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Love Destroys (on hold)

Prologue: The Fairy Tale

Scarlet looked at me, the dim light of the candle casting half of her face in light. Our parents were sitting across from us, telling us this fairy tale. I never realized how creepy it was until now. How they'd sit with a frown on their face yay would've been considered eerie. Or how Scarlet would pay attention to every word they said, hanging on to it like her life depended on it. I on the other hand was afraid, but curious. Even from a young age I could tell that something was wrong with this story. They made it sound more like a warning than a story. Dad would always tell it, his voice echoing throughout the room. Mom would be snuggled up next to him, her eyes wondering from place to place, like she was always looking out for someone. Or something.

"Once upon a time," Dad would always start off, "there was a young raven haired beauty, who was born from the night named Leila."

"Born from the night?" I always questioned when I was little.

"Yes, her body was created from the rays of the moon light. Her clothes were created from the shadows of the living things. Her eyes were created from the still water of a dark lake. Her hair was stringed together from the fallen feathers of the most purest of Ravens. She was indeed a beauty. A goddess. She bore children, seven to be exact."

"How could she bear children if she was alone?" Scarlet asked.

"These seven kids were special. Parts of her soul. Her seven little angels."

"What happened to her?" I asked one night.

"She fell in love." Mom said, though she didn't have a smile on her face. She looked quite sad actually.

"Yes, she did. Fell in love with a man. But you see when the man discovered what she was he killed her." Dad told us solemnly. "Weeping for their mother's death, her seven little angels became defiled, twisted and evil. They wreaked havoc throughout the heavens. Eventually being casted out and becoming seven fallen angels."

"Why were they in heaven? How did a goddess die?" I asked, so full of questions as a kid. My parents never ceased to amaze me. This story never grew old.

"The heavens was the home of all immortal beings. Their mother however liked to visit earth. To frolic around, she found it fascinating. The humans that is." Dad explained.

"Which is how she fell in love!" Scarlet said more as a statement than a question.

"That's right my princess. She fell in love with a mortal boy. They lived together, cherished each other. Loved each other."

"So why did he kill her?" I asked.

"He was afraid of her, of the unknown. It's something that humans fear the most. Something that can't be left alive."

"How do you kill a goddess?" Scarlet asked.

"That's the thing." Mom said pushing her red hair out of her face. "There's no certain way to kill a goddess or god. They live outside the realms of time and space. Only appearing if they are needed."

"Her time is when something happens to her precious children." Dad told us.

"So she's not dead?" I asked curiously.

"That's the thing. Nobody knows. No-one in history has ever been brave or crazy enough to harm one of her children. The power of a goddess is truly frightening my boy. Now I'll tell you two more another day. For now you two should run off to bed." He told us. We followed his directions. We always did. But maybe we shouldn't asked more questions. Like why did they talk like this was real?