much more than setting! People can be one of the best inspirations, and there are many interesting people here!”
Marie grunted. “Like who? The Potier’s? The world will be better off without that story.”
“What about Jean? How about you go visit him? I was just about to send Edgard –”
“No!” Marie objected, sitting back up. “Jean is so…so…unpleasant!”
“Oh Marie! He was a nice boy!”
“He was rude!”
Her mother sighed. “He also comes from a completely different background than you do. Even if you do not get along perfectly, he would still give you a new perspective for your writing!”
Marie stared blankly.
“…And your father really wants you to stop lounging around the house and complaining that there is nothing to do.”
“Got it.” Marie mumbled into her arms.
“Good!” Madame Fanny jumped up from the chair. “I will send Edgard and you off at noon!”
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