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Love Destroys (on hold)

Chapter Three: Bloody Mary

~ Luna~

Luna bathed in the crimson liquid, letting the moon light shine off her skin. Her eyes glowed a fiery blue as she laid in the pool of corpses. She wondered was this enough? She immediately answered her own question with a no. She was so hungry to the point that she didn't bother to care.

"You're so dark." Judas voice came from behind her. She turned her head to see him toying with a head. He was tossing it from palm to palm before he took some of the blood from his fingers and smeared it on his cheeks. "Do I look like a native?" The raven haired boy asked playfully.

Luna rolled her eyes and rose out of her handmade pool that she filled with blood. Her skin seemed to be bleached red from the blood. She eyeballed the boy and groaned. He should've been there to protect her brother. Yet he was gone starting trouble. She blamed him. She blamed herself. She blamed everyone who could've helped.

"This craps gonna be hard to get out of my hair." She whined. Judas just shook his head at the mindless girl. She walked around the corpses with no sympathy in her heart. She threw her hands up and started dancing. It was a dance that Judas knew all too well.

"The dance of war." Judas breathed, excitement flowing through him. She nodded at him, never stopping her dance. Then she started to cry as she sang.

"I won't cry for you. I won't crucify the things you do. I won't cry for you. See when you're gone I'll still be Bloody Mary!" She chanted the verses. Judas found it odd that she sung about not crying when she actually was. His gaze went down to her feet which were drenched in blood. Then his gaze fell to the blood that she was smearing across the floor.

Luna danced in an elegant motion, swaying to the music in her head. She twisted and turned her body, arching it in a cat like manner. Her feet dragged across the ground, she never once picked them up. Judas and Luna both heard the shuffles in the shadows as she finished casting the bloody crescent moon on the ground.

~ Angel~

Angel watched as they all stirred, coming from the shadows and running figures. He watched them run off towards the calling. Different types from all ages and times. All were hideous and twisted and demonic. One laid its eyes on him. It's eyes were a sparkling blue. Angel gasped as he looked at the creature.

"Leon?" He questioned it. It looked at him momentarily before joining its brethren. Angel hopped down from the tree he was perched on and followed it to the calling.


Anubis shook the disgusting creatures off of him. "Filthy halfling, know your place." He spat at it.

"Come on Anubis. They're just looking for guidance." Ying said with a smile. Ying was playing with one of the halflings which revolted Anubis.

"They should just go to the one that's summoning them." Anubis said in a prideful voice.

"Why'd she have to be so far away?" Aiden asked in a lazy voice. Ying started mumbling incoherent words and they realized that he was devouring the halfling.

"Come on you two. There's got to be a really good reason that Luna is calling us all together." Anubis ordered them. The other two nodded in agreement and followed the purple eyed boy to the calling.


Judas watched as Luna gathered all of the halflings. They weren't exactly halflings. They were indeed vampires. But they were once humans. Therefore they have this bloodlust that can never be satisfied. It was glorious to him and they were all gathered here before them.

"Now let us begin." Luna said once all the vampires gathered. Her gaze went to this blue eyed vampire. But that couldn't be right. Halflings don't have colored eyes.
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