The Sleazy Diaries (on hold)

Chapter Two: Secrets

~Christian’s POV~

My mind was stuck on this morning through every second of the day. It was already fourth period, almost time to leave but I was still remembering previous events. But for now I had to listen to monotone voice that belonged to my gym teacher. He was currently going over instructions for flag football, which I didn’t really care too much about. I wasn’t really planning on playing.

Then a thought hit me. Where’s that new kid? I was going to show him around. Did he get somebody else to do the job? But I was always the go to guy for things like that.

“Earth to Christian, you there?” A voice broke me out of my thoughts. I turned my attention to Eli. Why the hell was he even going to play? He was a freaking football player for crying out loud! He had a huge advantage over the rest of us.

“What did you say?” I asked him.

“You’re on my team alright.” He said. It wasn’t actually a question, more of a statement, but I nodded my head anyways.

We all teamed up blue team versus red. I was on the blue and was the quarterback. Asides from the multiple sacks and the few overthrows I was actually pretty good at it. I mean it wasn’t something I’d make a living out of like Eli but it was a good way to pass the time. It gave me some time to clear my mind and just be at ease.

Afterwards we hit up the showers before it was time to go. I always found it really awkward when we took showers. I mean a bunch of boys in one room and all in showers and all have raging testosterones. I honestly believe that could’ve been the worst thing they ever did. Most of the guys whip each other with towels. I just quickly shower up so I can leave. But it’s hard to leave when Eli constantly stops me to hold a conversation.

“Hey Chris can I come over?” He asked me as I was trying to dry off. He really didn’t care that he was naked in front of me and his ‘Johnson’ was swinging in my face.

“Umm, not if you’re naked.” I said pointing to his junk. He smiled and went to get dress and I changed too. Afterwards he followed me to my car which of course, Lana and my sister Christie were sitting on.

“Hey Lana.”

“Hey Christie.” Eli and I said in unison. The girls waved back at us but it just felt so awkward. Lana was busy staring at me and making this attempt to flirt with me but it looked like a bug flew in her eye or something. Eli was staring at her like she was Juliet and he was Romeo. My sister was staring at Eli which was actually pretty surprising to me. Something was most defiantly up. I made a mental note to ask her about that later on.

“Eli’s coming over.” I informed them. Lana groaned which made Eli frown a little but he quickly straightened his face.

“Hey look.” Lana said as nodded her head in the direction past Eli and I. we turned around and all watched the boy walk. He was about average height and had a small frame and had short choppy hair. But the thing that got our attention is when he looked in our direction. We probably should’ve looked away but we didn’t. But his eyes were so blue; they seemed to be almost clear. He had this innocent face that was like that of a puppy’s.

“Whoa he’s cute.” Christie said.

“He has a friend too.” Lana said raising her eyebrow. There was another guy with him. He was the same height but had a bigger frame and I knew him.

“That’s Vincent.” I said referring to the other guy. “We have English together.”

“And you never introduced us? God Chris you’re just so mean.” Lana said with a wink.

“Get off my car slut.” I said with a smile. Christie and Lana went to Christie’s car while Eli and I got into mines. They pulled off first and then I followed. But before we were fully gone I got another glimpse at the boys in the mirror. They were also looking at us as we left.

~Eli’s POV~

“So like what the fuck are we going to do huh?” Lana asked as she sat upright on the pink float.

“Not be a whiney bitch and ask the same thing every three minutes.” I answered.

“Chris why’d you bring this fucktard?” She asked him. He ignored her and continued doing laps back and forth in the pool.

“So like do you know who the new guy is?” Christie asked.

“Do you want me to see?” Chris asked us.

“Sure and see if his friend can come too.” Lana said with a smirk. I rolled my eyes and splashed her earning a scoff as a reward. “You’re such a dick.”

“And you’re such a slut.” I said with a smile. I couldn’t help laugh at her. It was true that she’s been with mostly every guy at Lowood except for Chris and I. We watched as Chris got out and started to text someone and we all watched in anticipation.

“Chris get over here.” Lana said when he was done texting the guy I assumed was Vincent. I watched as they started whispering something to each other. Her giggles came to my ears which made me jump out the pool.

“I’ll be back.” I said jumping out of the pool and running inside. I went straight to their fridge and opened up the freezer. I knew that they kept the vodka in the freezer. I poured me a shot and chugged it down, followed by another, then another. I heard the patio door slide open and Christie came walking in. She looked at me while I drunk more and more. Then she walked over and poured her own shots. I watched as she downed the drink in one go without even batting an eye. She looked at me and smiled as she grabbed the bottle and started chugging. After a couple of gulps she made her way back to the pool and I followed her.

I dropped back in the pool letting the cold water take me over. Lana was lying on her float and getting a tan. Christie was sitting on the stairs, relaxing in the shallow end. Chris was on one of the chairs texting away on his phone.

The gates flew open and Vincent walked in followed by the new kid. Both of them looked completely confused by the invitation here. The new kid seemed attached to Vincent, maybe because he didn’t know us.

“Hey so me and Vincent have to do a English project.” Chris said motioning towards the house. We just nodded as those two walked inside the house and turned, disappearing down the hall.

“Hey new guy.” I said waving to the short kid. He was wearing a black jacket and a dark blue shirt. “What’s your name?”

“Alex.” He said softly. I could tell that he was nervous.

“Alex jump in.” Lana said, finally leaning up and looking at him.

“I don’t have any trunks.” He said.

“Go ask Chris if he has any.” I told him. He looked unsure at first but gave in when we all started to stare at him.

“He’s a cutie.” Lana said with a smile. “They both are.” She gave Christie a wink. Christie started laughing as she nodded in agreement and I felt slightly annoyed.

“Could you try not to fuck the guy after five minutes of meeting him?” I asked her.

“Jealous bitch.” She retaliated.

“You wish.” I responded. The thing was she didn’t know how right she was. I am jealous because she wouldn’t even care if I died right now. I’m just that important to her.

The door slid back open and Alex came back out wearing a pair of green swim trunks. Lana motioned for him to come over. He looked uneasy at first but reluctantly hopped in. I watched as Lana rolled off her float and swam closer to him. She rose up in front of him and he stood there watching. She started talking to him, adjusting her top as she went on. He just nodded in agreement but eventually started talking. I hated the little cunt already.

~Christian’s POV~

“Holy fuck that was close.” I said softly. He chuckled softly in my ear. I was up against the wall and his body was pressed against mines. The heat was radiating off of him, making me even more turned on.

“You still haven’t told them?” Vincent whispered in my ear. He rubbed his hand on my waist. His fingers trailed the waistband of my trunks and were tickling my skin. I couldn’t help but smile at this sexy man in front of me.

“I will soon, I promise.” I answered. He leaned in closer, our noses slowly brushing each other. His lips crashed unto mines. They were soft but held force behind them. Moans escaped from me as ecstasy ran through me. His fingers ran under the waistband of my swim trunks, slowly caressing the skin of my bum. His tongue slid across my bottom lip begging for entrance. I decided I was going to tease him so I bit his bottom lip and pulled at it. He let out a soft grunt which told me I was doing a good job.

“You’re such a tease.” He said in a deep lustful voice. I shuddered at the sound that came out of him. He wanted me and I wanted him. It was a big risk but I couldn’t help it. I tugged at his shirt, pulling it off revealing his hard muscular body. He started to grind against me, my member getting harder with each movement. I pulled down his pants leaving him only in his boxer briefs. His member was already at full attention and I couldn’t help but grin.

“That’s so fucking hot.” I said in short breaths. He turned me around and pulled down my trunks. He pulled down his boxer briefs and grinded his exposed member against my bare ass. I smiled at him. “Who’s teasing now?” I whispered. His tongue slid against my neck causing me to let out a loud moan, which he covered with his hand.

“I’m not sure we can do this now.” He said.

“Why not?” I practically whined.

“Because you’re a loud moaner.” He said, obviously talking about this morning.

~Eli’s POV~

“Damn that was quick.” Christie said as Chris and Vincent came back to the pool.

“Well we already did most of it.” Chris said. Vincent was now wearing one of Chris’s other swim trunks. Vincent jumped right in as Chris went straight to his sister and sat by her side. They conversed for a bit before they both jumped into the pool too. They swam over to the others, all of them forming a circle in the middle of the pool. I got up and swam over join them.

“So new kid, where are you from?” Lana asked. She was right next to the Alex. Their skin was touching and she kept getting closer and closer. Her boobs however were pointed towards Chris. She was trying to get a two for one deal right now.

“Um, San Francisco.” Alex answered nervously. Apparently she’s been hammering the poor guy with questions. He was slowly drifting towards Vincent. I guess he was like Alex protection so far.

“What’s it like there?”

“Lana chill with the questions. I think Alex just wants to swim.” Christie said softly. Everyone nodded as Lana scoffed and they all drifted to different sides of the pool. I made my way over to where Alex was leaning against the wall on the shallow end.

“Hey you.” I said as I got closer to me.

“Hi.” He said with a forced smile. I swam closer until we were inches apart from each other.

“Let me tell you to this right now so we can start off right. Stay the fuck away from Lana. I will fucking kill you do you understand?” I warned him. He gulped loudly before nodding rapidly. “Good, than I’m sure we’ll be good friends. I’m Eli.” I said extending my hand out towards him.

“Alex.” He said shaking it. I smiled at the fear in his face. I owned him already.