Edge of Destruction

After a drug overdose and a stint in rehab, George Ragan doesn't trust his little sister Aria to stay home by herself. In order to keep an eye on her, he takes her and a friend on tour with him and his band where temptation is all over the place. Will she be able to recover or continue to push herself further down the path of destruction?
  1. Nothing nice, Father I’ve killed a man, but I had to do it
    Only thing is ‘he’ is me, damn, how the *** you couldn’t get me through this?!
  2. Let me be the hands that you hold to your face,
    Cause I'd give it all up if I could take it away
  3. All I know is how to kill everyone and my cells
    All they know is they can kill anybody but Kells
  4. Break you down, now put it back together again
    I'll break you down, now put it back together again
  5. Everything is black I think I am deceased
    I am a ghost without the bed sheets, X speak…
  6. I know this is love but, if I tell the world I'll never say enough
    'cause it was not said to you and that's exactly what I need to do if I end up with you
  7. Jealousy doesn't look well on you my dear
    No you look much better unclothed.