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Thursday's Child

Chapter 3


“So get this,” Sam said carrying his laptop to join his brother on the hood of the Impala.
“Dude.” Dean began, putting his beer bottle to one side, “We’re in the middle of nowhere.”
Sam looked around briefly. His brother was right; there was nothing but fields and open road stretching for miles in all directions.
“How the hell do you still have wifi?” Dean asked, raising an eyebrow.
“I... I don’t know.” Sam admitted, staring at his laptop in confusion.
“Hmm. what you got there?” Dean asked, reaching once more for his beer and taking a large gulp.
“Right so check this out,” Sam placed the laptop in front of his brother, “Baltimore, Maryland, over the past year there have been a number of reports of animal attacks-“
“Animal attacks, really Sammy? No offence but that's not really our scene.”
“No but listen,” Sam continued, scrolling down the web page, “Before this year the last reported attack was back in 2003,”
“So what this thing took a nap for ten years?” Dean asked, taking another sip of his beer, smiling to himself.
“Dude pay attention, these attacks are vicious, victims are torn to shreds in their own homes with no sign of forced entry, no broken windows, nothing.”
“So what we’re dealing with a hibernating werewolf?”
“Maybe, the most recent attack was two days ago, the British metal band Bring Me The Horizon were attacked on their tour bus after their show I say it’s worth heading up and checking this out.”
“Any survivors?” Dean questioned watching Sam continue to examine the report.
“One, the singer Oliver Sykes but he hasn’t been seen since the attack.”
“Sounds shady, I say we get our asses on the road and go find this guy.” Dean said, jumping down from the hood of his car, grabbing his beer and making his way to the driver’s side door.
“We might have difficulty finding this guy, the report says he was last seen with three other guys, Jack Barakat, Alex Gaskarth and one other the security camera could not identify.”
“You think they might be working together?” Dean leaned against the side of the Impala.
“Who knows but if they are, they’ll be more dangerous together,” Sam closed his laptop and made his way to the passenger door, climbing inside the Impala. Dean shortly followed, slamming the door behind him and reaching for a box of cassettes.
“ Dean we’ve talked about this, you really need to update your cassette collection,” Sam laughed
“What’s wrong with them?”
“Well for starters they’re cassettes,” Sam reached into the box pulling several cassettes out to examine. “Megadeath? Metallica? Kansas?”
“If you insult Metallica you can walk to Baltimore.” Said Dean, giving Sam the look of deadly seriousness before taking the Metallica cassette out of his brothers hand, placing it into the player and starting the engine.

“Hello I’m Agent Smith and this is my partner Agent Harrison,” Dean stated, him and Sam showing their fake ID in unison. They’d arrived at the Baltimore hospital where the bodies of the band were being held for further investigation. The receptionist examined the badges for a moment. “I didn’t know the FBI were getting involved in a bunch of animal attacks,” the receptionist said quizzically.
“We’re branching out.” Sam said while placing his badge back inside his suit pocket.
“We’re here to investigate the deaths of Bring Me the Horizon, may we see the bodies?” Dean asked.
“Of course agents, right this way,” the receptionist rose from her desk, grabbing a set of keys before leading the boys down the corridor in the direction of the morgue. She stopped outside a large metal door and proceeded to unlock the door. “Take as long as you need agents,” she said as Sam and Dean stepped inside, closing the door behind them.

“Right let’s get this show on the road,” Dean said, throwing the nearby clipboard towards his brother while walking towards the first body and pulling back the white sheet. Sam studied the clipboard briefly as he walked to join his brother.
“Jordan Fish,” Sam read, “suffered multiple bite wounds all over his body, mainly the legs, chest and arms before his throat was ripped out.”
“Ouch.” Dean grimaced,
“According to forensics he was the first to be attacked,”
“So whatever it was it wanted him more than the others. Hmm.” Dean reached for the tray of instruments, selecting a scalpel and began to inspect the body.

A good three hours had past of close examinations before Sam spoke up.
“It’s been three hours and we haven’t found anything. No teeth, no fur, nothing.”
“There’s gotta be something, nothing is this clean,” Dean began, resting his scalpel on the table. “God dammit where’s Cas when you need him.”
“If you prayed maybe he’ll co-“
“No he won’t, you know what he’s like there’ll be no sign of him unless there’s some crazy weapon of God at stake,” Dean cut across, covering the body with the white sheet once more. “I say we’d best go find this Oliver guy and his friends,” The brothers made their way quickly out of the hospital, thanking the receptionist on the way and venturing outside. “So how exactly are we meant to find these guys, we’ve got no addresses,” Dean asked.
“I did some research in the car, we’d be better of looking for Barakat and Sykes as they’re most distinguishable, Jack has a bright blonde streak through is hair and Oliver is covered in tattoos,” Sam answered, looking around as they made their way back to the impala.
“They’ll stick out amounst this lot,” Dean gestured to the crowd of people walking past, all of which wore neutral colours and would have been considered fairly average. Climbing back into the impala, Sam and Dean were about to drive off when suddenly across the street,
“Jacky do we have to go back?”
“We do babe I’m sorry,” Jack pulled his boyfriend closer, holding him as they walked.
“Dude,” Sam said nudging his brother, “Over there, that's them,” Dean turned his head to get a better look at the couple.
“Well I’ll be dammed, what a coincidence.” He said, turning the keys in the ignition, beginning the slow pursuit behind them.
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I'm sorry this started out well and then idk it just got bad. So I was kinda worried you guys might get annoyed that its a jalex story but i haven't really started with the jalex yet i don't know it might be me panicking over nothing but the jalex is comming i promise!