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Not All Nightmares End In Tragedy


Stiles Stillenski has a twin sister. After their mother passes away, the young girl was inconsolable and went to live with her Aunt in South Carolina. Now, on the day of their shared birthday, April will be turning sixteen in Beacon Hills, California.

Instantly, he knows something has changed. He had heard rumors of the sheriff’s daughter coming back and could practically feel the excitement coming off Stiles. He recognizes the heartbeat when she comes down the hall, Scott and Stiles at her flanks. The only thing Derek Hale can think of is what the ocean colored eyes have seen and what he would have to do to either protect her or keep her quiet.

April doesn't know what to think about the secret life of Beacon Hills that her brother has knowingly gotten himself tangled into. She doesn't want to know the answers to the questions she has filing through her mind but her silence is forced to be broken when she spots a pair of blood red eyes watching her bedroom window from the edge of the woods that line the back of the Stillenski home.

Derek knows he needs to keep “ocean eyes” as far away from the werewolf side of the city as well as keep her just as far, if not further, away from him. The only problem is, those ocean eyes are everywhere Stiles and Scott seem to be. Those eyes have gone as far as showing up as soon as Derek closes his eyes to sleep.
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