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Our Rebel Love

Summery- Andrew (Andy) Beirsack, a young badboy rebel. Ashley (Ash) Purdy, a young goodygoody. Ash falls in love with Andy, even though his parents don't approve. They go on tour with each other and, do sparks fly? What will happen when Ashley's parents find out and disapprove. When they set up an arranged marrige for him, he figures out that he has to choose between his parents and his love. Will the love that the two share be enough to get through this, or will it come crumbiling down? (BoyxBoy Fanfic, AndyxAshley shipping, Andley. Also, there will be C.C. and Jake shipping, Cake.)

Ashley's POV
Hey, my name is Ashley Purdy, but call me Ash. I am 18 years old, and have alwasy been a goody-2-shoes. I really like bands like KISS or Asking Alexandria, they even inspired me to form a band. All we need is a singer/screamer and a name, then we can start preforming. My bandmates include: Christian Mora, aka Christian Coma, aka C.C. and he plays drums. Jacob Pitss, aka Jake Pitts, who plays guitar, and Jinxx. His real name is Jeremy, but he hates to be called that, hince the name Jinxx, and he also plays guitar. I play bass and do some singing, but not enough to be the lead singer. My parents are christian, but are more relaxed about it, and I am glad. You see, I am bi, so I like both boys and girls. I were mostly black clothing, I wear make-up, I have long black hair and I also tease it, I have honey-brown eyes, and I am kinda country in a way. I always wear cowboy boots and I have a few cowboy hats. I even listen to some country and have OUTLAW tattooed on my stomach. So, yeah that is it about me.

Andy's POV
Yo, what's up. I am Andrew Beirsack, but I go by Andy. I am 18 years young and I am a full out rebal. I am obsseded with Batman, I sing and scream, and I also play some bass. I really like the bands KISS, Sleeping with Sirens, and Motley Crue. I wear all black, am gay, wear make up, and am looking for a band to join. My parents got sepreated from me at a young age, so I really don't remember them. That is why I rebal against everything, since I have lived with two stupid drunks for foster parents, no-one ever really taught me anything or set rules for me. So, when people say I have to do something, I don't do it. IDGAF about any of that shit because I like doing what I want when I want. I mean, my life hasn't been exactly peachy and I am defenitly not happy, so I do what I want and that makes me happy. That, and cutting. Yeah, yeah, I know, I am a stupid emo freak, but like I said, IDGAF. I also have a secret. I am in love with Ashley Fucking Purdy. A goodygoody from my school.
  1. Chapter 1: School Starts
  2. Chapter 2: The Try-Outs Begin
  3. Chapter 3: And So, BVB Was Born
    Self-harm in this chapter. Be Warned.
  4. Chapter 4: Strong Bonds from Sad Days
    There is suicide in this chapter, be warned!
  5. Chapter 5: Finally Touring
  6. Chapter 6: First Tours bring First Kisses
  7. Chapter 7: Drunk Chuppy's and Blindfolds
    I couldn't really think of a good title for the chapter so it really doesn't have much to do with this chapter.
  8. Chapter 8: Perfect Date<3
    Might get edited and made longer.
  9. Chapter Nine: The Concert