Status: Completed.

Far from Home.


Brian and Emily have made their relationship official.

For the past year and a half, they've been dating. Granted, relationships are never perfect no matter who you are, and they've been through arguments. But, nonetheless, they always solve it before it gets too nasty.

Six months into their relationship, Brian and Emily decided they would move out of Bishop - Out of California entirely - To start over in Polson, Montana. Polson, with a population barely reaching 5,000 people, is exactly what Brian's been looking for. Quiet, lowly populated, and people who keep to themselves mostly.

Peace and serenity.

A year and two months into their relationship, the couple decided on something big and much to their luck, they were able to receive what they'd been hoping for.

However, they weren't aware that Montana was known for something... Infamous. Because if they had known, they would've pushed aside their hopes and left Montana for the better. But since Brian doesn't want to be apart of the limelight, he stays off of the internet in fear he'll see something about his band. Emily follows in his footsteps, but she's going to wish she would've grown a backbone.

Someone's going to wish they would've never came into the world.

Someone's going to cry themselves to sleep regularly.

Someone's going to blame and damn themselves to the very depths of hell.