Sequel: Earth to Me

Generation Why Bother

They say lightning never strikes in the same place more than once, but I beg to differ. A few of us are just straight-up lightning rods, always attracting something big that rocks our lives and shatters everything we thought we knew.

Me and Tegan, for example. We didn’t think there’d be a huge storm flushing out the Put'emup, Put'emup concert and changing everything just with a single flash of electricity bolting through our bodies. We were just a couple of normal kids. The only thing we knew about superheroes was what Johnny Cool and the Dudes taught us when we were kids in junior high looking at his flashy comics.

But somehow, Johnny Cool didn’t seem to be as much of a hero as a few of the other people we ended up meeting along the way.


- - -

This story has been reviewed in the Mibba Magazine!
  1. Comics Are Fake, but My Fist is Real!
  2. Strike Out
  3. Near-Death Experiences Give You Responsibility!
  4. Yeah We're Alright
  5. Dashing Good Looks and Desperation to Boot
  6. Explain Yourself!
  7. Starstruck
  8. Rock N' Roll Out
  9. Steel Spine, I'll Be Fine
  10. Basically
  11. The Windy City That Blows You Away
  12. Doppelganger, Schmoppelganger
  13. Name a Place, Name a Face
  14. Gainesville Rock City!
  15. Anchored (I Will, in Fact, Sink)
  16. Swampland Calling
  17. As the Dust Settles
  18. Keep in Touch
  19. Chance Makes a Splash!
  20. My Beard is my Armor
  21. Eat Your Vegetables!
  22. Can't Stop, Don't Stop, Won't Stop
  23. Douchewaffle With a Side of Douche-eggs and Douchebacon
  24. Lollygagging
  25. Choo-Choo, Here Comes the Training Train
  26. And the Universe Gives Me the Finger Once Again
  27. Wading Through Dog Poo
  28. Cold Blooded Brat
  29. Bite Your Tongue
  30. Flying Into America's Penis
  31. Upchucking
  32. Riled Up
  33. Everyone's a Skeptic
  34. True North
  35. Taking Care of Business
  36. Battle Stations!
  37. We Meet Again, Screwer-Upper of Various Things
  38. You Set My Insides on Fire!
  39. Moving On
  40. Cast in Plaster
  41. I Like to Move It, Move It
  42. It's Like I Have ESPN or Something
  43. Burnt Out
  44. Real - Real Fake
  45. Om-Nom-Ominous
  46. Mancakes
  47. Merry Christmas, Bastards
  48. You Can Keep Your Pot and Pills - I'm Drinkin' Booze Tonight!
  49. Hangover from a Miracle
  50. Brawl
  51. I Like to Hear Myself Talk Because I Get Reminded of how Annoying I Am and it Keeps me Grounded
  52. And You Can't Save a Life
  53. In the Concrete Jungle Floor
  54. Nighty Night, Sleep Tight
  55. Just Plane Terrifying
  56. We're Not Listening (Though We Probably Should)
  57. Play Along and Get Along
  58. Test, One, Two, Test...Is This Thing On?
  59. It's Electric!/What's Gonna Work?! Teamwork!
  60. Settle Down
  61. Downtime
  62. Rockin' Righter of Wrongs!
  63. Sketchbooks