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Never Let Me Go

''I may not understand the whole werewolf thing, Seth. But I think that's for the best. Who knows what's going on in your mind when you're thinking about me.'' carefully I looked up through my lashes, trying to read his face. His gorgeous, beautiful face. But all he did was smile at me, the same smile he always gave me, the one I’m used looking at. Carefully he laid one of his hands on my face. I could feel the burning spot there. But it didn't matter. Not when I looked in his eyes. The two beautiful bright brown eyes that stared into mine and flashed to my lips and back to my eyes again. ''At least say something'' I whispered. Slowly his face came closer and closer while his other hand slid down my back. ''Ssshhh.'' He pulled one finger in front of my lips while holding his head against mine. He deeply looked into my eyes, and in an instant he pulled his finger away and kissed my lips.
  1. Bienvenue
    Chapter 1
  2. Hello and goodbye
    chapter 2
  3. Is this thing on?
    Chapter 3
  4. Found
    Chapter 4
  5. Familiarizing
    Chapter 5