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Mark of the Wanderer

My name is... well, I go by many names. Roydan Windsor, Richard Mason, Ricardo Montez, etc. Most people have heard of me, I don't think they realize it though. I've been fictionalized and immortalized as Romeo Montague in Shakespeare's play. Some have searched for the gift of immortality for centuries and centuries, but they never find it. They think that immortality is a blessing, but they're wrong. It's a curse like no other, one that eats away at the soul and leaves only a hollow shell behind. I can't die, but I can't fully live either. It's strange how quickly time flies when you're an immortal. It's strange to watch the world change, slowly at first, then quickly as Science advances and religion is slowly banished from the hearts of men.

I'm 17, and I have been for the past five centuries. I've loved and lost, lived and died, and I must bear it all as I continue to breathe and my heart continues to beat. I've been cursed by God for whatever reason, and I must wander the Earth forevermore.