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So you probably aren't confused yet correct? If you are confused that means you've read my story before reading the summary you naughty child you. Either way I am here to unconfuse you. Ready? Yes? Ok. I am Luz. Your average motherless angsty college age creep. Not important but heres me summed up I’m short, I reached 4’11” and I just kinda stopped. I have jet-black hair and green eyes. I’m very sarcastic and my temper is almost as short as I am. This is me, Luz, retelling my story. I’ll be switching perspectives a lot. One paragraph it’ll be me living those moments next it’ll be me telling the moments. Not a good explanation. What I mean is I’ll be switching tenses. I’ll be going back and forth between present and past so look out. Also when something is typed between these ‘’ apostrophes It means it’s a thought, my thought. I guess these are all my thoughts but that’s going too deep into technicalities for me so cool it.
  1. Surprise, Surprise
    And it begins.
  2. Battle Scars
    The first promise of the tale.
  3. Summer Break
    Is it Summer break if you're feeling broken?