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The next morning Jordan woke with a slight headache and the feel of something against his side. he moved and found Megan lying against his side with her hair strewn over the pillow and his arm.

Jordan didn’t want to scare her, but he didn’t want to be in that situation at the moment. He didn’t know what he would do if she woke up or if someone found out, he was no good with these situations because he had never been in one before.

“Shit!” he cursed under his breath as he noticed he was still clothed and she was too.

He moved his arm, jostling her and she mumbled under her breath, “Stop Todd.”

She thought he was her boyfriend, a guy they had discussed in length the previous night. he didn’t like Todd just from what he had heard, but who was he to say anything?

“Megan?” he nudged her.

She stiffened before she jolted away from him, “Oh God!”

He shook his head, “No, no it’s okay.”

She shook her head back and tears started to form in her eyes, “Meg, look, we’re both still dressed,” he pointed to himself and then her, “Nothing happened.”

He could see the relief on her face as she smiled, “Oh thank God,” she gasped, “For a minute…”

“Me too,” he chuckled, “We must have fallen asleep when we were talking.”

She closed her eyes and nodded, “Must have.”

He got out of the bed and walked over to her, “Nothing to worry about.”

“Nothing,” she agreed.

Jordan hated himself for that night. he hated that he had slept in the same bed as another woman and he also hated that nothing had come of that night. he and Megan hadn’t kept in touch, they didn’t have sex, and all he had were the memories of waking up with her the next morning.

That hadn’t been too long ago, only in November and it was now June, but the thoughts still clouded his brain. He had wished that the two would have gotten closer, remained friends, and that maybe her and Lauren could be friends too. He had always thought Megan was a great person and had a feeling her and Lauren would be able to be good friends and probably knew each other from back in the day.

He wondered if Megan was still with that jerky meat head or if his words of wisdom had had any impact on her. he wondered if he could have had sex with her that night too; it would have been great, he knew that from their previous relationship years ago. Even though they had been young then, things fit perfectly into place and it had been a memory he would cherish forever. He also wondered if the two could have had a longer relationship, they had only broken up because she went to school and he was drafted and moving far away; it wasn’t as though they had ended things on bad terms. However, those wonders subsided when Lauren sent him a text:

Have fun this weekend, they showed you on TV with the boys :P

Jordan smiled at his phone and texted her back to tell her that they were having a good time and that he was thinking about her, which was nowhere near a lie.

Just as he turned with the four beers he ran into someone and spilled them, “Oh, sorry,” a feminine voice he knew popped up, “Let me get you…”

She stopped and so did he, “Megan?”


He looked up to see a tanned and beautiful girl in front of him sporting a smile and a honking engagement ring on her left ring finger, “It’s good to see you again,” she grabbed some napkins to dry herself off.

“you…You too,” he swallowed hard, “I see congratulations are in order,” he nodded at the ring.

“Yeah,” hse blushed and then looked into his eyes, “I told him about our conversation and he’s made an effort, a real, genuine effort.”

“That’s great,” he faked a smile.

“Is Lauren here?” Megan asked him.

“No, boys’ weekend.”

She frowned, “I’d like to meet this girl who snatched up one of the last good, genuine guys;
hopefully she knows.”

Jordan blushed a deep shade of red, “So, about those beers you offered?”

She laughed, “I got em’, but only if you take me to your seats and I get to harass the boys; I’ve missed doing that to you guys.”

“Come on," he led the girl he would always have questions about to their old friends.
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