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The Fallen

Frank Iero comes home after the war, being only able to make small talk to his therapist and long lonely walks until a friend introduces him to Gerard Way a clever sleuth which takes Frank to a new world full of scandal, crime and possible friendship between the two men.

"I don't have friends." Gerard walked away from Frank after reading his recent blog entry. "I have only you." Frank felt himself turn hot from embarrassment shutting his laptop to see Gerard holding out his gun pointing at a wall. Of course it meant nothing he was already onto the next thing.

"Why are you-." Words cut off as the shot rang throughout the flat.

"Bored Iero." Gerard said without effort firing a round into the wall.

Okay I have been on google and every search site for a Sherlock frerard, because I love sherlock and its drove me into madness. So I came up with this idea somewhat based off of Sherlock's BBC and the cast is as follows for my fic.

John Watson- Frank Iero
Sherlock Holmes - Gerard Way
Jim Moriarty- Same
Mycroft Holmes - Mikey Way
Molly hooper - same
Mrs Hudson and all others are the same roles If anyone likes this I will update and I'm opened to suggestions basically same plot. Also sorry for any typos or spelling mistakes!!!

(Warnings: drug usage, drinking, death scenes strong use of swearing. And many other things)

Enjoy comment and I will drive myself into madness more.