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Thursday's Child

Chapter 1

“Alex I swear to go if you don’t hurry your fat ass up, we’re going to miss the show!” Jack called back to a panting Alex.
“We’ve got half an hour dick head we’re not going to miss anything!” Alex shouted wishing he hadn’t had that extra omelette before they left.
“But front row babe!” Jack grinned.
“It’s still going to be there, now slow the fuck down!” Alex practically begged.
“If you two don’t stop your bickering I swear to god I’ll make sure you can’t get in.” Josh turned to face the boys from further ahead, one extremely out of breath and the other with a wide grin plastered on his face. “Oh c’mon Josh,” Jack said, grabbing hold of Josh’s waist and hugging him tightly “You wouldn’t leave us out here!”
“All alone,” Alex added.
“Get off,” Josh laughed, pushing Jack away from him “Of course I wouldn’t, oh by the way...” he trailed off, reaching for something inside his pocket.
“No way dude” Alex said, stunned as Josh pulled three shining cards from his coat pocket. “Are those?” Jack questioned,
“Oh my god, they are!” exclaimed Alex, snatching the pieces of card from Josh’s hand.
“Wait let me see,” Jack pulled Alex towards him taking a card out of his hand in the process. The pair stared in awe of the pieces of plastic that read:
Josh laughed, “Oli got those specially so don’t you dare lose them.”
“We wouldn’t dream of it.” They chorused.

“See I told you front row would still be here.” Alex told Jack as they walked over to their seats.
“But it might not have!” Jack said, grabbing hold of Alex’s hand and pulling him to the front row. “Oh c’mon it was worth it,” He said as he pulled Alex into a hug, kissing the younger boy’s forehead.
“I’d appreciate it if you didn’t spend the entire evening making out,” muttered Josh. Alex looked up, “Dude I swear you were on the other side of the room a minute ago.”
“I ran after you, I wasn’t going to be left on my own,” Josh shrugged.
“Okay... but we would have heard you run,” Jack said.
“I step lightly,” Josh grinned
“Whatever I can’t be bothered to figure out your ballerina steps” Alex laughed, turning back to Jack and pressing a light kiss to his lips. “Again with the making out guys,” Josh sighed.
“You’re just jealous because you don’t have a hot guy to make out with at concerts,” Jack teased, sticking his tongue out at Josh before returning his attention to Alex.
“Well that’ll be because my hot guy is the one having the concert!” Josh pointed out.
“Touché my friend.”
“Ok, Jack I didn’t want to mention it, did you put rotten eggs in our omelettes this morning?” Alex asked, shifting slightly away from his boyfriend.
“What, no!” Jack exclaimed, “Why would you think that! God ‘lex I’m not trying to poison you,”
“Well something smells of rotten eggs near us and it sure as hell aint me.”
“There are hundreds of people around us,” Jack beckoned to the crowd of people that had filed in behind them, “Maybe one of them farted really badly.”
“No it’s more specific than that,” Josh cut across the boy’s laughter, a look of panic struck across his face, “It’s like sulphur.”
“Oh c’mon lighten up!” Alex said, nudging Josh’s side forcing him to crack a smile “It’s probably some sewage vent thing outside, I mean it can’t be anything to serious and any way-“
“SHUT UP THEY’RE STARTING” Jack screamed, silencing Alex before joining in with the cheers of the crowd as the lights went up and Bring Me The Horizon bounded onto stage.


“THAT WAS AMAZING” Alex cried as he ran towards Oli for a hug,
“Ah cheers mate, glad you enjoyed it!” Oli replied, “Hey love, glad you could make the show,” He said, freeing an arm from Alex’s grip to pull his boyfriend close and plant a soft kiss on Josh’s lips. “I wouldn’t miss it for the world,” Josh beamed, leaning over Alex to wrap his arms around Oli’s shoulders.
“Don’t I get some love then?” Jack asked, a small pout beginning to form.
“Oh Jacky!” Alex let go of Oli and began a slow motion run towards Jack,
“Oh Lex!” Jack joined in, running towards Alex bay watch style before tackling him to the floor in a crumpled heap causing everyone to laugh.
“Oli, can I talk to you for a second?” Josh whispered.
Before he could reply, “Oli, you coming back to the bus?” Matt asked, poking his head around the corner “What are they doing?” glancing at Jack and Alex who remained huddled together on the floor.
“God only knows, but yeah I’ll be there in a minute mate,” Oli called to Matt, “Is this about the sulphur or...” He whispered to Josh.
“Well obviously, love look, I don’t think it’s safe here we really should go, get these two somewhere safe,” Josh whispered back with panic, “You know, just to be safe.”
“No you’re right,” Oli walked over to the pair curled up on the floor, “C’mon guys let’s get food or something.”
“Did I hear food?” Alex scrambled up of the floor,
“Yeah food! C’mon lets go before it gets too late.”
“Only if we can go to Taco Bell,” Jack chimed in from the floor.
“Sure get up of your ass and I’ll pay,”
“Deal.” Jack bolted up of the floor, grabbing Alex’s hand as the four of them headed out of the venue. “Hold on a minuet I just need to get my wallet from the bus, wait for me here ok?”
“Sure love, we’ll see you in a minute,” Josh said as Oli ran off in the direction of his tour bus.

When Oli stepped foot onto the tour bus, what met his eyes was not the warm welcome of his band members, welcoming him for the after show party. Not the cozy atmosphere of his tired out friends sprawled out on the sofa with a movie on and their feet up. Instead his eyes met with blood stained walls and his friends lying in ankle deep piles of blood. Their bodies, ripped, mauled. Throats torn away at, deep gashes littered their lifeless bodies and all Oli could do was stare because in the middle of it all, a mark he hoped he’d never see again. “Paw prints.” He muttered. And then the realisation sank in. “FUCK. YOU BASTARDS HOW COULD YOU I-“ he sank to the floor reaching for Lee’s lifeless body, desperate to repair the damage that had been done. But it was far too late for that. “I’m sorry I- I should have been here I could have – I could have protected you,” His tears took over, sobbing into the chest of his once best friend. This place wasn’t safe anymore. He stood up grabbing his wallet and ran out of the bus as fast as he possibly could.

“Oli? There you are we were getting worried what took you so lo- holy shit is that blood?” Josh exclaimed as he watched Oli run towards them. “Love what happened?”
“ We need to get out of here and we need to get out now.”
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So I know, its not like the prompt, but shush ok I'm trying my best. I know it seems a bit on the fransykes side right now but trust me it is a jalex story and there is lots of jalex to come. You know, if you guys show me some love I might put chapter 2 up sooner... <3