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Thursday's Child

Chapter 6

“Today’s top story: two women were found dead in their homes with police believing this to be a continuation of Baltimore’s series of animal attacks, despite there being no forced entry anywhere on the property,“ The news reporter stated, “This brings the total loss to 27 with experts predicting figures to rise-”

Dean set his plate of pie aside and reached for the remote, hitting it a few times before successfully managing to turn of the excuse for a television. He sighed, taking in his new surroundings. Another sad motel room, untended to for years with damp creeping up the walls and mould forming in the corners. Sickly yellow wallpaper peeled from the walls and the tired old furniture messily scattered the room. It was what he expected. After all, life on the road doesn’t come with hotel rooms and spa days. His brother, Sam, sat at the small table in the corner of the room with his laptop, frantically searching for anything that could lead them to a better conclusion than animal attacks.

“Found anything yet?” Dean asked, looking over the top of the leather sofa he currently lay on.
“Nope, nothing.” Sam replied, eyes remaining glued to the screen. After a brief pause he continued, “You could help you know,”
“Research is your expertise Sammy,” Dean said while rolling over to face the, now off, TV once again
“Watch the news like I told you to; see if anything comes up,”
Grabbing his plate and the remote, Dean pressed the power button bringing the television to life once more.

“These attacks are very much like the ones we had a few years back,” an interviewed policeman began,
“How many years ago?” The reporter asked,
“About ten-“ Dean sat up abruptly.
“Dude come see this,” He motioned for his brother to join him. Sam left his computer and quickly sat down beside his brother just as the interview continued.
“Yeah 2003 was a bad time round here, lots of animal attacks reported, the crew was pretty busy. They stopped after a while though, very sudden, as if the creature suddenly wasn’t hungry and went to bed. We’ve had the odd case once in a blue moon over the years but nothing as serious as this.”
Dean pointed the remote at the tv and pressed the power button, silencing the room.

“So I was right, the thing took a nap for ten years.” Dean said, taking a bite out of his slice of pie.
“No Dean, what if it disappeared I mean, People die ten years ago and suddenly they’re all dying again doesn’t that seem a little odd to you?” Sam questioned, a look of deep thought spreading across his face.
“What if,” Dean swallowed his mouthful of pie, “Demon deals.”
Sam looked up at his brother in realization, “Of course!” he leapt of the sofa still facing his brother, “I bet Oliver’s behind it.”
“What makes you thing that?”
“Didn’t you see his eyes? They flashed bright white while he was talking to me,” Sam explained.
“So? Lots of freaky shit glows white,”
“But someone has to control the hell hounds and collect the souls,”
“Look that's great and all but demons aren’t usually at the scene of the crime,” Dean said, doubting Sam’s ramblings.
“Are you kidding? Meg had hell hounds, Crowley did too and so did-“
“Ok Ok I get it” Dean said waving a hand to cut his brother off before standing up and making his way to the fridge. “What about that Josh guy that's with him? Seems pretty shady and doesn’t say much,” He said, pulling out a beer and taking a large gulp and leaned against the counter
“Well we didn’t question him, I guess we can only assume they’re working together...” Sam pondered,
“Demons don’t tend to act so gay,” Dean pointed out,
“Could be just an act?” Dean shrugged at his brother’s response, taking another sip of his beer.
“So if they are demons how are we going to stop the deals? We can’t just walk up to the guys and say ‘Oh I’m sorry no time to explain but your friends are demons’ and then stab them.”
Dean laughed, “No Sammy, more grace than that. We lure, we trap, we stab.” He moved off the counter and headed to the table with his brothers laptop. Shifting the research papers he retrieved his car keys. “Let’s get this show on the road.”
“You said that last time we went out,” Sam laughed, earning a glare from his older brother.
“Shut up Sam.”
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I feel as if i've lost all talent for writing right now but hey this is kinda a boring chapter, next will be much more interesting and I know I keep saying this but the secret behind Oli and Josh will be revealed in 1 or 2 chapters time (depending if i can drag it out a bit) because the winchester's get shit done. Are they white eye'd demons? or are they something else? tune in next time to find out!