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Thursday's Child

Chapter 5

Nobody felt like partying after that. The film remained half watched, beer was left undrunk and Alex had resided to the comfort of his room where muffled sobs could be heard through the paper thin walls. They’d made attempts to comfort him but with the few words he could get out, alone is what he needed. The rest of the guys remained in the sitting room, the tension lingering in the air that was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

“Well this has been a blast,” Rian said sarcastically, shuffling off the sofa and grabbing the first beer of the evening.
“I think,” Zack sighed as he threw a cushion in Oli’s direction “You know something. Spill.”
“I don’t know anything,” Oli muttered.
“Like hell you don’t, you were gunna give those guys a hard time about it,” Jack added.
“If I knew something I’d tell you alright.”
“No you fucking wouldn't.” Jack rose up from his spot and turned the television off. They were all sick to death of that static by now anyway. Turning back to face Oli he continued, “You were looking right into that guy’s eyes like ‘You know what happened’ and ‘put the pieces together’ I mean if that doesn't scream that you know something I don’t know what does.”
“Alright so maybe I do know something, what’s it to you,” Oli said half-heartedly
“What does it matter to me? Only that Alex is next door crying his eyes out over it!” Jack shouted.
“You’re being rather quiet about this Josh,” Zack pointed out.
“Well I... um...” Josh stammered, “I don’t really have anything to say,”
“Are you in on this too then, is there something you’re not telling us? Common, spill.” Jack spat
“Oi leave him out of this,” Oli stood up, positioning himself face to face with the raven haired boy.
“Did you do this Oliver.”
“I- what?” Oli asked, completely confused.
“Did you do this.” Jack said, staring down Oli’s gaze, “Are you the reason that Alex won’t come out of his room.”
“I don’t know what you mean...”
“Are you the reason people in this town people are dying.”

An unnatural hush washed over the room. Rian and Zack stared open mouthed, unable to believe what Jack had just said while Josh had frozen solid in his chair, unable to do anything but watch. Oli stuttered a mix of inaudible words of disbelief but the younger boy stood his ground.
“I mean lets think about this shall we. One, you clearly know something we don’t. Two, your little partner in crime over there seems to have the magical ability of appearing out of thin air,” Jack said with spite, checking the reasons of his fingers as he went, “Three, of course there were no witnesses to say you didn’t do anything on that bus,”
“Are you saying I killed my friends,” Oli snapped.
“I’m saying there’s every possibility that-“
“THEY WERE MY FRIENDS JACK,” Oli exploded with rage, “AND YOU’RE TELLING ME THAT I RIPPED THEM APART AND LEFT THEM TO ROT.” Before the younger boy could reply, he found himself being slammed into the apartment wall behind him, a dull thud echoing throughout the room “HOW WOULD YOU FEEL,” Oli began through gritted teeth, his face only inches from Jack’s “HOW WOULD YOU FEEL, IF IT WAS RIAN. OR ZACK. AND SOMEONE CAME TO YOU AND TOLD YOU TOLD YOU THAT YOU KILLED THEM. THAT IT WAS YOUR FAULT.” He slammed the boy beneath him into the wall once more, this time with enough force to cause the wall to crack behind him.
“Fuck!” Jack cried out with pain,
“Oli that's enough,” Josh quickly rose, pulling his boyfriend away from his prey.
“Why don’t you talk to your pretty little boyfriend about it, I’m sure he’s got something to say on the matter,” Oli spat, Josh desperately trying to pull him away and lead him out of the apartment.
“We’ll be back soon,” Josh mouthed as he finally managed to drag Oli out past the front door.

“WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ABOUT?” Rian shouted, finally able to find the words to speak, “HIS FRIENDS ARE MURDERED AND YOU HAVE THE BALLS TO ACCUSE HIM?”
“You’ve gotta admit, that's pretty low Jack,” Zack added somehow remaining calm.
“I just...” Jack sank to the floor, holding his head in his hands “The fuck did I just do,”
“You fucked up that's what.” Zack said reaching for a beer.
Jack sighed, taking a moment to piece together his thoughts before looking up. “I’m going to try talk to Alex again,” he got up slowly, very aware of his throbbing back.
“Do you want us to go?” Zack questioned.
“Na you can stay, I’ll only be a few minutes,”
“Are you sure because these walls are thin and I do know want to be hearing you two fuck,” Rian added with a slight laugh. Jack laughed and winked seductively in reply as he made his way towards Alex’s room.

“Babe?” Jack slowly pushed open the door and cast his eyes over his boyfriend. Lying on the bed, Alex had curled himself up into a ball with a thick duvet wrapped around him. He’d long stopped crying, but dried tears still stained his otherwise perfect skin.
“Hey Jacky,” he smiled slightly at Jacks arrival, shifting slightly to allow room for Jack to lie down.
“Feeling better?” Jack asked softly, climbing onto the bed, lying down beside Alex.
“A little bit I guess,” The younger boy rested his head on Jacks shoulder, curling up into him while Jack wrapped his arm around him, pulling him closer. He didn't want his perfect boy to feel alone any more.
“That wasn't nice what you said to Oli you know,” Alex said quietly.
“I know babe, I just... I love you so much and you were so upset I didn't know what to do,”
“I love you too you know,” Alex said, leaning up and placing a delicate kiss to Jack’s cheek “But you didn't have to do that, It’s not his fault,”
“Do you want to talk about it?”
“You wouldn't know what to say,”
“Try me,” Jack smirked
“No Jack you don’t understand I- I did something terrible and-“He began, tears beginning to form, “now everyone’s in danger and it’s all my fault,” he sobbed.
“Shh baby don’t cry,” Jack comforted, wiping the tears away from the perfect boy’s eyes
“Jacky listen, what happened to Oli’s friends, what’s happening to the people in town, It’s only a matter of time before-” he was cut off by his sobs,
“before what?” Jack asked a look of concern growing on his face. It took a while but Alex finally managed to choke out, “Before we’re next.”
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