The Sleazy Diaries (on hold)

Chapter One: Lust

~Lana's POV~

The bed was creaking underneath us. His length thrusted in and out of me as I bounced on him, a few moans escaping out of me. It was a decent reasonable size. He wasn't big just an average six inches. Everything was trimmed though which was perfect to me. I can't even say his name because I don't know who he is. Sweat was pouring from our pores as our breaths filled the room fogging up the mirror on his dresser. He was a novice and I was doing all the work. I was just so horny this morning and he was there smiling at me from behind the register when I was getting gas.

"Can I know your name?" He asked me.

"Shut up and help me out." I said. I grabbed his hands and pulled them to my breast and made him squeeze them. My mind was going into ecstasy as I rode out on my high. He started making a face and then he was clenching the bed sheets. I looked down and he screamed.

"OH FUCK!" He yelled. I stopped and slapped him across the head.

"What the hell man?! Are you serious?" I yelled. I got off his now limping manhood and rolled off the bed. I grabbed my clothes and started tugging on my blue jean mini skirt, pink laced shirt that didn't have any sleeves, and slid on my brown cowgirl boots.

"Wait, are we done?" He asked me slightly confused. I scoffed and rolled my eyes at him. "Are we going to do this again?"

"Doubt it." I said. I went up to the dresser and grabbed my silver necklace with a silver heart shaped pendant on it. I ran my hair through my brown hair, trying my best to comb it down. I stared back at myself with my brown eyes and bite my lip. "Damn I'm sexy." I said as I turned sideways to admire my figure. I loved how my shirt didn't go past my naval.

"That you are." He said from the bed. I rolled my eyes at him and strolled out of the room. He was just another fuck like most guys in this raggedy ass town. I walked down the hallway and out the door. I reached into my pocket and grabbed my phone and dialed my best friend.

"Hello?" Christie's voice came into my ear after the phone rang five times.

"Okay so I totally need a favor." I said as I stood in this guy's front yard.

"What is it?" She asked with a hint of annoyance.

"Drive me to school?" I asked in the sweetest voice ever. I heard her groan followed by some shuffling noise.

"Fine text me the address." She told me. I smiled as I hung up but that was quickly replaced by a frown.

"Fuck." I said aloud to myself. I turned around and went back inside the house. I needed the address.

~Christina's POV~

"CHRISTIAN!" I yelled. Pissed off was the biggest understatement of the century in my case. I honestly didn't feel like getting up to go to that prison that was Lowood High. There was absolutely nothing in the world to do there. "CHRISTIAN!"

"What?!" I heard his deep voice boom from down the hall. I heard my phone vibrate on the counter and looked down to see that it was the address from Lana.

"Start making breakfast I have to hurry up and get Lana!" I yelled back as I rolled out of bed and ran to my dresser.

"Can't just buy something on the way." He said from my door. I turned and looked at my twin and frowned.

"Why not?"

"Because I have stuff to do to." He informed me. I scoffed and rummaged through my drawer to find some clothes. I grabbed some milk white daisy dukes and slid them over my cream white silk panties and slid on a white long sleeved cotton shirt the hung off of my shoulders after I put on the essentials. I looked at myself and tried to think if I should straighten my hair or not. I decided to let my blonde curls ride. I put on some black mascara to make my hazel green eyes pop out more. To top off my outfit I added some rose pink lip gloss.

I walked into the restroom with my bag already on my back. I looked at my brother who was still in his boxer briefs. We were at our own sinks as we both started to brush our teethes.

"Yew wook mike a smut." He said with the toothbrush still in his mouth and a mouthful of toothpaste. I flicked him off with my free hand and he started to chuckle. We pretty much finished at the same time which wasn't anything new. We did everything pretty much the same which was freaking annoying, one of the many downfalls of having a twin.

"I'll see you at school." I called back to my brother as I walked out the door to my car. I had a white convertible which was one of my gifts from my parents. I got in and drove off to the address that Lana texted to me. It wasn't hard to find it because I had good instincts. Plus a brand new GPS that came with the car.

"Thank you!" Lana whispered to me as she got in the car. I nodded and she hopped into the car with me. I just drove with her to school, still a tad annoyed by the fact that I was actually arriving to school on time. It wasn't really the type of thing that I liked to do.

"So was he good?" I asked.

"No he came after like ten minutes." She said frantically. "He wasn't even that cute." I couldn't help but giggle at my crazy slut of a friend. She was my slut though so I had to take care of her.

"Come on my little slut. Where's your book bag?" I asked. She shrugged her shoulders and I just rolled my eyes. I got out the car and she followed me since we had the same class. We walked inside and all eyes were on us like always. I loved the fact that the boys drooled. I needed this attention.

~Lana's POV~

"So where's your gorgeous brother hiding?" I asked my friend as I texted people on my phone. She shrugged her shoulders and I just nodded in approval. "I wonder what he's doing."

"You do know you seriously can't get with him right?" Christie told me.

"Ummm, why not?" I asked a little taken aback.

"Excuse me ladies, will you please be quiet before I give you detention!" Mrs. White said.

"Sorry Mrs. White." We said in unison.

"Gosh Lana and I thought your legs were the only thing you couldn't keep close." Eli, one of the football assholes said loud enough for everyone around us to start snickering.

"Aww, mad because my mouth is bigger than your dick?" I said with a smile. This sent Christie into a fit of laughter along with everyone else.

"Detention you two." Mrs. White yelled at us. There was a snicker that came from Eli. I didn't have to do anything because Christie threw a pencil at his head.

I wasn't even attempting to pay attention as the class went on. I was busy texting this guy I met on the internet. He was totally fucking hot and I was just imagining the things I would do to him. He told me he had lube and he likes to do anal, which I think is a straight guy's way of coping with the fact that they want to try fucking a guy. But who am I to complain when I get to have sex?

"Are you going?" Christie asked me.

"Hell naw, I got a client." I said with a flirty wink.

"Your clients are the reason why you would never have a chance with my brother." Christie said with a fake smile.

"Aww well damn, I'll try to do better." I said also faking my smile.

~Christie's POV~

I seriously don't understand why she won't give up. I mean Chris is way too good for her. She'll break my brother's heart about an hour or two after they start dating. As if I'll let her. I mean she was my closest friend but blood is thicker.

The bell rang signaling the end of Calculus. It was indeed the most tortuous class ever. I absolutely sucked at math but was managing to pass it.

"Christie, wait up." I heard Chris call from behind me. I stopped to allow my brother to catch up to me. Lana was twirling a finger through her hair as she looked at my brother walking up to us.

"Hi Chris." She said with a smile. "I love what you did with your hair." She started rubbing her leg with one hand and biting her finger with the other.

"Umm hi?" He said weakly before turning his attention back to me. "Anyways did you hear that there's supposed to be a new kid coming today?"

"How the hell do you know all this stuff?" I asked.

"Because he's really smart." Lana said. She was batting her eyelashes at him in a way that made it seem like something was in her eye. I seriously don't understand that how guys find what she does attractive. Maybe she's just good at sex.

"I just talk to people unlike you." He said.

"You're such a smartass." I said sticking my tongue out at him. He smiled and gave me a hug which I returned. "Are you going to show her around?"

"Never said it was a girl." He told me with a smile. "But I might. Depends on the person." He said with a smile. I smiled and started to walk off leaving him there with Lana. Mistake I know but what can I say. I like to see her fuck up; it's kind of the highlight of my day.

I walked into the restroom and like always was greeted by a crowd of adoring girls. I sat on the counter while they started rambling about the latest gossip. But it was something that the brunette chick said that really got my interest.

~Lana's POV~

Rejected again. He was always fucking rejecting me; it was starting to get on my nerves.

I was looking at the boy's restroom door. My mystery date was apparently a student at this school. So I decided that I'd ease my frustration. I opened the door and walked inside and went to the last stall and swung the door opened.

"What the fuck is this?" I asked to the douche that was sitting on the stall.

"Hi?" Eli said throwing his hand up.

"Bye." I said turning around to leave.

"Wait!" He said grabbing my forearm and pulling me back in the stall. "I just want to talk."

"Why in the hell would I talk to someone like you? Plus why are you using a fake picture?" I asked him.

"Cause I knew you wouldn't talk to me." He said, his cheeks flushing slightly. I stared at him in disbelief. He seriously couldn't be trying to say he had feelings for me. This was totally stupid and I wasn't about to stay here any longer.

"Bye Eli." I said turning around. I glimpsed in the mirror and saw that he was staring at me as I walked away. I opened up the bathroom door and was met by a surprised looking guy.

"Umm?" He questioned me.

"Fuck off kid." I said walking pass him. My mind was racing with thoughts right now. Like seriously what made Eli think he has a chance in hell of getting with me? Football players have to be the dumbest creatures on this planet, but the thought was still flattering.