Status: ongoing!

Bring Me to Life


Mackenzie thought about ending her life tonight. She put on her second favorite dress, knowing well that her mom would have her buried in her absolute favorite one. She cried, she screamed, she played music to try and make herself feel better, but it hasn't worked. At 2:42 am, she began writing her notes. One for her parents and Lauren, detailing every way she loves her family and every way she felt wrong.

I would have called, but I know you would try to convince me. I'm too far gone. It's all going to be okay, trust me. I'll be happy this way, don't be too sad when I'm gone. I love you all. I really do.
- Kenzie

And one for Dr. Bridges, detailing every way she helped and how much she appreciates her.

Our relationship was professional, but I know my death will weigh on you. I don't want you to feel like you failed me, you did all you could, I only blame myself.
- Miss Trevino

She sat down on the bed and she... she took the rest of the pills in the bottle. She lost count after 17. She finally felt her head hit the pillows and her body went numb as her eyes gently shut.

The blonde girl is shocked awake. In front her eyes lie another woman, she is floating above her on the bed and a stream of... it feels like raw energy, flows past her lips into her own mouth. She's wearing a flowing, baby blue dress with sleeves, her hair is a beautiful red, and her deep, dark blue eyes seem to be glowing. Kenzie's eyes shut tight and her back arches violently as the last stream of energy enters her body.

She can't see, but her body then glows white and then the particles of air around her seem to explode. When her eyes open again, the woman isn't there anymore. She shudders, gasps, and blinks cautiously, she can feel the adrenaline coursing through her. Her hands grab at the sheets under her, her ears are pounding so much that she can hear the blood flowing through her. She can't think, only feel, and in a moment, her head hits the pillow again. This time to sleep.