Undefined Life of Mine

"It's too late, Melony!" Steven's eyes watered up and I saw Sue's face buried into her hands.
"I'm going to be punished....I've never....I can't." I started to breathe hard and feel my head start to hang down. Tears broke free, I couldn't control them now. I was going to get punished, brutally hurt. Emotionally scarred.
"No, we're going to get you out of here. You're so young, I won't let it happen to you." Steven said and started to pull me out of my room. We stumbled over two girls in the hall, but Sue stayed to check on them.
"Sue, we gotta go before-" Steven was interrupted when two men bumped into us. Steven stood in front of me, shielding me.
"Steven!" we both heard the familiar dark voice. "What are you doing here?" my dad then walked between the two men, standing taller than Steven, with cold blue eyes. His brown hair was nicely put for a drug lord and he held a stronger face than most men. He smelled nice for a man who was surrounded by drugs and alcohol.
My dad's eyes then found me and I couldn't help but stare in fear.
"Melony," his voice grew darker, spilling evil. "I've been looking for you." My brain went dead or maybe my vision did, point was, everything went black.