Falling Through Stars and Pain

What's the Matter, Doll?

She was crying... I couldn't help myself. We have always been close. I could not bear to see her hurting like that. I spread open my long arms and scooped her up in my grasp. I carried her across the yard, up the stairs into my room, and sat down with her on the bed. Sobbing, she curled tighter into my lap, her face buried in my chest, tears drenching my skin.

I whispered into her ear, "Baby, everything is going to be fine. I will never leave you, I'll always be here," I paused, "You can count on me."

She stiffened. I feared I had said something wrong. The poor girl, some asshole had broken her heart. I don't see how and man could do that to someone he loved, let alone someone as loving and special as her. Yes, men have hurt me... But I myself am an asshole, but I would never stoop so low to the level of ripping out someone's heart. No matter how much my feelings had changed for them.

Things weren't going well for her. She wouldn't stop crying anytime soon, and I couldn't leave her like this. My boyfriend would have to wait. My relationship with her had come first. I picked up my cell phone and called him.

"Hey, Babe, are you coming?"

"No... I'm sorry, Jazz needs me."

"What?! Is she your girlfriend, now?!" He fumed, clearly angry and jealous.

A funny feeling struck the pit of my stomach. "No. Why are you being like this?"

"Nevermind. I'll let you get back to your girl."

"Hey!" I yelled, but he had already hung up on me.

Shuddering I threw the phone across the room and squeezed her tighter. If he was going to be like that, I don't know if I can continue to stand him...