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Tortured Love: And the Winner Is...

In Sickness and In Health

Chapter 2- In Sickness and In Health
My body felt extremely hot, and not in the good kind of way either. I felt weak like I was going to collapse any minute but I wouldn’t allow my body to do that. We had to go on stage in a couple in minutes and I needed to at least make it through this. The last song ended and the stage was getting set for Sleeping with Sirens. My stomach clenched. I folded over for a minute in pain.

“You ok, Kellin?” Jesse came over and put an arm around my shoulders, setting me up right again. I breathed in deeply before answering him.

“Yeah, just some nerves. I haven’t been feeling too well but I’ll get over it.” That was a total lie and Jesse knew it. I was sick and exhausted but I didn’t want to cancel. My voice wasn’t too bad bit if I didn’t get better soon I wouldn’t even be able to sing from how scratchy it might get. Jesse sighed and looked at me thoughtfully.

“When this is over you’re staying on our bus until you get better. No more sex since Vic’s keeping you up; you already don’t get enough sleep.”

“That’s not fair though!” I look at him helplessly.

“Then we’re going to steal you from Pierce the Veil.” I didn’t object since Jesse was giving me “the look”. I sighed in defeat and made my way on stage. Vic passed me on his way off stage, giving the fans a little extra show. He wrapped his arms around my waste and tipped me back before placing his lips gently over mine. I couldn’t resist putting wrapping my arms around him and tangling my fingers in his hair. After multiple pecks and lifted me back up and into his arms spinning us around. One arm, I was practically sitting on while the other was wrapped around my back so I didn’t fall off. I heard some awing and a blush filled my face. I nuzzled into Vic’s hair, trying to hide how embarrassed I was by Vic. He finally set me down feet after a minute.

“Please be careful.” He said seriously. I gave him a confused look. “Don’t push yourself to much, relax. I don’t want anything happening to you. Take it easy.” I nodded and pecked him on the lips. He squeezed me one last time before making his way off stage.

The show went pretty well. Through each song I could feel myself getting more tired. My body felt like it was being dragged around and my pep and energy were going down significantly compared to the others shows. At this point the guys knew I wasn’t in it and Justin came up to me multiple times trying to get me off stage before I collapsed.

As the last words rang out the stage went dark for dramatic effect before turning back on. I brought on the next band as we made our way off stage. Everything suddenly got blurry and bright. I stumbled along until I couldn’t take anymore. My hand flew to my head hoping that might help but it didn’t. My stomach was churning and I felt like I was going to be sick.

The floor grew closer but at this point I was too tired to actually care. I was out before I even knew what was going on.

When I came to I was back on the bus resting on one of the couches. My vision was blurred for a moment before coming into focus on Vic. He was sitting on the other couch opposite of mine with his head in his hands and one leg bouncing while muttering something I couldn’t hear. I coughed to get his attention. When he didn’t move I got up, my legs a little wobbly, and made my way to him and touched his shoulder, finally getting his attention.

“OH my God, Kellin!” Vic gasped. “Why are you up? You need to be resting still.” He picked me up like a bride. I blushed as images of Vic and I getting married ran through my head but quickly dismissed the thoughts. He set me down on the couch and forced me to lie down. I forced him down next to me so I could lay my head in his lap. I snuggled into the couch and closed my eyes; maybe I could fall asleep.

“I’m so sorry Kellin.” Vic’s voice cracked as the words came out. I looked up at him just in time to see a tear slip down his face and onto my cheek. “I’m so sorry I did this to you. I knew you were sick but I still kept pushing you and hoping you would tell me you were sick and was so worried. I’m so sorry.” He pressed the palm of his hand into his eyes hoping to stop the tears.

“It’s not your fault Vic.” I pulled his head down, leaning up a little, and pressed my lips to his. He kept pulling back and I kept pulling him forward to continue. Some tears kept falling on my face and onto my lips; the salty taste making it all the hotter. I leaned up more, increasing the pressure until I was sitting in his lap, arms around his neck and fingers in his hair while his arms were around my waste and a hand on my back pushing me forward and into. He pulled away but I wanted more. I leaned in to kiss him again but he turned his head to the side so I kissed his cheek.

“Hold on, Kellin.” Vic whispered as he regained his breath. Once his breathing evened out he turned back to me and smiled. “You’re exhausted and sick, Kellin. No more sex until you’re better since this is my fault.”

“This is definitely not your fault Vic.” He opened his mouth to speak again but I covered his mouth with my hand and continued. “This isn’t you fault.” His brows furrowed with sadness, obviously not believing me. “I’m the one who initiates the sex most of the time and still chooses to get up early so I get less sleep. I’m the one who’s been running myself into the ground and you were trying to help me get better. I’ve been the one skipping meals and stressing out over nothing while you stuck by my side through everything. I didn’t want to tell you I get like this because I didn’t want you to worry…Which kind of the opposite.”

“It’s true,” I heard Jesse say as the door to the bus opened; “he gets like this every tour although it seemed to be worse this time.”

“Why do you do that to yourself then?” Vic stared hard into my eyes. I sighed and laid my head on his shoulder.

“I don’t know, I just worry a lot and it gets to me when I’m on tour especially. What if something happened to someone I know or I’m not good enough for the fans, What if I end up losing someone close to me, like you or Gabe and Jack or Mike. I don’t want to lose you Vic, you mean everything to me. Sometimes I get so scared that some girl is going to come along and whisk you away because they can satisfy you in way’s I’ll never be able to. It’s so scary thinking like that.

“Why didn’t you just tell me then? I couldn’t leave you even if I tried Kellin. You’re my world Kellin; I could never hurt you like that. I could never just use you for your body, you mean so much more to me than that.” I couldn’t help but cry at his words. I tried to laugh it off and it kind of came out as something between the two.

“As cute as your sappy moment is we are stealing Kellin for a couple of days until he gets better so he stops running himself into the ground so much.” Justin piped up from the back.

“Not if I steal him first!”

“Wait, what?”

Vic already had the advantage of having me in his arms. He threw me over his shoulder and ran into the back room; the guys quickly following behind him. He slipped inside a cabinet and pulled me into him, covering my mouth with his hand. I laced my fingers through his and pried his hand off.

“I can take care of myself, Vic.” I whispered quietly in his ear. I saw his visibly shudder but compose himself quickly.

“But I wanna nurse you back to health Kellin; your wish in my command.”

The voices grew louder in our hiding spot and Vic covered my mouth again. The voices grew faint and Vic decided to make his escape. I was, once again, in Vic’s arms as he ran through the bus and out the door to his bus. I couldn’t hide the smile as I saw Adam Elmakias quickly snapping some photos of us before we were on his bus again. He shut the door and leaned against it with me in his chest. Banging and yelling were coming from the door but he locked it so all attempts to get in were in vain.

“What the hell are you guys doing?” Mike came from around the corner, arms crossed and an angry look on his face. “You know Kellin’s supposed to be resting and with his band for the next couple of day.” He raised a brow and moved his hands to his hips. Mike actually looked kind of funny when he did that.

“I’m his nurse until he gets better so he’s staying with me.” Vic giggled out, barely getting it out since he was laughing so much.

I’m kicking you off the bus if I hear you guys going at it… Again!” He said pointing to Vic.

“Oh you can’t blame him, Mike. I’m the one always seducing him. How can you even resist me?” I tried my best to give Mike a sexy look and wrap on of my legs around Vic and placed a hand on his chest just to gross him out. Lust filled Vic’s eyes immediately. He wrapped his arms around my waste and kissed the side of my head repeatedly.

“Like this.” Mike sighed, making his way over to me and Vic. He wedged himself between us quickly and threw me over his shoulder. These brothers have a lot more in common then they realize. “Jaime! Tony! You know what to do.” Before Vic could reach me Jaime and Tony grabbed his arms dragging him off of the bus as Mike took me away.

“We are going out tonight with Vic while you get better Kellin.” Jaime yelled before they dragged Vic completely off the bus. I squirmed in Mike’s grip but he didn’t let me go until we were in the back.

“So you’re not leaving this room until they return. I shall be your entertainment for this day so you better enjoy it.”

Entertainment… That sounds very kinky. “What are you gonna do, a strip tease for me like you did for Tony.” I joked with a smile on my face.

“What the fuck? No! How do you even know about that?” Mike stomped his foot and blushed furiously. So it was true. Even though they don’t look alike they sure act the same.

“Well, I didn’t until you just told me.” At this Mike got even redder and sat down on the couch in shock. “You know, you and Vic act a lot alike.”

He seemed to snap out of whatever state he was in and looked at me curiously. “How so?”

Seriously... He really couldn’t tell. “Well, for one, throwing me over your shoulder, Vic tends to do that a lot if were in a rush and I’m going slowly since I’m a pretty slow runner. Also, with the strip tease, Vic loves that kind of stuff. Whether he’s giving it or receiving it-“

“Oh my God, shut up. I don’t want to know about my brother’s sex life.” He stuck his tongue out, ewing at me.

“You’re the one that asked.” I chuckled.

Mike and I spent most of the time playing video games, which I was really bad at. He pretty much lectured me on my health and how I need to take better care of myself. It made me really happy how Mike saw me as practically being part of the family. It felt like something was complete in my life once I started dating Vic since I never had a whole family.

After a while I could feel myself starting to get tired. It was getting late but I wanted to stay with Vic tonight, too bad they hadn’t comeback yet. I laid down on the couch on the couch and turned the TV on so I had something to focus so I didn’t fall asleep.

“Lift your head up.” I opened my eyes tiredly to see Mike hovering over me with a pillow. I didn’t object as he placed it behind my head and a warm blanket over my body. I gathered some in my arms and snuggled with it;

“You’re really lonely, aren’t you Kellin?” I barely registered Mike’s question in my head.

“I was when I was in high school. I had my band but some part of me always felt empty. The guys helped me get through it; I don’t think I could have made it without them. They stayed with me through everything. It wasn’t bad when I joined Sleeping with Sirens. I need someone in my life though. Since my dad left I felt like something was missing from my life. I was that weird awkward kid who had a hard time making friends,” I laughed bitterly. Why was I telling Mike this? “I wasn’t bullied but I was just so lonely.”

“We’re your family then. I’m glad you have my brother.” I heard Mike mutter before I was out of it.
I was vaguely aware when someone lifted me in their arms. My eyelids felt too heavy to open so I didn’t bother trying.

“I’m surprised you got him to sleep, Mike.” Someone whispered into the darkness. I sighed and snuggled into the warmth hoping to sleep again.

“Really, how come?” Mike said softly to Vic.

“It’s not really my place to tell but Kellin was a really lonely person in high school. He needs someone in his life that he can rely on and that’s me. He has trouble falling asleep when he’s alone so I stay by his side every night to protect him.” His words were so sappy but sweet.

“He told me about when he was in high school although there’s probably more to it but I didn’t want to pry. I’m really happy you guys have each other.”

Their conversation ended. I felt the brush of a curtain to a bunk across my face as I was placed inside. My body felt so heavy and sleepy. A hand brushed along my cheek and pushed my hair away from my face.

“Move over a little, Kellin.” Vic whispered in my ear. I shifted and rested against the wall just trying to get back asleep. Once Vic was situated his arms wrapped around me and pulled me into his chest, legs tangling together. Vic was so warm, I snuggled into him and let myself give away to sleep.
Within a week I was already back to normal. Vic stayed on the SWS bus with me since the guys refused to let me leave the bus. I missed a concert but I’m trying to make it up to everyone in the area by giving them signed t-shirts and my hand practically broke form all the writing.

“You can relax a little.” Vic said. He came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waste.

“We’re staying at a hotel tonight so we practically have the whole day to ourselves.” It was true. The road was getting to us and we were going to stay in a hotel a couple of days and try and relax. Everyone was starting to get a little snippy at each other after being around for so long we were going to hit some bars and clubs while we can.

“I am relaxed.” I said. We all knew that was a lie.

“You know that’s not true. When we get to the hotel we’re going swimming and taking a hot bath when we get back to our room.” He said matter of fact. One of his hands slid up my chest and cupped my chin, turning it him. He stared at me for a moment before pushing his lips on mine. His hand slid to my cheek and I laced both of mine with his.

We got to the hotel about mid-day and everyone was out the door in seconds. We hurriedly got to our room and stripped before racing to get down the elevator. Justin and Jaime took the stair and ended up beating us to the pool. It was pretty big with a hot tub connected to it and a little waterfall to sit under on the other side.

“Cannon ball!” Mike screamed and jumped in. I sat on the side for a moment and just enjoyed the view. It was nice to see everyone having fun after being at each other’s throats. Some other bands on the tour joined us, mainly All Time Low, and relaxed. It was cute how Jack was hanging on Alex. You could tell they were going to get together from the multiple kisses Jack always steals but Alex doesn’t bother to push him away. I can’t wait for the day Jack finally grows some balls.

“Why are you sitting on the side?” Vic said, sitting next to me. His hand fell over one of mine.

“It’s nice to see everyone together.” I replied, sighing a little in my blissful moment.

“Join everyone.” Vic said. Of course I would in a moment but apparently that was to long for him. He picked me up and had an evil smile.

“I’m going to so don’t you dare throw me in.” My words were drown out as he dropped me, yelling out “sorry!” as the water cold water rushed over my body. I stepped to the bottom and pushed myself up just in time to see Vic jump in next me splashing me in the process.

“Vic,” I whined childishly, “you messed up my hair.” I crossed my arms and pouted my lips.

“Doesn’t really matter since it’s going to be messed up tonight anyway.” He got close and whispered in my ear before biting it lightly, running his hand down my back and cupping my butt. I would be lying if I said that sentence didn’t go straight to my dick. A blush instantly covered my face when his lips moved under my ear and sucked on the spot. I felt too good to be bothered by him giving me a hickey right now.

“Keep it PG please! There are little kids here.” Someone yelled. I knew they were talking to us but I didn’t want this to stop, we were in public though and that would just be gross doing it in a pool. I pushed him away finally and looked at him sternly.

“Don’t you dare make me horny here; you can wait a couple of hours.” I said before swimming away. I didn’t get far since he wrapped a hand around my ankle and pulled me to him.

“Fine, I just wanna try something first though.” He said happily, a little spark in his eye. I followed him to the edge of the pool.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“You’ll see.” Vic replied. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into his chest. I wasn’t expecting him to lift my feet off the ground. He jumped him, me clutching at his chest and him just laughing his ass off. Before we hit he planted his lips firmly on mine as the water finally surrounded us.

I shivered as we went under but having Vic so close and kissing me I didn’t even bother. Vic’s lips were slick along mine and moved with grace. A hand slid into my hair and pushed my head forward adding more pressure as we sunk lower into the water. He bit my lip and forced his tongue in my mouth immediately tangling with mine. No water managed to slip though. My body felt hot but it was like the water was keeping my cool. I wrapped an arm around his waist and pulled us together as we started floating back to the surface. He broke off the kiss once we broke the edge, not breathing heavily while I couldn’t seem to get any air back in my lungs.

“That was hot.” Vic said, smiling cheekily as he placed his forehead on mine.

“Yeah, we have to do that again sometime.” I said happily.

After a while everyone started making their way out of the pool since it was getting late. Vic and I headed up to our room, Vic with his hand around my waist and kissing my neck the whole way off while I was trying to push him off so since he couldn’t wait till we were in the room.

“Vic stop, at least wait until I bathe.” I said finally. He looked at me with puppy eyes and his bottom lip out. “After, I promise.” I opened the door and immediately stripped myself all my bathing suite with Vic doing the same. “I really want a hot bath before anything.”

“Perfect.” Vic said, dragging me into the bathroom with him. He turned the water on and the room started steaming almost immediately; I liked it thought since I love taking hot showers.

We stepped into the spray and my muscles relaxed almost instantly. I reached for the shampoo but Vic got it first. He put some on his hand and reached for me instead of himself like I thought. His hands combed through my hair, messaging it into my scalp. It felt nice and I closed my eyes. My head felt foggy and blissful as I let Vic continue. I felt him tug my hair a little bit.

“What are you doing?” I asked quietly.

“Giving you a Mohawk.” He giggled out. I turned towards a little mirror to see he had done just that.

“You’re such an idiot sometimes.” I sighed. I couldn’t stop the smile that slipped on my face
“But I’m your idiot.” He said lowly and wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me to him. I pecked his lips and finished shampooing and conditioning my hair.

The great thing about being at a hotel is they never run out of hot water. I turned the heat up a little more and stood under it for a minute, the longer I stood the cloudier my mind became and I think Vic knew it to. He wrapped his arms around me and I leaned against him. His hands slid lower until he finally took a hold of my length. I had no complaints as he started to stroke me, slower at first until he was gaining speed. His lips were on the back of my neck and I couldn’t suppress a moan of pure pleasure. I was thrusting into his hands in seconds.

“You’re already so hard, Kellin. I didn’t think you would be so eager.” He whispered teasing in my ear.
“You know how to give the best hand jobs.” I whispered breathily. I heard from other people that guitar players gave the best hand jobs but I never believed them until Vic came along. My hips jerked forward when he slipped a finger inside of me.

“Ah~” I cried out. “Oh God, this already feels so good.” He added another finger and thrust into me a little more forcefully. I whimpered as he twisted his fingers around and hit the sensitive spot inside me.

“You’re more sensitive than usual. No sex for a week makes you so much needier than usual.” He said before giggling into my hair. Suddenly, I was pushed into the wall forcefully. Vic removed his hand from my length and moved it to his own, jerking himself off for a minute.

“I can’t wait to fuck you, Kellin.” He said. I looked to see his eyes full of lust and want. I couldn’t help but tease him a little.

“I don’t know Vic. I don’t think you’re ready for it.” I joked, taking his erection in my hand and stroking it. I took my time, stroking him slowly.

“Fuck, Kellin, do you know how hot you look?” He took my wrist and pinned it to the wall above my head. I wrapped one of my legs around his waist and pulled him towards me, smirking and licking my lips slowly before biting it. He smashed his lips to mine immediately and pushed his body against mine. It felt like forever since we had actually done anything and we were so eager to do this.
He cupped my bottom with his other hand and pushed the tip in before practically slamming the rest of the way in. I cried out and threw my head back in ecstasy. It wasn’t long before Vic was pulling out and slamming in me, over and over till he built up a steady rhythm.

“Holy fuck, Kells. You feel so amazing.” He groaned. He sunk his teeth into my neck and I cried out again as he nipped and sucked on my skin, leaving mark after mark on my body showing the world I was his… I would have to cover those up tomorrow. He removed his hand from my ass and placed it on my thigh, wrapping it tighter around him and pulling me even closer leaving no space between us. I tangled my free hand into Vic’s hair and forced his lips onto mine. I bit his bottom lip hard and he whimpered softly before opening his mouth. I slipped my tongue inside and tangled it with his. He traced the inside of my mouth teasingly before pulling away completely.

Vic pulled out of my completely and I whined at the loss. He turned me so I was facing the wall and completely slammed back into me, filling up completely. I scratched at the wall trying it find something to hold onto as Vic started thrusting into me. I heard Vic groan quietly in my ear.

“Do you like taking it from behind? Like me slamming into you so hard you won’t be able to walk? Can you feel me sliding in and out of you, Kellin? I bet it feels good, doesn’t it? Having my cock slam into over and over again.” I growled. Oh my God, where was this dirty talk coming from? All his words went straight to my dick.

“Yes, Vic. I love feeling you moving in and out of me, slamming me so I can’t walk.” I moaned out. I could hear Vic breathing heavily. “Please, fuck me harder, I want more!” Oh my God, where was this new side of me coming from? Vic snapped his hips into mine going faster and harder. I could feel him sliding in and out of me completely, filling me up to the brink until I couldn’t take any more. His hands moved to mine and he laced out fingers together. He kissed the back of my neck before moving to my ear and biting the tip.

The steam and the shower made this all the hotter than it usually is. I could just imagine Vic behind me, slamming his cock into me, the water streaming down his back. The fog and steam in the bathroom made my mind fill with ecstasy and waves of pleasure ran along my skin. The way Vic bit his lip and squeezed his eyes when he would top me. The sound of his moans filling up the steamy room as his lust filled eyes gazed down at me.

My body felt like it was erupting into flames. Vic removed his hands from mine and placed them on my hips, pulling me back into him and thrusting into me from a new angle, hitting my prostate.
“Fuck, Vic!” I cried and threw my head back, gritting my teeth so I wouldn’t be so loud. He tangled a finger in my hair and strained my neck.

“Don’t you dare try to be quiet.” He growled. “Scream my name.” He removed his hand from my hair and wrapped it around my length, jerking my off quickly. “What do you want me to do?”

I wanted, no, needed, him to do so much to me right now. “Fuck me harder!” I all but begged him. The only thing that filled the room was the sound of the shower, our moans, and skin hitting skin. I pushed myself against him harder when he removed his hand from my thigh to my chin and turned my head to him so he could kiss me. My hand tangled in his hair and pulled hard once he bit my lip. I could barely respond at this point when his tongue tangled with mine. He squeezed me one last time and I cried out his name as I came for all I was worth. My body clenched and I felt him shoot inside me, biting my shoulder to muzzle his cry of my name.

Vic stroked me and thrust a couple more times until we were completely satisfied. He finally slipped out of me and rested his head on my shoulder, placing his hands on the wall trapping me in them. My legs felt like jelly and I slowly slid down onto the floor of the shower. Vic slowly sat down next to me and wrapped his arms around my, pulling me into his lap.

“I love you Kellin, so much.” He whispered against my temple. “You have no idea.”

“I love you to Vic, more than you could ever know.” I said against his cheek.

We under the heated water for a little longer until Vic finally turned it off. I looked down at my fingers to see them all pruney and wrinkling looking. We must have been in here a long time for them to be that bad. We didn’t bother to get dressed since it was getting late and we were going to bed… At least I planned to go to bed.

“Before you go to bed, I got you something.” Vic whispered excitedly. I just nodded and got under the covers and waited for him. Vic walked over to the desk and opened up the side drawer, pulling out a huge box. I could only look at it curiously. What could he have gotten me that involved a box that big?
“You shouldn’t have, Vic.” I said. He handed me the box. As I unwrapped the ribbon and opened the lid, my eyes went wide. “You really shouldn’t have.”
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So I gave a little bit of Kellin's back ground and managed to add some smut. I can't wait for the next chapter, it'll be so kinky >:) I wanna see if you guys can guess what's in the box so please guess. Credit to the first one who actually gets it.