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Thursday's Child

Chapter 2

10 years ago on a warm summers night, a young boy hurried through the streets of Baltimore clutching a box close to his chest with only the street lamps to guide his way. He crept outside of the safety of the town, silently running up a small country lane far away from the all seeing eyes of the townsfolk, not that they would question his actions. He is just one of many. Tears streamed down his face as he ran but he wouldn't attempt to blink them away. He knew what he was doing. He knew the consequences. But to the boy who had nothing left, this was the only option he had.

About two miles outside of town, the boy stopped running, walking to the centre of his destination and crouching down into the gravel and opening the box. “Grave dirt...” he muttered, “Cat bone...” he continued, mentally checking of the items in his head before placing a picture of himself amongst the items and burying the box where he stood. Rising to his feet, he took a moment to take in his surroundings. The boy stood in the centre of a crossroad, the same place many had stood before him, all willing to trade their life for 15 minutes of fame. But it felt different to him. He had other reasons for standing in such a desperate place.

“Where the fuck are you.” He grumbled, “I know you can hear me, do you want to talk or not.”
“Talking would be nice, but I hoped we could reach some kind of formal agreement after,” an unfamiliar voice said with a smirk. The boy turned in the direction of the voice to be faced with a woman with long black hair. She smiled for a second, before rolling her eyes in the back of her head to revel a pair of blood red orbs. “You wanted to talk?” She asked.
“That's why you’re here.”
“Well then. Talk.” She beckoned.
“It’s my brother he-“the boy began but he was quickly silenced by the demon.
“I know all about your brother," she said waving a hand to silence him, "and there is nothing I can do, his soul is long gone,”
“But you’re meant to make anything come true! I thought, I thought of all people that you could-“
“I don’t make the rules kid,” she sighed. “I guess this means no deals tonight.” The woman turned and began to walk away, leaving the boy heartbroken. But then, a new idea. “Wait.” He called to the demon.
“Yes kid?” she asked, turning to face him once more.
“My band,” he began.
“What about it?” a devilish smirk began to form on her face.
“Can you promise us success?” he asked, “It’s what he would have wanted.”
“Oh that's sweet.” The demon said with a mock pity, “Tell you what, I can promise ten years of glory. And when those ten years are up I come and collect what you agree to pay,”
“Which is?” he asked, obliviously.
“Your soul of course,” she laughed “ten years of glory and your soul is mine for the taking. Deal or no deal?” The boy thought for a moment. 10 years of success would be to die for. His friends would share in the benefits and after all, what has he got to lose?
“Deal.” He nodded.
“Excellent, glad we could reach an agreement,”

The demon walked towards him, her blood red eyes swimming with power. She placed her hands on his cheeks and lowered her lips to his, forcefully kissing him. Eventually she released the boy from her grasp and her eyes melted to a human form.
“See you in 10 years Alex.”
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