Falling Through Stars and Pain

Say It Ain't So

Blake… That’s his name. I’m going to make his life hell for hurting her. No one hurts my friends and gets away with it. He broke her heart, and I’m going to break his face. No shit… I’m going to hurt him. How on earth could he do this?!

I mean, God, look at her. She’s totally gorgeous. She doesn’t think it… So many people have called her fat, ugly and weird. She laughs loud, has dramatic eye makeup, and has fun. So what?! There is no excuse for this behavior. Yeah, she’s somewhat of a dork, but she is overall an extremely appealing person. I vow to make her happy and find her the perfect boy. No… not a boy, she needs a man.

This guy… Apparently all the girls fight after him. That’s why she was so surprised when he started to date her. The dream guy, I suppose. He had long, blonde hair, blue eyes, and facial hair. Ha, I even heard he was a great kisser. Mmmm, those lips…

NO! I will not be turned on by this asshole. He hurt my ‘Ponine. He will not escape this unscathed. I will make him pay.

He told her he was falling for her. He said that she made him feel so different, and that he never felt this way about someone quite this strongly. The ass turned around and hooked back up with his ex and didn’t EVEN TELL HER! She had to find out by visiting his MySpace one day. And even then, he didn’t “admit it.” He kept calling ‘Ponine “pretty lady” and gorgeous. I can’t believe it. He toyed with her emotions so much. And here she is, broken, curled up in my lap.

Her shuddering, sobbing body curled tighter as she drifted off to sleep. I stroked her hair and exhaled slowly. I just couldn’t grasp the concept that someone could ever use someone like her. It strikes my soul to the very quick knowing that she was hurting so much.
I so very badly want to make her happy. I just am so confused. No, torn. I’d do anything to see her smile again… Right?