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Thursday's Child

Chapter 7

A cool late autumn breeze rustled through the trees, shifting the leaves as they fell. The warm autumn colours of the leaves created a layer of gold and orange above the old grey concrete and dying grass. The sun could now pour in through the gaps in the trees, illuminating the park. The scene would have been perfect, if not for the two men perched on a bench. One scowling and the other looking bored out of his mind.

“Look, maybe if you just apologise-“
“No.” Oli grumbled, his voice muffled by the palms his head rested in.
“Apologise and I’ll buy you ice cream?”
“We don’t eat Josh,” He sighed, “besides why the fuck should I apologise.”
“Well you did break his wall, maybe his back, maybe his heart...”
“Oh fuck off,” He chuckled slightly.
“Ollliiiiiii,” the younger boy dragged out his words as he slid closer to his boyfriend, throwing his arms around him,
“You don’t even know what I was going to say!”
“You were going to say go apologise to that twat that said I killed my friends.”
“Actually,” Josh began, jumping of the bench and pulling Oli up with him, “I was going to say let’s go for a walk, clear our heads for a bit and have some time just the two of us,”
Oli smiled at this thought, it wasn’t often him and Josh got quality time together. Their relationship wasn’t exactly allowed where they came from.
“Yeah I’d like that,” He smiled.
“Good,” Josh said, pressing a kiss to Oli’s lips, “Love you,” he mumbled.
“I love you too, now where are we going?”
“You’ll see!” Josh exclaimed, taking hold of Oli’s wrists and pulling him away from the park.


About 5 miles down the road, two hunters dressed in plaid slammed the boot of their beloved vehicle, but making sure it was full of the essentials first of course. Holy water, salt, iron, everything they felt they needed had a space in the boot of that car. Though, it wasn’t just a car. It was a home and a tool box for all their hunting needs.

“Is that everything?” Sam asked his brother for the final time.
“I think so,” Dean fumbled around briefly in his pocket, making sure he had Ruby’s blade in safe reach. After all it was the ultimate piece of demon killing weaponry and they’d be stupid to go anywhere without it. “Alright, let’s go kick some demon butt!” Dean exclaimed, patting Sam’s shoulder before moving around to the driver side door and climbing inside the impala. Sam swiftly joined, sitting in the passenger seat waiting for Dean to start the engine. Soon enough they were off, headed swiftly in the direction of the town.

“So how exactly did you plan on finding them?” Dean sighed. They’d driven around Baltimore town centre for about half an hour and seen neither hide nor hair of Josh or Oli.
“They’ll be around, they have to be,” Sam said while looking around out the window.
“Maybe they’re back at their apartment?”
“No I don’t think so,” Sam said shaking his head, “I don’t know I just don’t think they would have hung around, especially since they know we know something’s up.”
“If you say so Sammy,” Dean replied, turning the steering wheel to direct them down a small side road containing several small shops one of which, an ice cream parlour.
“Dude that's them!” Sam pointed to the couple sat in the shop with an extremely over sized bowl of ice cream sundae.

“Well I’ll be dammed, the evil sons of bitches like ice cream,” Dean laughed to himself. “Ok what’s the plan?”
“Don’t you normally think of that?” Sam questioned.
“Yeah well you’re the brains of the operation Sammy, I on the other hand,” Dean reached into his pocket pulling out the knife and examining it, “Am the brawl.”
“Is this because of what happened last week when-“
“We can cry about our feelings later ok Sam,” Dean said, shoving the knife back into his pocket.
“Sure, whatever.” A moment of silence passed between the two before it was broken once more with Sam’s voice.
“Ok here’s the plan. I go in there and tell them I need to speak to them, somewhere private. You go to that ally over there,” Sam pointed in the direction of a secluded ally across the street, “Draw a devils trap and I’ll lead them into it and you ambush them.”
“Sounds fool proof.”

Meanwhile over in the ice cream shop, the unsuspecting couple sat at a small table by a window, a large bowl of dessert with various toppings and flavours sat in the centre. Too large in Oli’s opinion.

“I can’t believe you’ve never had ice cream!” Josh said in disbelief, shovelling down mouthful after mouthful. “It’s like frozen crack, you should try some,” He said, offering a heaped spoonful Oli’s way.
His boyfriend sighed, reluctantly taking the spoon and placing it into his mouth.
“Oh my god... where has this been all my life!” He exclaimed, joining Josh in the process of stuffing as much ice cream as he possibly could into his stomach. A couple of minutes passed before the bell above the shop door rang, indicating a new customer. Josh tore his eyes away from the bowl to meet with Sam who had just entered.

Sam took in the parlour he had walked into, his eyes scanning around for his targets. The shop was laid out in a 1970’s bar style, a bit like the one from the musical Grease, he thought, except this one was for ice cream and not picking up girls. Although you could probably do both. He spotted the pair and walked over towards them, pulling out his fake FBI badge in the process.

“Mr Sykes, Mr Franceschi?” The pair collectively sighed and looked up to meet Sam’s gaze.
“We’re a little busy at the moment,” Josh said half heartedly, shoving his spoon back into the dessert.
“I was wondering if we could have a quick chat, somewhere a little more private.”
“Is it going to take long because we kind of have stuff to do.” Oli said bluntly.
“No, no not long at all, would you follow me?” Sam asked, beckoning them to follow him. The pair stood up, Josh opening his wallet and placing the money under a glass before following Sam out the door.

“When you said a more privet location I thought you meant a room or something, this just looks like you’re going to rape us,” Oli stated as he took note of the dark alley way they stood in. “Where’s your partner anyway?”
“Right here.” Dean said, emerging from the shadows and dropping a lit match onto the floor to illuminate a devils trap that now blazed around Oli and Josh. The two looked at each other in confusion.
“What’s going on...?” Oli asked cautiously, holding tight to Josh’s wrist.
“Oh you know exactly what’s going,” Dean growled as he pulled the knife out from his pocket, stepped forward into the flames and drove the knife straight into Oliver’s heart.

He didn’t scream or cry out in pain. He didn't fall to the ground or collapse to his knees. Instead the hunters watched as a smile crept across his face and a laugh forced its way out. Slowly, he pulled the knife from his chest and threw it to the side, keeping hold of Josh’s hand and keeping eye contact with the boys.
“Holy water won’t save you now.”
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