‹ Prequel: Nyctophilia
Sequel: Loneliness
Status: Drabble/Completed/Finished


Nyctophobia 1/1


It was really cold outside as if it was about to rain iced pitchforks from the dark heavens above. I could hear the wind wailing as the cold rain poured. I climbed up the dark stairs to my room and then I jumped on the bed, watching TV. I was kind of drunk and wet, thanks to the rain but I still stayed on the bed, wetting it. Suddenly, I heard a tapping sound on the ceiling but when I looked up, nothing was there. In the end, I took off my clothes and slept.

Later on, I woke up again thanks to a loud noise coming from downstairs. I couldn’t quite make what it was or from which room the noise was coming from. I got up from the comfy bed, grabbed my mobile phone and walked downstairs. The noise was coming from the kitchen so I walked towards it, getting closer to the noise. I tried to turn on the lights but no light came from the lamp. I stood there in the darkness looking around thanks to the little light coming from me hitting buttons on my phone. I watched carefully at the direction where the noise was coming from, but I wasn't able to pin point from where it was coming from. It seemed like it was all around me. When it stopped out of the blue, I looked around seeing nothing.

Thinking that I had to change the lamp tomorrow and that the noise was probably a creation of my drunken mind, I started walking up the stairs so I could go to sleep again. I had almost walked up all the stairs when the noise could be heard again. I went into my room and grabbed a heavy, long object which would do heavy damage to a thief or anything else.

''Hello?’'' I shouted before I added, ''Is anyone there?''

I turned around and there it was staring at me with its empty, accusing eyes...it was a mouse. I laughed at myself and walked out of the kitchen, when I felt something cold on my leg. I turned around slowly and as I turned around more and more the unknown noise got louder and louder as if it was coming from whatever was behind me. My breathing got heavy and I was afraid to look at whatever it was. I felt my legs giving up on me and I fell on the ground. When I looked at what was on my leg, I saw nothing but it kept getting colder and colder like ice.

I suddenly woke up, breathing heavily. I looked around in the room realizing it was all a dream, a very bad dream. My head was spinning and I felt sick. I looked outside the window, it was still dark outside. I grabbed my mobile phone to check the time and I felt myself dying when I saw a video playing on the screen. A video I didn’t record, but it was the same as my dream. The loud noise coming from the kitchen, the cold feeling on my leg and the creature that grabbed me…I was scared out of my life and my face went as white as a ghost.

Then, out of nowhere, I felt my legs freezing and as if there was nothing else to raise my fear, the strange noise could be heard again, and my eyes widened like they would come off my skull and my heartbeats rose up to a whole new number.


Since then, I still fear what lies in the darkness, the nothingness that seems to be everywhere. The very moment where your sight is gone, but your hearing is keen. When you fear the dark and the creatures it keeps hidden and when there’s no echo when you scream.

Solitude serene…are you scared of what it means?