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Tortured Love: And the Winner Is...

Long Nights, Early Mornings

Vic’s P.O.V.

My eyes opened tiredly. I hated when I woke up at 7 am since I could easily sleep in. It had been a long night for me and Kellin, if you know what I mean, and I wanted to sleep in. Lately, I’ve been the first up although I don’t know why it’s this early. Damn Kellin and his getting me up early.

I rubbed my eyes and rested my head I the pillow again after looking at the clock on the wall. Kellin would be up soon so I wanted to enjoy the warmth of him in my arms for a little longer. After adjusting him to the side he snuggled in my chest and sighed. A leg wedged between mine and I would be lying if I said it wasn’t a turn on but I didn’t want to wake him from his sleepy state. If was cute how Kellin loved cuddling but it definitely had its draw backs.

My mind was between sleep and awareness until I felt Kellin stir and sit up slowly. He rubbed his eyes tiredly; the action was cute, and flung his legs over the side of the bunk.

"Do I really wanna get up?" He asked himself tiredly.

"No," I answered for him, "you definitely wanna stay in bed with me." I grabbed his upper arm an pulled him towards me to cuddle some more.

"You’re right I don’t wanna get up but I have to get up," He unwrapped my arms from him and got down leaving an empty space in my bunk, "plus, I don’t junk he guys would enjoy waking in to a naked Kellin." He chuckled before grabbing some clothes and putting them on.

"Come on though, we could do so much while they’re not up yet." I whined, hoping to get Kellin to give in.

"As much as I want to," he said turning around and kissing me but pulling away much to early, "we need to get ready for he day since we have a lot to do." He pushed at my chest but I didn’t budge.

"We could always skip the interviews and shit?" I suggested, trapping him between my arms and he wall.

"We can’t." There was no confidence in his voice. I stepped closer I him, our chest pressed together, grabbing his hips and massaging smooth circles in the with my fingers. His breath hitched; he was giving in. I pressed lips below his ear, kissing it lightly before sucking it gently. His head tilted sideways giving me better access to the area. His arms snaked around my neck and pulled me closer to him. It was getting heated until until I felt a whack to the back of my head making me turn around.

"No sex on he bus while we are up and in here." Mike grumbled. Kellin muttered a cute apology and slid underneath my arms and went torn bathroom to fix himself up.

"Are you planning to get him back since you won the bet?" I turned to Mike. He had a sly expression on his face. I knew what that meant.

"Yeah but I think I’m gonna wait a while. I won the bet and I’m gonna enjoy it while I can." I chuckled but there was a dark edge in my voice and I knew Mike could tell.

Mike patted my shoulder, “You sly sly older brother. You have to include me in one of your plans to get at Kellin then.”

"Why are you so interested in us anyway?" It was kind of weird since when Mike first knew about our relationship he was so anxious and paranoid. He was a little weary of Kellin but eventually warmed up to him after a while. Of course Kellin was hurt at first but they eventually warmed up to each other.

"Kellin’s part of the family," Mike said but his expression turned quite serious for a moment but he muttered, "and that kid walked in on me while I was getting it on, killed the mood. He stood there and laughed and totally killed me mood and you know what," His voice rose until he turned to look at me, "that asshole didn’t even say he was sorry and Tony didn’t even want to finish can you believe that?" Whoa, when did he and Tony become a pair. "I fucking had to finish myself off because of that asshole, do you know has pissed I was. I was just getting into it by hat fucktard embarrassed Tony so bad he didn’t even want to continue and I was left sitting there with a fucking-"

"Whoa there bro, way to much information. Also, when did you and Tony become a thing."

He looked at me like I had grown a second head. After a moment he walked away from going towards the little kitchen. It was weird to see Mike up this early since he’s usually up the latest but, oh well.

I made my way to one of the couches and waited for Kellin. He came out of the bathroom, looking calmer, and made his way towards the couch I was on. When he was about to sit down I grabbed his waist and pulled him to the side so his legs were thrown over mine. He seemed surprised but relaxed when I ran my hand over his thigh, that cute blush slowly returning. I grabbed one his hands and laced out fingers together. I brushed out lips together teasingly before moving to his cheek.

"We still have something to finish." I whispered into the rosy skin. He squeezed my hand a little before he other came to the back of my neck; pressing down lightly. Since I heard no objections I traveled towards his ear and licked the shell lightly and quickly.

"Oh~" he hummed in response. I caught him. I kissed his neck slowly, moving to his sensitive spots and bit down on each one; careful enough not to leave a mark. His back arched a little and his head lulled back leaving him open and vulnerable for me. I looked up to see his eyes shut tightly and biting his bottom lip so hard I thought he would break the skin; I couldn’t help but chuckle, trying so hard to resist but I had him snared. I crawled from under his legs and pressed my body against his, resting on my elbows so I could look down at him.

"Open your eyes Kellin." He slowly opened his eyes; they had a hazy, glassy look to them. A small smile graced his lips. The hand on my neck pulled me down to him and smashed are lips together. His lips moved so perfectly against mine. I swiped my tongue across his bottom lip. Kellin parted his lips and I slipped my tongue inside. I brushed mine along his teasingly before removing my lips fully from his. We were breathing heavily and the blush on Kellin’s face had intensified. I could feel how turned on he was and I felt so proud of myself. He pulled my head back down for more but I turned my head to the side to kiss his cheek instead before removing myself completely from him.

"We should get ready." I said happily.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" He growled lowly. Kellin sighed and faced the back of the couch. I chuckled at his childish ways before picking him up in my arms. His expression was quite funny; attempting to be serious but a small smile broke through every now and again.

"Put me down." He hit my chest playfully.

"Mm, I don’t think so!" I started spinning him around. His arms flew around my neck and his tried to scrunch his legs to his chest but I held them to me. "You’re not getting away from me that easily."
"Put me down, Vic! His is to much twirling, you’re going to make me sick!" Kellin begged me. I hugged him tighter and slowed down until we fully came to a stop. I nuzzled into his hair, drinking his scent; a slight smell of axe and him mingled together.

"I love you so much, Kellin." I whispered into his hair.

"I love you to but put me down." He pleaded.

"I don’t want to." I laughed lightly at Kellin before walking to the couch and sitting on it hugging him to me still. He sighed and finally gave up, relaxing and snuggling against me. Warmth spread through me and I sighed in content, a blissful feeling of happiness. After a while Kellin breathing deepened and I knew he was asleep. Not a surprise after it long night. I tucked him into my arms and lied down on the couch relaxing myself.


"Wake up." A soothing voice whispered. Something tugged at my hair but I snuggled deeper into the soft pillow, trying doze off again as quickly as possible. "Wake up Vic." The melody rang through my head again. "Oh my god, seriously Vic, wake the fuck up." The words were harsh and slightly slurred with a hint of drowsiness lingering in them. I opened my eyes slowly to see the beautiful human being that I loved so much staring back at me. His hair was messy with sleep and both of our clothes were crinkled from moving around so much.

"Morning beautiful." I smiled lazily and rested my head back in the crook of his neck.

"As amazing as the sounds we it’s not morning anymore, we have interviews, and finally a concert to finish up." By Kellin’s tone he sounded very annoyed by his lack of sleep for the day since he went to bed around 4am so he’s only had a couple hours of sleep.

I sighed, very audibly and annoyingly, before slowly removing myself from Kellin. He had dark rings under his eyes and it didn’t take more than a glance from anyone to see if he was tired. I definitely had a way to fix that though. After getting up, Kellin made his way to the kitchen cabinets, getting a bottle of some medication. I came over and wrapped my arms around his waist from behind. He dry swallowed a couple pills before sticking his tongue out and making a funny face at the taste.

"You ok, Kellin?" I asked.

"Yeah, I’m just kind of tired and have a head ache but I’ll be fine, just give me some time." His voice had a drag to it that worried me quite a bit but I decided to leave it alone for now since we have a lot to do today.

"I trust you then. Anyway, we have to leave soon for the interview so get ready." He nodded and made his way to the bathroom; a slight sway in his steps.

I turned around and leaned on the counter. Maybe Kellin was getting sick… We had a lot to do lately ever since we came out and we had a lot of interviews scheduled. I actually never thought that most of out fans would be ok with our relationship; even most of out Kellic fans since I never even thought it would be possible. We were getting back pretty late and I kept Kellin up a lot of the night do… certain things. He always got up early whereas I could sleep till 4pm, plus I was used to lack of sleep; Kellin on the other hand was a goody-to-shoes and went to bed early. Maybe he was exhausted and was getting sick.

"Fucking finally, I was about to wake you guys up!" Jaime came out from the back room and flung his arms around my neck, leaning all his weight on me. "We had to be quiet since you guys were sleeping and Mike wouldn’t let us do anything; do you know how boring he can be? It was torture!" Jaimes complained into my chest. I chuckled at his silliness until my eyes spotted with Tony following right behind him.

"Thanks for letting us sleep bro, I know I needed it." I nodded my head in acknowledgement. He waved his hand in dismissal before placing his hand on my shoulder.

"No problem bro," his fingers started digging into my skin hitting a sensative spot, "but make sure you fucking get to bed on time, we all have to be quiet and I’m tired of getting woken up but you guys fucking going at it at like 1 in the god damn morning!"

My face flared red instantly. Oh god, I didn’t think we were being that loud that they could actually hear us! Well, at least Mike can; Tony and Jaime were pretty heavy sleepers and an earthquake couldn’t wake them up but Mike always woke up, whether it be to a slight tap on the shoulder or the air conditioning kicking on.

"Heh, sorry," I rubbed the back of my head with a sheepish smile on my face, "I didn’t think we were being that loud."

His hold on my shoulder finally lightened up and a friendly smile returned to his face: his mood seemed oddly better lately. “Anyway, we have to get ready since we’ll be stopping soon and I still have shit to do.”

"Hurry up with your shit then. Ugh, Jaime get off, I can’t hold your fat ass up anymore." I struggled with Jaime’s weight but he didn’t seem fazed that I could fall, which I did. My legs finally gave out and I fell flat on my ass just as he let go, smart little fucker with great timing. Jaime stuck his tongue out at me before going into the bathroom doing god knows what just as Kellin came out.

"Did I miss something important?" He asked. His raven hair was fixed up and his clothes weren’t as crinkly as before.

"Not much. Jaime was being stupid and Mike was lecturing me about your moans waking him up," as I said this a light blush filled his cheeks but a goofy grin told me what was on his mind, "oh, and I think my brother and Tony got together."

He shrugged his shoulder nonchalantly, “it was bound to happen at some point.” He did seemed fazed at all by this fact and here I am silently flipping my shit about this information.

"How did you know they would get together."

"It was easy, Mike acts like you when he likes someone although he’s a little more discreet. He looks at Tony like he’s trying to burn a hole in his clothes when he thing no one’s looking like you did to me. If you ask Mike if he like’s Tony he would probably blush lightly and just shrug and shy away from the question before changing the topic. If you haven’t noticed, he always takes any chance he can to touch Tony, whether it be a light brush of the shoulders or hand or wrapping an arm protectively around Tony s shoulders and keeping it there a second longer than a normal friendship." Kellin explained.

I looked at him, shocked by his explanation. For one, that was like he described me, and two,how the hell does he even figure all this out.

"How do you even know all this?"

Kellin blue eyes pierced mine. “Simple logic really. Mike is your brother and from the way you acted towards me Mike probably has many similarities, plus it’s simple thing that people do when they like each other. Just from knowing how you act towards me it wasn’t that hard to figure out. I’m not as stupid as you think I am.” The way Kellin just described this made it sound so easy.

"Maybe I’m just to stupid to figure these things out. Holy shit though, that is so cool how you can figure out so much just by observing!" I held his shoulders in amazement.

"Well, it’s not like you guys are discreet about it." He said proudly. Wait, how long did he know I liked him before we started dating?


"So how long have you guys been dating?" Abbey, the interviewer asked us. I looked at Kellin curiously. How long have we been dating?

"I’m not sure, I guess almost a year now?" His voice grew higher the end of the question. He looked to me, calculating the time in his head while searching my eyes for answer, until he turned back to the interviewer. "Yeah, we’re not sure how long we’ve been dating."

"Well, why don’t you guys keep track? Most couples do and it just seems like a normal thing to do." She leaned on her knuckle, looking at us with curious eyes.

I opened my mouth to answer but Kellin beat me to it. “I don’t need how long we’ve been dating to tell me how much I love Vic. We celebrate the years wee been together because we have been together that long, not months.” His words made a big smile slip on my face. I couldn’t resist pulling him to me and kissing his heel sloppily. He blushed and a smiled shyly before looking at the interviewer.

"Oh my god! You guys are so cute together!" She squeezed and clapped her hands together. "How do think the Kellic fandom reacted to this? Oh, and all the other ships including you guys?"

"I would imagine the shippers would be extremely happy knowing its real. I guess it kind of sucks for the other fandoms though but I couldn’t care less if they wrote anything about us."

"You guys have actually seen what he fandoms write?" Her eyes went wide with did alien before she burst out laughing.

"Of course, we have Internet and blogs and come across things like that to."

She huffed before muttering something incoherent before turning back to us. “So have you guys seen the recent pictures going around?” We didn’t answer but by the looks on our faces she could tell we were confused. She pulled out her phone, opening up the Internet, and searched for two pictures. One was of Kellin and me laying together, Kellin snuggled in my arms. The other was of me lying on Kellin, snuggling into his neck and hugging him to me while he was spread out with and arm around me and his head on the other.

"Wasn’t this this morning?" He whispered in my ear. His face was so red it was spreading to his neck but he kept his face straight.

I didn’t answer him as I flew off he couch and out the door to find who did it. “Mike!” I screamed at the top of my lungs, I’m sure the camera heard me. I heard footsteps echo down the hallway and I knew I was right.

"You’ll never catch me Vic!" He yelled down to me, he smugness in his voice and stupid smirk on his about to be punch face.

We were at both ends of a long hallway, like something you would see in a movie. I shot straight for him and he turned, running into someone before going down another hallway, yelling a “sorry man!”
I turned to his hallway and was caught off guard when a hand sprig out and grabbed my upper arm, dragging me into the room. We practically fell into the room, tripping on each others legs causing me to fall on the small person. I looked up to hear See Mike in the doorway, that cocky smirk still on his face.

"Thanks Kellin." He said panting, and turned to leave. I was about the get up until Kellin’s hand slipped to the back of my neck and pulled me down to him.

"Stay with me." He murmured before pressing his lips lightly to mine. How could I deny that? I bit his bottom lip and he let it a gasp. I didn’t want to take it to far but Kellin seemed to have other plans as he wedge his leg between mine. I stopped kissing him and got up remembering the door was still open. I returned to Kellin and tabbed his held out hand and pulled him up. We made our way to the couch and I pulled Kellin down on top of me so he was straddling me.

"We can’t do this here," Kellin whispered, "people will hear us."

"But that’s the fun of it, knowing you could get caught any moment." I said with a smirk. By Kellin’s smile I knew he wouldn’t say no.

"Fine, do what you want then." He held his hands up in surrender. I took the opportunity to slip my hands under his shirt. The tips of my fingers ghosted over his skin sending a shiver down his spine. I squeezed his waste and a giggle escaped from him; those plump lips in a small smile tightly pressed together trying to suppress his laughter. After a minute a running me hands over his beautiful body I finally slipped his shirt over his head. He rested his hands on my shoulder leaned forward. I gladly met his lips, resting a hand behind his head, keeping him in place.

The innocence of the situation soon left once Kellin ground his hips against me. I let out a breathy moan and took the chance to slip his shirt over his head, He slipped his hands under mine and grazed his nails up my stomach and over my chest before finally taking my shirt off. A chill ran down my spine from the rush of cold air but it quickly disappeared when Kellin brought his lips to my chest and kissed along my collar bone, creating little blossoms of darkened skin before kissing over the sore area soothingly. I grabbed his bottom and forced him to grind down on me. He gasped very quietly and brought a hand to his mouth, trying desperately to cover up any noises. I didn’t bother to hold back the little groans and whimpers of pleasure. The friction was overwhelming and I was so sensitive that it was becoming painful. Kellin slid off my body and shakily took his pants and boxers while I did the same. He straddled me once more and just the thought of what was going to happen had me smirking then grinning like an idiot.

"We have to be quiet." He said, his breath tickling around me ear.I chuckled since I was going to do the exact opposite.

"Check if there’s any lube." I said lowly. We got up and looked around, eventually finding some which was kind of weird but whatever. I grabbed his hand and dragged him back to the couch so we were in out previous position. I squirted the cold substance on my fingers and slipped one in hastily. Kellin’s hips jerked forward and his teeth bit into my neck forcefully, stopping any noises from escaping. I took a moment to stretch him before slipping another inside and stretching him apart.

"Ah~" He cried out once I curled them. He pushed back on my fingers forcefully, grinding down hoping too get more. I wouldn’t let him. He whimpered at the loss and pouted his lips at me. God damn was Kellin adorable! His hair was more curly and messy from me running my fingers through it and his cheeks were a bright red, eyes wide and dark with lust but held an innocent aspect about him, a layer a sweat was spread across his skin and his fingers rested on my biceps as he leaned forward. He reminded me of a cute little puppy. I kissed his small nose and rested my forehead against his. I was about to lube myself up until he grabbed the bottle and squirted some on his hand before wrapping them around my hard length. I moaned, quite loudly, and pushed my lips against Kellin’s muffling any other noises. His fingers traced me teasingly before wrapping completely around me and slowly.

I took his wrist forcefully and removed his hand since I could feel a tingle in my stomach flaring. I grabbed his hips and he sunk down on me length quickly. An incredibly loud moan slipped from my mouth and I threw my head back in ecstasy. Kellin was so tight and warm and fit me so nicely, I swear we were made for each other. I wasn’t the only enjoying myself since Kellin threw his head back and arched his back. A muffled groan was the only thing I could hear since he bit his lip. He will scream by the end of the day! I brought his hips up before slamming them down. My hips jerked upward meeting him halfway. Kellin fell against my chest and whimpered. I pushed his hair back and kissed his sweaty forehead. He brought his face close to mine and smiled a little, resting his forehead against my own. He was so perfect, this man in my arms; the way his dark hair hung over his face and the cute way he desperately tried to brush it back but it would fall right back it its rightful place, the way his blue-green eyes sparkled and changed color depending on how he was feeling,the way he blushed and crossed his arms and stuck out his lip while pouting when people teased him about his heights. How did I end up this lucky?

My thoughts trailed off when his soft, swollen lips pressed to mine softly; out movements becoming gentle and loving. He pulled away but I brushed my hand through his hair and pulled him toward me, continuing our little exchange, kisses after kisses being stolen. He brought his hips down more forcefully on mine before swirling his hips. His hands brushed along my shoulders and tangled in my hair. A desperate edge was in his kiss now.

I took control and rolled him under me so he was laying across the couch. I rested my elbow next to his head so I could look down at him and pounded into him mercilessly. He finally cried out, knowing I had him in the right place to intensify the pleasure, but not loud enough for my satisfaction. I grabbed the back of his thigh and wrapped a leg around my hips so I could throust in at a better angle, I pulled out slowly, almosy ceompletely, and slammed back in. Kellin threw his head back and his back arched as he cried out again, it still wasn’t loud enough for my liking.

"Please, Vic… T-touch me." He whimpered helplessly. I smiled evilly.

I brought my face real close to his, brushing my lips teasingly along his before whispering lowly, “only if you scream for me.” His eyes widened in horror. He shook his head and stuttered out a string of no’s. His small fist collided with my chest and he pounded on it weekly.
"Please, please, please! I need you to touch me! Oh God, please Vic, I need it!" He cried out desperately. I had to do it soon since I could feel the heat rapidly in my stomach and the tingly feeling getting worse. ai finally grabbed hold of him and jerked him off quickly. His hips jerked up and he gasped in ecstacy. I rubbed my thumb over his tip and he moaned on the spot. He tried turning his head to the side I brought my hand to his cheek, forcing him to look at me.

"Kepp your eyes in me." I swear I saw something cross his face at my words before it disappeared. He bit his lip and his face got a little more red. "Sream my name." I said.

"Vic."He whispered… Whispered. I squeezed his length hard and slowed down my movements.

"Scream it." I said again. He said it a little louder. "I want you to scream it." I said forcefully. I pulled out one last time and thrusted in quickly and forcefully and squeezed him. I finally heard a scream of my name rip through his voice and his hips jerked and back arched as he shot all over our stomach and chest. I kept thrusting in quickly for a moment until I was finally sent over the edge, coming in him with one last jerk of my hips. Our chest were heaving and sweat glistened on our bodies. I pulled out and gathered tissues to clean our mess up before laying on Kellin’s chest and rested my head close to his. He pecked my lips before resting his head back down and closing his eyes. We lied their for a moments, regaining our breaths, before shuffling off each other and putting out clothes back on.

Kellin made his way towards the door and I couldn’t help but notice the slight sway to his walk. I quickly followed behind and wrapped an arm around his waist to help keep him steady since he was probably in pain. He leaned heavily into my touch and I kissed his temple. We opened the door to see a box on the floor. After examining it, we noticed it was a recorder. Kellin picked it up and pressed play only to have our moans heard.

"These walls are paper thin, you should be careful next time." Tony came around the corner and grabbed the recorder from Kellin’s hands before making his way down the hallway. I wasn’t exactly sure how to feel about this and I pretty sure Kellin wasn’t either. He was looking in the direction Tony had left with his mouth hanging open and hand still in the air.

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