Status: So far I only have Vic's win, the next chapter will be Kellin's win.

Tortured Love: And the Winner Is...

Who Is The Winner?

*Kellin’s P.O.V.*

I’ve been trying to avoid Vic all week and so far it’s worked. All I have left is three more days and I win the bet… Now I’m just making it sound easy. Vic’s always hanging on me and winking at me and trying to get my attention at all cost, and I’m caving in. I can’t even jack off since I’m always on the bus and someone’s always fucking there.

I hate this.

Just three more days and I’ll be free.

“Kellin we’re going out to eat at the stop with the other bands.” Jesse yelled through the door before walking. I was just lying on the couch in the back room, staring at the ceiling in my own world, before focusing my gaze on him.

“Give me five minutes to get ready, man.” I said. Jesse’s gaze darkened and he smiled innocently before leaving me and my thoughts alone. Something was up, I’ve known him to long and seen that look to many times in my past but the problem was, what was he up to?

After hearing the guys shuffle off my thoughts drifted back to Vic. God I was so horny all day but I didn’t want the guys to hear me. Just a fast one, all I need is five or ten minutes anyway.

Vic, I wanted him so bad it hurt, to see his body glistening with a layer of sweat, him wriggling under me as I pound into him mercilessly. He always screamed, pleasure laced through his voice, as I grab hold of him, rubbing my thumb along the tip as he climaxed. His favorite was always when I nipped at his back and he giggled uncontrollably until we kissed and things would get heated.

I could feel myself harden and strain against my skinny jeans. Just from thoughts alone I was getting so hard. I unzipped my pants and shuffled them down to my thighs. I sighed in relief as I was freed and placed my hand along my length before pushing down. A shudder went down my spine, man I was sensitive but I had to get this over with.

I could remember the way Vic would do this so clearly, he would trace me teasingly before slowly running his hand along my length. My favorite was always when he kissed the tip through my briefs before ever so fucking slowly pulling them down. As these thoughts consumed me I found myself searching for some lube cause, come on, who wants a dry hand job. After finding some I wasted no time in coating my hand and jerking quickly hoping to get this over with no matter the pleasure, it was a bitch to clean up this mess.

"Vic.” His name slipped from me mouth as I groaned quietly. Even though no one’s here I don’t want someone to hear me if they walk on the bus. I bit down onto my t-shirt and stilled a moan that came out as a gasp through the fabric. My unoccupied hand gripped the couch so tightly my knuckles were white.

“Well what a pleasant surprise we have here.” My actions stopped immediately. I turned my head to see Vic standing in the doorway having a smug smile on his face. He walked over and sat at the end of the couch keeping a steady gaze on me. “It looks like you’re having a lot of fun by yourself.”

I sat up and locked my gaze with his piercing brown ones; lust clouded over and darkened his eyes tremendously. “I’m not gonna lie, it’s exactly what it looks like.”

“I didn’t think I’d see the day that The Kellin Quinn would actually masturbate in the comfort of his own tour bus.” I blushed, my already heated cheeks, and looked away in embarrassment. Vic’s fingers gripped my chin making me look at him. “Nothing to be embarrassed about, love.” He said quietly before brushing his lips lightly over mine. I knew exactly what he was doing, taunting me to make a move and loose.

All thoughts flew out the window as Vic gripped my length tightly. I wrapped my arms around his waist and brought him on top of me smashing my lips to his. Oh how I missed this, his lips were so soft and molded perfectly with my own, we were made for each other. I moaned, disconnecting us, and threw my head back in ecstasy as his hand moved slowly. My hips bucked up before I could stop them.

“Jeez you’re excited.” He said, smiling teasingly at me. He threw his shirt off and kissed me one last time before discarding my own and placing soft kisses down my body until he came to my erection. He placed one last kiss before engulfing it and slowly going down till I hit the back of his throat. I moaned so loud I’m pretty sure everyone outside of the bus could here. My hips bucked up and I think Vic actually started choking, but if he did Vic gave no sign of it. Heat was polling in my stomach rapidly but it came to an end as he let go with a smirk.

“No! Don’t stop, I was almost there!” He laughed at my flustered and rushed words. I sat up and gave him a pleading look. I barely noticed when he took the rest of his clothing off, not even bothering with my pants since they were at my knees already.

“You are going to regret this so much.” He gave me a soft kiss and crawled back up my body so he was straddling me. An evil look passed him but it was gone before I could figure it out. He pushed me on my back again and placed a kiss behind my ear before purring lightly, “You lose.”

I didn’t understand until I felt him sink down on my length so I filled him up completely. We both moaned porn star moans as I filled him up to the base. I filled him up so perfectly and he was so warm and tight around me, I didn’t care about the bet, I just missed him so much.

“I missed this, I missed you.” I gazed up at him lovingly. The adoration was so clear in are eyes. I brought him forward and hugged him close to my body for a minute. He giggled lightly before pushing me softly so he could sit back up.

“I love you to Kellin but I’m horny to you know.” Oh yeah, “so I hope you’re ready for a rough day.” His voice was heavy with lust. He gasped as he slammed down and ground into me before rolling his hips down taking his sweet time.

I couldn’t take any more of his teasing and grabbed Vic’s hips before slamming him down again, bucking mine up and meeting him half way. He screamed and collapsed on top of me as I kept up my place. I was gripping his hips so hard there would probably be bruises the next day. His hips were rolling down on mine and he screamed out in ecstasy as I hit that loving spot.

Vic leaned on his forearms and stared down at me. I leaned up and brought my lips to his; kissing him hungrily like we hadn’t seen each other in years. His tongue slowly licked across my bottom lip before biting it between his teeth. I opened my mouth and he wasted no time in letting are tongues tango with each other, gliding along in a sensual way, mirroring each other and gliding them along each other lovingly and hungrily.

The heat was pooling rapidly in my stomach and I knew Vic was getting close to, a desperate look flashed across his face before he started biting and sucking my neck. I gripped him tightly and slowly moved up his length, swiping over the tip before slightly dipping in teasingly before releasing him fully.

“That isn’t fucking fair!” He yelled at me.

“Well that’s just too bad.” I smiled and brought his wrist back so he was leaning down and flush against me. He groaned once I started kissing all over his neck, biting little marks all over the place before soothing them with kisses.

“Kellin, please touch me, I need to come.” He pleaded. His breath was growing heavier each second but I wouldn’t give him the chance yet. “Kellin!” The look he gave me was so cute.

I let go of his wrist and his body close as I flipped us over. “Are you sure baby, you’re just sucking me in, it’s like you’re just begging me to stay buried deep inside you. I don’t think you really want this to end, not with your body begging me to keep going.” His nails dug into my back as he arched off the couch throwing his head back, practically screaming. Vic absolutely loved dirty talk as I pounded into him mercilessly between words.

“Kellin!” He glared at me and I was tipping over the edge. I grabbed his length and jerked him quickly. He writhed under me as his walls tightened around me. I was sent over the edge and spilled inside him with a groan that turned into a scream of his name. Vic followed along quickly and spilled onto are stomachs, ending with a scream of my name.

I fell onto Vic ,my energy completely drain, as was his, after letting everything out. We took a couple of minutes to collects ourselves until I got some tissues and cleaned up our mess before grabbing a blanket lying back down on Vic. He immediately fell asleep so I laid my head on his chest and listened to the beating of his heart. I played with his hair since he wouldn’t be mad because he was sleeping and he already had sex hair. It was incredibly smooth between my fingertips and there weren’t any knots in it. I loved his hair so much and it was so much fun to tease him and mess it up.

I guess I must have dozed for a while since I heard everyone coming back on the bus. Vic was still asleep so I didn’t bother moving from my position and turned away from the door. It creaked open and someone snickered, not even trying to bother hiding it.

“I told you he would cave in!” Mike yelled form the doorway. “You each owe my 20 bucks!” I heard some more shuffling and the door opened wider and some more yelling from both the bands. It was enough to make me get up and put my pants back on before going to see what the commotions about. As soon as I stepped out of the door way Justin had his hands on my shoulders begging me that I didn’t have sex with Vic.

“Why do you guys wanna know anyway?” I raised my brow at them and crossed my arms defiantly.
Jesse was the one to speak up. “Me, Mike, Jaime, and Gabe thought you would cave in to Vic and whoever lost had to give 20 dollars to each of the winners.”

“You can tell he lost anyway,” Mike piped up, “look at all the hickeys and the sex hair he has.” The guys laughed as I blushed in embarrassment. Deciding going to Vic was better, I locked the door behind me and crawled back on top of Vic and nuzzled his neck. His fingers shifted through my hair and he sighed happily.

“I hope you’re ready for the next couple of months.” He laughed lightly.

“I breather have that then have you missing from my side.”

“Yeah, I missed you Kellin, you little shit. I can’t believe you abandoned me like that.”

“It’s because I knew I would lose because you’re just too much, do you know how hard it is to not want to touch you? I think you’re the little shit for that.”

“You ended up losing anyway.”

“Yeah but it was totally worth it.”
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To the people who want Kellin to win, don't worry, I plan on doing another one where Kellin wins thanks to cattspohnEPIC1 with the idea so have no fear it will come out eventually.

Anyway, hope the Vic fans enjoy his victory.