The Sleazy Diaries (on hold)

Chapter Five: Check Mate


Everyone at this party was enjoying each other's presence. People were mingling in swarms all over this house. Compliments were thrown to all of us, but even through all of that I got the feeling I wasn't desired here by some.

Eli steadily watched me from the other side of the room. He had this look like he wanted to fight, which I mean if he wants an ass whooping he might as well get it over with. I saw the target I wanted and strolled over to him.

"Hello Chris." I said with a huge smile. The color seemed to drain from his face at the sight of me. I would say that made his blue eyes pop out more but it saddened me to see him like that. "Can we talk?"

"About?" He snapped at me.

"Us." I answered.

"Nothing to say." He replied. He was being short with me and it was pissing me off.

"Listen I want to-"

"He said there's nothing to talk about." Eli's voice came from behind me. I turned to see his cold, hard expression. He grabbed Chris's hand and they strolled off through the crowd. What the fuck was that!?

My mind was seriously racing at a hundred miles per hour. I want sure what I wanted to do right now. Scratch that I knew perfectly what I wanted to do. I wanted to beat the shit outta something. No better yet someone.

I searched through the crowd for our little party host. He was bound to be around here somewhere talking it up, trying to become popular. I found him in the backyard with the stoners. From the way his cheeks were flustered I could tell he was drunk. I walked closer to him about to confront him when some idiot pulled me aside.

"Hey Vincent, how are you?" Lana asked in a flirty moment? She grabbed my arm and pulled me away to this corner in the yard.

"I'm good. But hey I-"

"You know," She interrupted me. "There's a spare bedroom in the house. We could go right now and fuck!" She said. She was wobbling side to side, trying to keep her balance.

"You're drunk." I told her.

"And you're sober." She responded. I shook my head at the dumb chick in front of me. She was wasted off her ass and horny like a prostitute. Wait did I really just say that?

I walked off back over to Alex who was now flung across these kids laps. He looked up at me and smiled sweetly. I so wanted to pummel his face at that moment.

"Alex can we talk?" I asked him.

He groaned loudly and clung to the girl's shirt like a baby. "But I don't wanna go!" He whined. The two girls started to laugh at the drunken bastard which pissed me off even more! Why was this kid liked by everyone, especially Chris?

"Come on, let me take you to your room." I said, hoisting him up in my arms. This guy was seriously as light as a feather.

"But I don't wanna." He whined.

He started screaming and thrashing and he fought his way out of my arms. He landed on the ground with a thud and a groan. Next thing I knew he gagged really loud. Then came the throw up which proved this was his first time drinking.

"I feel like poop." He groaned. He threw up again and I laughed. I couldn't help it. He looked truly pitiful at this moment.

"Come on babe." Lana's voice reached my ears. I had no reason not to agree with her now. My vendetta would have to wait.

"Where to?" I asked.

"Chris!" She blurted.

"Chris?" I questioned, confused by the random outburst.

She struggled as she walked over to him. Upon reaching him she fell into his arms. He gave her a questioning look before placing her down.

"Can we talk?" He asked.

Chris looked like a freaking tan Grecian god. Maybe Apollo? But sporting his twin's favorite colors. He wore a tight midnight blue short sleeved shirt that was like a straitjacket on his biceps. They were practically begging me to rip that shirt off and free them. He had these black cargo shorts that showed his slightly hairy legs. Those nice toned legs were tempting me. He had on some black and blue checkered Vans. His blue eyes were glistening at me. Yea Apollo's golden skin in Artemis's night sky colors.

"I don't see why not." I said. "Come on, let's go somewhere private?"

"Umm," He let the word linger in the air. His hand went up and rubbed the forming bruise on his face. Maybe it was fully bruised? It looked faint like he was wearing makeup. I still can't believe I did that.

"Okay here is fine." I said softly. His gaze wasn't on me at all. I followed it to the patio where Eli was watching us. "Hello Captain Obvious!" I yelled out waving. I got the finger in response. I wonder if he was as mad as I was.

~ Christian~

So I planned on breaking up with him. Well that is if there was anything to break up with. I'm not even sure we were dating.

"Ummm, it's over." I said shyly.

His eyes floated from Eli and targeted me. Rage flared through them at the words I spoke. His fist balled up so hard his palms were bleeding from his nails that were digging into his flesh.

"I'm sorry you said what?" He said through clenched teeth.

Fear scorched through me and I choked on my words. I panicked and looked over at Eli. Vincent crept up on me and grabbed my shirt.

"Would you care to repeat that?" He growled at me. His face was inches from mines and smelled of booze.

"I said, ummm we're done." I squeaked to the threatening guy.

Vincent pulled his fist back and I closed my eyes tightly. Eli was too far away from us to stop anything. Then I heard the voice that I really didn't want to hear.

"If you don't take them Damn meaty fingers off of my brother." Christie yelled.

I opened my eyes and watched my sister storm at us in rage. Vincent stopped momentarily to look at her.

"This doesn't concern you Christina." He hissed at her.

"Hmmmm, my brother. My problem. So you better not make me repeat myself!" She threatened him.

"Listen Christina!" He turned on my sister.

I heard glass smash. Christie was holding the remains of the beer bottle in her hand. Vincent's grip on me loosened as he fell down to the ground.

"Too much?" Christie asked me. She was waving the shard of glass like she didn't just knock a guy out with it.

"Umm just a bit." I told her.

"Oooh...well, umm that sucks. You think he's dead?" Christie asked.

"Nah, look at him. His body is still moving up and down. He's good." Eli said. "No blood either so just leave him there."

"Hmm that makes sense." Christie said after a moment. Then her face lit up like she realized something. "Has anyone seen my slut?"

I stepped to the side to reveal the passed out Lana. Christie frowned and walked off right quick. She came back with a mischievous smile and a cup of booze. We watched as she poured it on Lana.

"WHAT THE FLYING FUCK!?" Lana yelled. We all laughed as she rolled over and looked at the knocked out Vincent. "What happened to him?"

"Passed out like you." Christie said.

"Oh, cool. Why am i wet?" She asked.

"Remember the beer chug?" Christie asked.

"Nope but did I beat the guys?" She asked.

"Sure did." Christie lied. Lana threw her fist up before following my sister back inside the house.

"Man your sister is a good liar." Eli told me.

"Uh huh." I said absent mindedly. I was busy staring at my sister. If she could lie that easily to her best friend has she ever lied to me? Is there things I she keeps a secret from me?

"You okay?" Eli asked me.

"Yea, I'll be right back." I said. I walked off towards my sister who was busy entertaining some guys. Lana had her head down on the table and was groaning in pain.

"Can I ask you something?" I asked her.

"Sure thing." She told me with a smile.

"Have you ever lied to me?" I asked her.

"Nope not that I know of. How about you?" She said.


"Interesting." She told me.

"What does that mean?"

"Neither of us have lied. But we haven't exactly been truthful now have we?" She said with a smile.

"What's that suppose to mean?"

She leaned in closer to me until her mouth was right beside me. "I understand. Keeping secrets isn't the same as lying. That's why we all got them. Some more than others." She patted my back before walking off.

I stared at her back at a lost for words. What all did Christie know? And what did she mean by some more than others?

"Wow this is more people than I thought." A deep voice came from the front of the kitchen. Everyone hushed as we turned around to see Eric. "Hey don't mind me, just forgot something. By the way, you seen Alex?"

"He's outside." I told him. Eric walked out the back and returned back with Alex slung over his shoulder. He disappeared with him down the hall. He came back moments later with a bag in his hand.

"You're in charge, don't let them destroy my house 'kay?" He told me. I couldn't answer because he was already gone.

"That was random." Lana sais from the table. I looked at her and nodded. "Sooo wanna have sex?"

I just walked off from the drunk girl. It wasn't the first time I got that question from her. It also wasn't the first time I walked away. I just had one thing to do. Make sure nothing gets destroyed at this party.


The sun hit my face and I groaned in pain. I rolled off the chair and hit the floor with another groan.

"Hey I thought you were dead for a second." Alex's voice came from the other side of the chair. I looked up at him and gawked.

I looked up at the pale black haired blue eyed boy in lust. He was in some black boxer briefs that hugged his body tightly.

"Is the party over?" I asked.

"Yea, you were passed out in the back yard. So someone dragged you here on the couch." Alex told me. I looked at him and frowned.

"I'm gonna kick her ass." I growled.

"So violent." He said with smile.

"Hey come over here right quick." I told him.

He walked over to me all happily like he wasn't drunk at all last night. He looked hot as hell but I still haven't forgotten last night.

"Yes?" He asked.

"What time is it?" I asked him.

"Hmmmm almost seven. You were out cold dude. It's almost nighttime." He told me.

"Cool got anything to eat?" I asked him.

"Chips! Oh and the burgers from last night!" He said gleefully.

"Can I get some?" I asked him.

"Sure!" He said. He ran off and played around in the kitchen for some time. He returned after a while with my chips and he was eating a zebra cake.

"So what are we going to do tonight?" He asked gleefully.

"Go out. Just find a place to chill and relax at." I told him.

"Cool beans!" He said. He was more happy than usual which was odd. But I really didn't care at this point.

"You know what that means right?" I asked him. He shook his head at me and frowned. "It means go get dressed." I told him.

"After my shower!" He said.

He took off down the hall to his bathroom. I heard the water turn on and music playing. I patiently waited. And waited. And waited. My patience was starting to wear thin.

"ALEX WHAT ARE YOU DOING? YOU'RE AS SKINNY AS A DAMN TWIG. HURRY UP!" I yelled down the hall. I was sitting on the chair and honestly too lazy to get up and go to the bathroom door. He's been in there for almost an hour.

I heard the door open and he came out smiling sheepishly. I glared at him.

"What were you doing? Why'd you take that long?" I asked him.

"Sorry I was listening to music. Kinda lost track of time." He said gleefully. He ran in the room wrapped in his towel and came out dressed in black. I honestly liked his little gothy style.

"Can we go now?" I asked him.

"Yes let's go." He said, pulling me up and walking out the house with me. He looked at me in admiration. "It's night time. I don't know where to go. You lead!"

"I know just the spot." I told him with a sly smile. He nodded like a kid and followed me to my destination.

We were at the school, in the courtyard. It was dark and scary at night apparently because Alex was clinging to me. I looked down at his scared big blue eyes. He was so pathetic.

"Why are we here? It's creepy." He said clinging to me.

"Because there's something I wanna do." I told him. He tensed up and looked up at me. "What?"

"Are you a rapist?" He asked me.

"Stop acting so freaking innocent!" I yelled at him.

He flinched before letting go of me and backing up. He looked at me with sadness in his eyes.

"Are you mad at me?" He asked me.

"Mad doesn't even describe what mood you have me in." I told him.

"What? Why?" He asked me. I smacked him across the face. I couldn't help it. He was just getting on my nerves with this innocent act.

"You slept with him." I growled at him.

"Ummm what?" He asked. He was rubbing his cheek, tress forming in his eyes. "What are you talking about?"

"You slept with Christian! Stop acting dumb!" My temper was rising and I was getting ready to slap him again.

"I haven't slept with anyone! I'm a virgin!" He screamed at me. I dropped my hand and looked at him.

"You're what?" I asked.

"A virgin, as in never had sex. Where did that come from?" He asked.

I frowned at the fact that I was going to kick his ass and leave him here all for a lie. Chris lied. I bet it was Eli who put him up to it.

"Alright hit me." I told him.

"Can't." He told me.

"Come on do it!" I yelled.

"Non violent guy here. Sorry."

"Come on, make it even." I told him, pointing at my cheek.

"It's okay. I don't really care. Though I must say, if this swells and Eric sees he'll kill you. Now where did that idea come from?" He asked.

"Chris told me that."


"Eli made him." I told him.

"So now you're mad at Eli?" He questioned.

"More like infuriated." I told him. He nodded slowly.


"She knows I'm telling you!" I yelled. I was pacing back and forth, chewing my nails. Eli was watching me patiently as I explained what happened.

"What makes you think that?" He asked.

"Haven't you heard anything I said?" I exclaimed. I stopped and looked at him like he was slow. "She was talking about secrets. Secrets man! She knows. I'm telling you." I said returning to my pace.

"Maybe she was just bluffing." Eli suggested.

"No. No, no, no, no, no!" I cried out. "Do you think she's disgusted by me?" I asked him.

"Chris, do me a favor." He told me. It was more like he was telling me instead of asking so I obeyed. "Now take a deep calming breath." Again I obeyed him.

"What now?" I asked him.

"Two things. One, I doubt she knows. Two, if she does she will never ever hate you." He reassured me calmly. "She loves you, you're her twin."

"She's not exactly a princess you know." I informed him.

"What do you mean?" He asked.

"In elementary school she stabbed a kid with a pencil. Slammed another one's foot in the door." I told him.

"Ouch. Why?"

"She didn't like them." I said.

"Did she get in trouble?"

"The only witness was me and I'd never rat my twin out." I exclaimed. I was panicking, back to pacing.

"Okay so elementary school. That's not so bad." He said.

"Middle school she hated this chick so she stole her boyfriend and kicked the girl's ass." I told him. "In front of the entire school." I emphasized.

"Ouch, what happened to the girl?"

"Her life was ruined and she had to change school's." I answered.

"Why didn't her parents do anything?"

"Dude my mom's a judge and my dad owns a global business. Do you seriously think a small town family will have any power against my parents." I said more as a statement than a question. My feet were killing me so I sat down on the bed, facing Eli.

"Okay so you're sister isn't necessarily a princess. Still you're her twin." He told me.

"I'm not really worried about me." I admitted softly.

"You're worried about Vincent? Why?" He asked.

"Christie will destroy him. If she knows I'm gay than she knows for who. That means she knows what happened between us and about all the times he's hit me."


"She has eyes and ears everywhere. That school that we go to is hers! What she said makes me think that she has dirt on all of us."

"So what? I don't got any secrets. I'm an open book." He admitted.

"You don't. But your family might." I said.

"What's that suppose to mean?" He asked me, getting worked up. "She'll come after my family?"

"Only if you cross her. But I think you're fine. You're my closest friend." I told him.

"Oooh, okay. Do you think she has anything on Lana?" He asked with a sly grin.

"You know blackmailing a chick to date you is still a federal offense."

"Your mom's a judge. I'm good." He said. "So does she?" He asked me. I nodded at him before lying back on his bed.

I was thinking about what could she do to Vincent. That I was actually being a complete idiot. So what if she does anything to him? He's a dick and totally deserve it. Then I suddenly realized something.

"She tried to kill him." I spoke my thoughts aloud.

Eli sat up in his chair, his attention peaked by my statement.

"What makes you think that?"

"Last night when she hit him in the head with the bottle. It wasn't a slight hit. She did a full swing." I started putting things together. "She didn't care if he was alright or not. Remember she said that 'I'm her problem.' That means she's planning on taking care of him."

"I think you're reading too much into this." He told me with a slight chuckle. I frowned at how lighthearted he was being. I don't think he was trying to see the full picture.

Eli's phone beeped and he looked at it, then at me.

"What is it?" I asked.

"It's a text from your sister." He told me. His whole aura seemed to change and malice seemed to pour from his pores. He tossed the phone at me.

I picked it up and read, "I think you should know that Vincent's been fucking Lana." My heart ripped into pieces at the text.

"Cheating on my best friend with my girl. I'm gonna kill him." He said through gritted teeth.

That's when I realized that my sister already had a pawn to handle her dirty little deed. Whether he realized he was being used or not.

"You're playing her game." I told him.

"As if I care." He said before storming out of the room. I hopped up and followed him, making sure he doesn't do anything he'll regret.
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