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As soon as her breathing slowed, and she relaxed against his body, Miles knew she was asleep. He slipped out from under the covers and gathered his clothes, putting his tie back around his neck but not bothering to tighten it. He glanced down at her naked, sleeping form, the dark hair splayed across the sheets, and sighed. He tip-toed out of the apartment, shrugging his suit jacket back on. The sound of the door closing was barely audible over the rain pounding the roof.

Miles found his car parked down the street, the rain soaking through his clothes easily. When he climbed into the front seat, he let it all come crashing down. The peace he felt in her arms was almost as heavy as the guilt he felt when he left, but he couldn't stop. Couldn't stop betraying everything he knew for a small piece of heaven.

He drove home in silence, the only sound the crashing thunder.

Miles stopped at a house in the suburbs, and got out, feet landing straight in a puddle. He groaned, and when he walked his shoes squished. The house was quiet as he entered, moonlight filtering in through the windows. He checked his girls' bedroom, saw them lying in their beds and went to his own room.

He shucked his clothes, leaving them in a soggy pile by the closet, and climbed slowly into the bed. His wife stirred and turned over, eyes opening groggily.

"Babe? Where've you been?" she asked, her voice rough with sleep.

He slipped an arm around her waist, and pulled her against his chest.

"Sorry. Work was crazy."

He closed his eyes against the flooding guilt, and settled into the pillows.

"Go back to sleep."
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Sort of a sequel of another drabble I did, but more like connected.
I enjoyed it.